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  1. I have a ~2 year old Tunze Osmolator with everything that came with it, worked great for me, just tearing down a tank, because I'm moving and don't know when I will setup another one. I have the original box and literature, I never even cut the hose, so it's stock length. link Asking $170
  2. I agreed to pay the shipping and underestimated the price, they paid half of the shipping without me asking or expecting them to. Thanks Matteo! Great Buyer!!!
  3. Worked good, just had to adjust the water level with a diy stand. I had 6 fish in the 40 breeder, I would say a high bioload.
  4. I have a few items I'm selling that I had on my 40 breeder. -Maxspect Razor 27" 16k 160 watt w/ 120° and 90° lenses $290 ~3 years old Listed on Ebay -Bubble Magus Curve 5 $125 ~2 years old -Ocean Runner 2500 $50 ~2 years old -Jebao 2x WP 25 with dual controller $55 pumps ~3 years old, controller is ~1.5 years old -Bulk Reef dual media reactor w/ MJ1200 $40
  5. I'm going to go there and take a dump in middle of the isle and then steal a fish. What bothered me the most was her rude demeanor. She had an attitude that I was a delinquent, doing this just to break the rules.
  6. I think she realized she was out of line after she did it. She was being overly nice after the situation. Asking about my aquarium and what I'm looking for. I kept it short, but not rude.
  7. She told me it was against her policy, I did not have the flash on. I should of asked her where the sign was.
  8. I stopped in to the local petco, just to kill some time, don't have much options for LFS in my area. I saw a 3" slender blue, almost transparent, fish that was about 3" and wasn't sure what it was, I now think it was a small Blue Gudgeon Dartfish. So I went to take a picture to research it later and I hear from about 30' away, "NO PICTURES!!!" Then the lady came and stood right next to me, awkwardly silent for 20 sec or so, really uncomfortable. She then started talking and was nice after that. I never knew you couldn't take pictures.
  9. Factory recommendations are 9"-11" I believe, I have heard from most to go 6"-8". It isn't pulling up thick dark sludge yet, it's just tea colored with gunk floating in it. I don't have it tuned in yet. I don't know what to do when I leave the house this weekend for camping, I will be gone for two nights. I'm wondering if I should just turn it off while I'm gone.
  10. Hi Nal, you should raise the skimmer up with a skimmer stand. Just holding it up with your hands for a little bit is not the same. Get your lazy ass up and build one. OMG, that helped, now it's in 7" of water and it's quiet and working better. Thanks man.
  11. I should add that if I put my finger over the silencer inlet, it is silent. I doesn't make many bubbles when I do this.
  12. My skimmer is making a whirrling sound new out of the box. I have tried different water levels by holding it up, I have tried repositioning the skimmer differently. I have taken the pump apart, everything is tight. The impeller seems fine and the needles are all there. Did I get a bad pump or something? Here is a video: