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  1. the zoanthids are all brown...it's trick photography.
  2. love the dancing spiderman!
  3. sharpening, saturation, contrast. in the oppposite order. what i have found that is cool is MPIX.com for large prints. good prices and the "metallic finish" is very cool on the coral shots.
  4. great stuff gil! personally i liked "laguna beach" the best. maybe cause i lived there....or just maybe cause it's a great shot. i also liked "mono" very much.
  5. gil, are you shooting first and asking later? or are you approaching people, then asking, then taking the shot? or are you doing telephoto from up in a tree?
  6. i'm hoping to get a "showing" at a local coffee shop....maybe some will sell....
  7. oh...and yes my secret to reefkeeping and life in general is that if i can poop in it, i usually do. it leaves mess in a lot of places, but one has to find his/her own path in this world. i choose to mark mine, so i can find my way back out again.
  8. i have several tanks. they have been running around 1-2 years. it is the eos digital rebel. the macro lense was as much as the camera. taking pictures is like running a tank. learn by reading as much as you can first, then practice, then ask questions. be inspired. gil has inspired me with his photography. it can be a lot of work, like the reef tank, but if you enjoy doing it, then you will practice and improve. it is also like reefing in that it is an expensive hobby. thanks all for looking...i am temporarily turning my attention away from reefs and more at people...but i am shooting another tank next week sometime and if anything good comes from that session i will post it here. i sincerely appreciate all the feedback!
  9. i agree...the hammer's the best one. i am trying to expand to other subjects now as well. namely people...it's harder...they don't live in really well lit little glass boxes. thanks for looking.
  10. i am going to force you to look at my latest series. whatcha think?
  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm corn.
  12. and i wouldn't do a fish only....you're at least going to want to have some water in there.
  13. nope. they've got to be reef tanks. sorry.
  14. your tank always looks great...that humilis is magnificent.
  15. uhhhh...bump?