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  1. new guy.. new tank.. simple question

    I personaly would add more rock, then wait for the amonia spike. That rock looks super clean. Then do a small water change. I think you may starve a CUC. I dont even see any diotoms on the sand LOL You may want to break (cut) that large peice of Tonga branch and do somthing else with it. It looks odd laying on the sand like that. just my opinion. Also I would move that heater (?) and the thermometer into the back chambers.
  2. fts218

    Flow is provided by 1 Korallia Model#1, and 1 Nano Korallia. These two pumps are positioned to blow water in a 50% opposite angles from each other. (45 degrees) The nano Korallia is blows more on the top 25% of the display, where as the Korallia 1 is responsible for the bottom 75%. I have found that using this combanation creates the type of flow that I like. The water is pushed out and down toward the front and left sides of the tank. The flows reach eachother, mix, then travel upward through the middle of the display. The tank has been fitted with a 150w JBJ Viper lIGHT equipped with a Phoenix 14k DE Bulb. A Current USA linkable moonlight (2 x blue LED) is attached the last arm of the light. Yes, The zoos were glued onto the top of the Nano Korallia to make it blend in a little more. The rocks on the back were glued to the false wall. There were actually quite a bit of them glued onto it at one time. I took most of them off for some reasson..I dont really remember why. There are 2 threads about this tank on the forums. You can find them here: Thread1: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=158455&st=0entry1649366 Thread2: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=114958&st=40&start=40 Thanks for looking!
  3. Actinic Supplement or Not

    I got the Phoenix 14k and I couldnt be happier. With no actinic it gives lots of pop to the colors without being too blue. If you get the Phoenix you wont regret it. I tryed an XM 15k for a week and threw it in the trash.
  4. *NEW Tank Update and Upgrades*

    I am switching salt because I simply want to try somthing new. Plus it has better "published" element (especialy magnesium) content that TM. I thought about the zoas cloging the intake vents when I put them on there, but thats why God invented razor blades... I used to have a large purple Monti Digi in there but I had an aquascape collapse that broke it in half. After I fixed the collapse there wasnt a good place for it so I gave it away. However there are 3 or so small digi colonies in the tank right now. One is incrusting on the water return nozzle, One small one by the anemone (in picture, but not presently), and a purple one tword the back.
  5. fts218

    Thanks Cooper. This tank has really changed since theese pics were taken, more pics comming soon!
  6. Day 4 of my 12g nano

    What fun is a hobby if you have someone do everything for you? ....and the wrong way...
  7. Royal Dottyback a shrimp killer?

    Same here. I got a new pepperment shrimp a while back. 2 min. in the tank and my ORA Indigo dottyback killed and ate him. I REALLY wis I could get that fish out of my tank without taking everything apart. That fish is the worst thing I ever got for free...
  8. *NEW Tank Update and Upgrades*

    Brainbot: The coral on the right hand side is a Montipora Capricornus. Its an sps type of coral. Its one of the few sps corals that do well (in my opinion) with stock compact fluorescent lights. Depending on the flow and lighting conditions it will grow into shelf like structures. And, it grows pretty fast. The monti cap is one of my favorite coral species. The colony in the picture grew from a 1'' x 1'' frag. The growth you see took about a year under PC lamps. The tank hasn't been topless for too long. By the way, I have done A LOT of rearranging in this tank, and traded out about 50% of the larger coral colonies. Pics coming soon!
  9. nano skimmers on ebay

    the store is in Hong Kong. No typo
  10. Tunze 9002

    How is that skimmer working out for you? It looks brand new. Is it?
  11. What kind of baby starfish is this?

    they can eat corraline (calcarius) algae...at least mine do...
  12. Viper supplemental blue lighting

    Becuase of the closed configuration of this light, anything you put in there will melt. You will have to put the LEDs elseware. Not to mention that they will be drowned out being so close to the MH bulb. I would recomend trying to hang them off of the fixture, or buld little stands for them on the side of the tank. JMHO
  13. Whats your opinion on filtration?

    Here is my set up: 1st chamber skimmer 2nd: Eheim substrat pro / seachem matrix 3/4 of the way to the opening in the baffel then pura-pad (magnavore), and 50 micron filter pad on top. The water is forced to flow up through the substrate media then up through the pads for polishing. The 50 micron pad makes the water SUPER clear, but it has to be changed often. 3rd chamber: heater, return pump, grounding probe, american marine temp sensor, tunze osmolator. Thats what I have found to work the best for me.
  14. I probably loose 2.5-3 cups perday. 12g w/ 150w MH. Plus a 4'' fan blowing across the water surface. House is 75 degrees (AC) constantly.
  15. quarterdown

    I just noticed that some wernt even open lol...I wish I would have noticed that before...