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  1. new lighting for biocube 14

    I need some suggestions of decent T5 lighting kits that fit the biocube 14. my fans and 1 ballast have burned out and am searching for not only an upgrade to t5 but a good fixture to replace the hood with. Any help would be appreciated. I am not interested in something I have to hang im looking for something with clips/clamps that fit on top of the frame of the tank. Thanx
  2. bali tri color acropora not turning purple

    its a 34g solana with 2 tunze nano powerheads along with the stock powerhead. It seems very healthy it just wont turn purple heh.
  3. I bought a 1 inch bali tricolor acropora frag about a month ago and when I got it it was brown. (supposed to be purple. And for some reason the name escapes me atm but neon green feeler/flowerlike/mouthparts dotting it. The neon green mouthparts are there but the coral is still brown. It seems to be happy I feed it oyster eggs and its tentacles come out everytime to feed. On the website it said that it can take a while for the purple color to develop. It is currently under a 14000k phoenix MH. The problem is it is still brown. Did I get ripped off or am I just being impatient. I was surprised that when the frag came it wasnt already purple. My sole source of lighting for this tank is a 14000k mh light, no actinic. could this be the problem? Im very new to SPS and they are some of my favorite corals. I do have a finnex with T5 lights 2 actinic and 2 14k I am in the process of setting up. If this would be more suitable for an sps tank let me know.
  4. Refugium Pro's to the rescue?

    I think I will go with 3/4 inch sand and chaeto and no rubble. the sand is easy enough to maintain i would think since in the finnex its a fairly small built in refugium with its own light. The reason I want a "sand pod" refugee is I notice any fish I have ever kept in a nano, well fed or not will sit there all day and pick them off the glass. Thanks urchin Im gonna give this method a try.
  5. Solana - noise?

    my solana only makes a trickling noise because i have removed the black sponge that fits between the overflow and skimmer compartment. It gets clogged up and found it better to just leave it out for the time being. When it gets dirty if you dont notice it right away it can fill your display higher than normal and the cover clips, even dremel'd off 1/4 inch on the inside wont help. You end up with a siphoning effect when the water touches the clips and your display water will run down the outside of your tank. I now run mine without a lid as I was hitting 82-84 degrees with the 150mh and 2 submersibles that I use for my chaeto in the middle chamber. I havent tried filter floss in place of the black sponge but it isnt as porous and cant see that it would help anymore than the sponge. I do use filter floss on top of the middle chamber drip tray and this traps alot of detritus. I change this weekly or whenever it starts to get brown. I also need to remove the bioballs in the skimmer assembly. I am considering buying a sapphire skimmer for this solana and have heard nothing but good things about it. especially the fact that it sets the skimmer up off the bottom at the right height. I also added a Tunze nano powerhead and will definitely be buying another one for my 30g finnex.the stock 2 headed display powerheads dont seem to be very well positioned for good flow and the tunze really helped in this department. The one drawback to running open top is I have to add about 1/2g distilled water every 1-2 days as I do not have a tunze osmolator. depending on the humidity.
  6. Refugium Pro's to the rescue?

    I have settled on white sand about the size of kosher salt. the finnex has a refugium light separate from the T5 lights on top. Do you guys think its best to only put chaeto in the refugium or would 1/2 inch to an inch of the caribsea sand with some live rubble on top then the chaeto be a better habitiat for the pods. I am interested in propagating the tiny sand dwelling pods as well as tiger pods in the refugium. I understand that this can be a trap for nitrates but as long as im cleaning the rubble and sand would this offset the risk vs. reward to this setup? Im not worried about seeding the tank as I can use a cup full of sand from my solana to do so. let me know what you think im ready to get this set up and have 2yr old mature liverock ready to go in whenever.
  7. best "live brand" of livesand?

    I dunno, I know where i can get the best livesand that ive ever seen. But I really wanted to go with black sand this time... anyone use black sand and regret it? I was thinking I could buy black volcanic sand and seed it with a pod pack from livepods.
  8. live sand bagged with water?

    Tampa Bay Saltwater sells some excellent livesand.....and i mean LIVE SAND!!! your glass will be crawling with tiny copepods. worms, snails, stars, cowries...i cant list everything but its great stuff. Richard Londeree is the man! If you decide to go with "The Package" I'd suggest getting the all the liverock and sand first, buy liquid bacteria at your LFS instead of using the powdered he sends. Wait a month and pick out the unwanted hitchikers. ( I had about 8 gorrilla crabs/4 pistol shrimp/2 mantis/1 purple sea urchin. got rid of urchin because he fed on my corraline that was already very well developed on the rock. I still have 7 of the 9 porcelain crabs that came as hitchikers on the rock...The Flower Nem he sent me ate 2 lol its still a beautiful anenome. not to ruin the surprise but in the final package he sends you a bunch of gulf of mexico assorted lps/sponges/....thats all im gonna say i cant totally ruin it. Only downside....for my 34g 2 shipments cost me 90$ on package 1 and 78$ on package 2 for same day shipping. thats why i suggest getting all your rock and sand first then let him send the CUC and surprises. I encountered a spike. The way he sends it normally is half livrock all sand for package 1 then half liverock and all cuc/goodies package 2. Then again can you really put a price on something he dives for in either tampa or the keys and sends you within the same 72hr period. oh yeah, You might wanna tone down the size you get. I went with a 30g package for a 34g tank and got 60lb lr 30lb ls and more than you can imagine on top of that. my sandbed is about 2 inches but i have a 34 solana so 60 rock gives me the height i need. A rectangular shorter tank will likely take alot less.
  9. Purple Coraline

