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  1. Brown algae

    I run my blue 12 hours and my white at 10 but I will cut it back some. I do a 10% every weekend and my levels are zero. Phosphates are .50 so I don't think it's that. Will try 20%. Everyone in the tank seems happy and growing. I know I have to be patient and it will stop in time. Just aggrivating, cause the tank was so colorful before. Thanks for the help.
  2. Brown algae

    OK, ive done the search and read about it. Is there any way to get ride if the brown algae that has taken over. I just got my lights about a week or two ago(130w,1-actanic and 1-10,000k). I have about 3 bumble bee snails,1 nissarius, 4 hermits,some hitchhiker snails really small, sand sifting star, psodochromis. My coraline where white, green and purple, now they have some what been covered in the brown stuff. My sand is also getting covered. I know this is suposed to happen but how do I get it gone quickly. Oh hey my tank has been going now for about five weeks. Thank you for helping!
  3. starting a 20g nano!

    My 20 is up now for three weeks. I got 25# live rock from Harbor Aquatics(great rocks). I have an Emperor 280 HOB instead of PHs and it has great circulation. But your plans sound great.
  4. Best "equipment"

    I bought my tank and hood for twenty bucks. Had a heater and cheap HOB. After that I bought a Emperor 280 HOB, Ebo 100watt heater, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Saltwater test kit, Red Sea Phosphate test kit, Deep six Hydrometer with shipping $130. I bought my live sand for $30 and live rock for $153. Spent $40 for DIY tank stand. So I'm at $340 and all I need to add is live stock. Everything I bought was through internet. Good luck and happy reefing. My tank has been up for three weeks and my levels are dropping!
  5. Need help(no Camera)

    Thanks tiny, I will look for the book and it is kinda neet looking.
  6. Need help(no Camera)

    My live rock is going great. Last night I found a spot on the rock that is about the size of a pencil eraser. It looks like an orange to orange red color that looks transparent. It also has three or four small tenticle type tube openings that it shortens and lengthens. So far its the only spot I have of it. I hope it is'nt aptacia.
  7. WOW!! Just got my live rock!!

    Thanks Chris! This is the second day and I am still finding more life blooming!!
  8. My order from HarborAquatics.com came in the mail today! I thought it was deader than all git out. But put it in tank anyway. It came at about 1:00pm and it was cold,(snowing like crazy outside), I opened the cooler and the heat pad was also cold. To make a long story short, I put it in the tank, aranged caves and the like. Left for work at 1:30pm. Got hame at midnight and looked in tank. To my surprise I saw plants pushed up from rock, and worms, colors that looked like dead rock when I put it in! I see all kinds of different bugs, feather dusters, and even some kind of tube that extends little string like probes in the water sweeping for food. I even saw a pod or to moving around. I will try to barrow my mother-in-laws digital and send pics to members reefs this weekend. I am so excited and would recommend this supplier to all. I got 25# mix of Fiji and about five small pieces fo Tonga Slab with shipping it was $154, the LFS wanted $10 per pound for Tonga and $8 for Fiji, and it looked DEAD(no color or plant/animal life).
  9. Hermit Crab I.D.?

    Just got some hermit crabs from LFS. One is a Scarlet, 3 are blue leg, but I don't know the last. She is an off-white to light grey in color and the largest of the five. Anyone know what kind it is? Just curious. It is a sharp crab. Thanks for the help!
  10. Just started Sunday!

    I had a pump on the water and salt for about 18-20 hours in a bucket before adding to the sand. So what will the problems be.
  11. Just started Sunday!

    It looks like a very thin off white layer on the top. Maybe just sand dust?
  12. Just started Sunday!

    I forget to say tank cleared up in about 6-8 hours and have a very very thin layer of salt on the top of sand.
  13. Just started Sunday!

    I just started the tank on Sunday morning. Got NO lighting, HOB for ciculation and cheap heater. Did water test this morning and it is as follows: PH-8.2, Nitrite-0, Nitrate-10, Ammonia-.5, salt-1.022 at 80-temp. and Nature's Ocean LS. Will be getting the LR in about two weeks.:woot:
  14. Rainford's Goby-free to good home

    Phiche Master, Idon't have fish yet I just started my cycle. Just getting info on the mandarin. They are so interesting! I don't plan on one for at least one full year. Thanks for the info!