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  1. Flow is provided by 1 Korallia Model#1, and 1 Nano Korallia. These two pumps are positioned to blow water in a 50% opposite angles from each other. (45 degrees) The nano Korallia is blows more on the top 25% of the display, where as the Korallia 1 is responsible for the bottom 75%. I have found that using this combanation creates the type of flow that I like. The water is pushed out and down toward the front and left sides of the tank. The flows reach eachother, mix, then travel upward through the middle of the display. The tank has been fitted with a 150w JBJ Viper lIGHT equipped with a Phoenix 14k DE Bulb. A Current USA linkable moonlight (2 x blue LED) is attached the last arm of the light. Yes, The zoos were glued onto the top of the Nano Korallia to make it blend in a little more. The rocks on the back were glued to the false wall. There were actually quite a bit of them glued onto it at one time. I took most of them off for some reasson..I dont really remember why. There are 2 threads about this tank on the forums. You can find them here: Thread1: Thread2: Thanks for looking!
  2. Thanks Cooper. This tank has really changed since theese pics were taken, more pics comming soon!
  3. What fun is a hobby if you have someone do everything for you? ....and the wrong way...
  4. How is that skimmer working out for you? It looks brand new. Is it?
  5. I just noticed that some wernt even open lol...I wish I would have noticed that before...
  6. This is with the mesh mod'ed mini-jet 404 w/CNC'ed PVC venturi
  7. Thanks...that one has been sitting on the couch for a while..ever since I moved offices. I have to hang it up because my GF keeps bugging Those three paintings in this picture are a part of a series called "The People At Work"
  8. lookin good!
  9. yea 12g DX...but since the hood is off now...not really a DX lol
  10. Its been running for like a year and 3 months
  11. The thread on this tank can be found here
  12. Thank you. It is a Minitpora Capricornus. This tank has been running for a little over a year. The monti was one of the first corals in the tank and grew from a frag about 1'' x 1''.
  13. 150
  14. yea..I have the photography skills of Helen Keller...LOL
  15. Thank you. I dont paint too much anymore...too much work...not enough time. Well I probably would have time if I wasnt messing with my tank! LOL