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  1. Bump! Still Have the light.
  2. I would have no use for the AP hood because I sold my AP.
  3. BUMP. zip is 08724 for shipping calculations.
  4. I am not an expert on light trequirments, but it is 6.25watts per gallon. I would assume that it is enough lights for most corals.
  5. I have an 8 month old sunpod up forsale with a 2 month old phenoix bulb. $175 +S&H I'm in NJ.
  6. It is not a retrofit. It is a 20" Current Sunpod.
  7. I finally transferred over my live stock to my new 70G so it is time to sell the AP. The tank was purchased new back in March of this year. It has 2 Max-jet 900's in replacement of the stock pump. The rear chamber was fitted with a light for a refugium. It as a 2 month old Phoenix 14k bulb. There is also about 20 lbs of live sand and approx 25lbs of live rock. The rock has alot of Coraline algae. There are also some green star polyps and some red and brown polyps. I am looking to get $375.00 for everything. This picture was taken a few months ago.
  8. In my search for a light for my new tank I came across this company www.aquaillumination.com They offer a product similar to the SOLARIS fixture. I wanted to see if there would be any interest in doing a group buy on these. I contacted the manufacturer and they would be interested in participating. I need to get an idea on the interest and size fixtures wanted to get an Idea for pricing. Check out their website and if you would be interested list you name and the size fixture you would be interested in and I will see what they can do for us. Here is Normal Pricing Length (in inches) Price (USD) 12 - $850.00 24 - $1320.00 36 - $1890.00 48 - $2490.00 60 - $3075.00 72 - $3660.00 Custom Lengths - Email
  9. 58 Oceanic Starphire tank?

    I just paid $400 for a 70 RR TEC