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  1. Need Questions Answered? PM Kennerd!

    i bet i could summon jojopus and maybe the great pale one.
  2. Need Questions Answered? PM Kennerd!

    is it already time to shave my scrot again? damn i just did it.
  3. surface skimmers and heat control

    thanks, anyone else can tell me about the others?
  4. stock aquariums, BC-8, or 16, nanocube 6 or 12, nano wave 9, and finnex 9. do all of them skim surface water into the fuge? ie overflow design...or do some take it from lower? do any of them have heat build up issues with the stock lights? thanks for your replies.
  5. never mind ill search before i get rightfully crucified...
  6. 6-8 gal cube LED?

    cool thanks guys...was also wondering about the premade rows from ecoxotic? like the panorama or the stunner? maybe a couple of those?
  7. 6-8 gal cube LED?

    anyone make or sell LED retrofit for 6 or 8 gal cube?
  8. Kennerd's Nanos

    we're already gone. and we're feel feeling strong. we will sing this victory song. woo hoo hoo my my woo hoo hoo
  9. Kennerd's Nanos

    happy birthday kennerd i love you so much you big cuddley lobster of a man!
  10. Who's Your Favorite Photographers

    marc adamus for contemporary landscape. http://wildphoto.smugmug.com/
  11. hairy and froggy

    git on outta here ya varmint!
  12. hairy and froggy

    shut up dickie, get out of my thread. megapixels have nothing to do with is.