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  1. Oh man! It's been a long time. I think I trumped opy on how far i am in this thread. Of you want congress to do something about the allergies, you have to sneak it in into something like they do everything else. Like allergy controlled Viagra. You can vt your hard on and clear sinuses all at the same time.
  2. The wg are in the 5700 To 6350 k range the oc are 6750 to 7250 k range
  3. both royal blues are d3 15 and 14. The xre cw are wg q5 the xpg cw are oc r5
  4. yes warning lables! jtro and jma1978 is shipping out in 30 mins.
  5. ALL SHIPMENTS WERE SENT TODAY EXCEPT FOR 2! jtro and jma1978 (with combined shipment of not_sponsored) will ship in the morning through UPS. your shipments are too big to fit into the large priority mail box!
  6. hahaha that was funny. I think I finally set into delirium or whatever, but to me, it is funny and true. Now for the the update everyone is waiting for. All drivers are in! Everyone's package should be shipped out by Monday. I work only one job today, so hen I get home, I will do the most I can package together. The next chance I will have will be Saturday night and Sunday morning. But b assured, everyone's packages should ship out by Monday.
  7. Do not use superglue! It will damage the lense of the led. Instead use silicone like others mentioned.
  8. Word just in on the drivers only partial shipment is shipping to me today. 115 out of 200 is coming to me today. The reainder of the balance should be at the supplier by Monday and ship out Tuesday. Thanks
  9. I will. I might have some but let's wait until I'm finished with everything first. This week is going to be a doozy! Update everything is on schedule so far nrhe supplier is expecting our order of MW to ship out on the 14th I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Everyone just got Rick Roll'd! Just finally having a little fun. Lol
  10. Hey farkwar. I'll be interested if nobody gets them by the time the drivers get here. Drivers are to ship to me 4/14. Estimated that is. The last of the xpe and xpg LEDs arrive on Friday
  11. Update the d drivers are scheduled to ship to me on the 14th
  12. thanks soymilk (ps your package should be goimg out soon) i nned the addresses for the following people: therman ianryeng blibo cptblorn the following are shipping out today ddwbeagles doctaq mwz perm hllywd vrezor hersey bstoker spacey staffybull kplagens quality control nannewb fergas jpmig drake1 dovla badcoffee whitiecasper82
  13. thanks wire but some of it is warranted. i should be sending out 23 more packages today. im having trouble getting some of these addresses though. the problem was through the gifting. i donr get an address in this manner. i'll be back soon to post the names that i need addresses on. i will also send them emails.
  14. Hi fergas, I didn't receive any of your emails at all and I have been in contact with some of the other members through the same emails. My apologies on your package. It will go out tommorow and I will email the package details. There was 2 packages that I did forget to send out. They were ready to go bit I did mess up. I know a lot has gone with me but I can't use that as an excuse. Yours was one and the other belongs to perm. Everyone else I have been waiting on more parts. Finally some drivers have come in as well as the xp lenses. I s have an incomete order with some LEDs. The xpe. I received all of the "p" drivers. I will post tomorrow of the names of the packages that are going out. I still need to get the addresses off of paypal. Look on my profile and my email address is there.
  15. Hello everyone I'm here. It is hard to get onto a computer these days. I'm still waiting to get the xp lenses. They were shipped by boat instead of air. They Arrived on Friday and we are waiting for them to be released by customs. In addition, I'm expecting a shipment of p drivers this week and the d drivers next week. I will be sending outmore boxes this week. If you need to contact me, just email me. It is the same as my paypal account. That I can respond to anytime. There have been lots of problems including a family emergency and 2 deaths to close friends, and some other BS due to that accident.if you want to know the details I can fill you in privately by email. I do aplogize to everyone for not being able to sign on and post. I hope you understand. At this point, regular email is the best option for me. I will post tonight on the boxes that are going out on Monday.
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