    Fosi Is +1mil....If you scratch it with your fingernail or hemostats...it will spread like wildfire edit....dont underestimate this method.. you may end up with more coralline than you want closing the porosity of your rock and effective filtration. coralline is a fine line..yes its pretty but it also inhibits the functionality of your LR if it completely encrusts it. *disclaimer...I could be wrong 2 years into the hobby so if in doubt listen to fosi
  10. Cheato?

    +1^ Im a noob and only have experience with chaeto. It is good stuff but you have to crop it in a closed nano without a true refugium. It will quickly compact and die off for lack of growth space and or evaporation. I'm currently seriously considering a tunze osmolator as my 34g solana left open top evaporates about 1/2 g a day which with submersible lights can further complicate osmotic balance. Translating to lowered mid chamber level heat killing? chaetomorph. I have opened some threads as I have bought a new finnex and am only experienced in fake refugium nano upkeep. Edit" Oh yeah...Patience is the key. I have been fooled 2x by almost perfect parameters. In my latest endeavor> Finnex 30gallon glass I will not add anything but the refugium/pods/sand/liverock and phytoplankton for at least 2 months. Its a PITA i know but, Id bet dollars to doughnuts that the folks you see with amazing acan colonies or any other pic of the month didnt achieve this by dumping coral in after there parameters appeard well in hand.......just my 2c worth.....for what its worth
  11. I have 2 tanks 1 with aragalive 1 with tampa bay livesand direct from the bay. The tampa sand is LOADED with sand dwelling copepods. The aragalive maybe 1/10th as much. I do not want the large grain in my new tank that the tampa sand consists of. I would like a sugar like livesand in my new Finnex. What and why would be your choice of brand? Or would you buy dead sand and buy multi speicies https://livecopepods.com/ to stock?
  12. I have started this topic under the all in one tank thread and had no response so here it goes. I bought a new finnex 30g glass with the built in refugium. My solana 34 and Biocube 14 only have a generic "makeshift" refugium. I however have no experience with a "real" refugium. I've semi read through the Finnex thread which is about 1000 posts strong...(might be a slight exaggeration) but ive heard everything from regular sand to sand and live rubble to mud and sand..... How would the pro's set this up for optimal effect. I have a surplus of chaetomorph but there are so many varietys of plant life to choose from. I was even thinking about mangrove saplings. What about "miracle mud?" I want to do this right and my finnex is sitting upstairs built and ready but I will not proceed without a full plan. Problem #1. Biocube has outbreak of asterina stars and a type of pyramid looking snail. I assume that I can do some sort of freshwater dip to get rid of these but have never encountered this before and want the aged liverock in my bio to go into my finnex without killing the bacteria and corraline already present on this rock. Maybe this is unavoidable i dont know so im asking for suggestions. Problem #2. as stated above. I want the best bang for my buck out of my refugium. It isnt huge by any standard but if anyone owns a finnex or knows the dimensions and can give me a good idea of how to stock it that would be great. I plan on leaving this tank in sand/refugium/liverock state with no fish or corals for a month or 2. I feel like ive rushed my other 2 tanks and end up losing all my sand dwelling copepods and am left with only the 2mm "scurry like a cocroach in the light pods" The finnex is different in this category as it has a "real fuge" built in that has a screen for live transfer not chopped dazed transfer. The only thing ive added to the package so far are 2 tunze powerheads but 1 is going in my solana as it is my sps tank. Oh yeah. I didnt order the MH finnex. I ordered the 4xT5 model so i do not anticipate the evaporation or heat problems that I get with my solana MH with dual submersible "fuge lights" I have to keep my solana lid off permanently to stay at even 78-80 and dont really want to buy a chiller. And since the Finnex is open top anyway and the room its going into has a ceiling fan going constantly I think the temp will not be an issue. I really wish I had the time to read through hundreds of posts but i do not so please help a 2yr nano noob
  13. Asterina Sea Star

    Im no expert but if i were you id hope hes dead...my couple turned into hundreds........pretty ugly sight.
  14. Finnex MTG-2402H