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  1. jamesnmandy

    GHA and filtration, RO/DI vs. GFO Reactor

    so yes, i have a serious GHA problem along with some reddish purple algae that just covers surfaces ive lost a few fish that were years old and a pair of shrimp recently because of the conditions, and its not ammonia, nitrite/nitrates....the phosphates arent there either but the sheer amount of hair algae growing is consuming it im sure, as in the entire back side of my tank is covered in it, like 2 inches long.....i take it out in clumps, it grows fast enough it will stop my powerheads up, and its also covering a decent amount of the rocks here's my plan GHA seems to be best combated with a GFO reactor i plan to grab a GFO reactor and use the half carbon half GFO method, if nothing else it will add some more filtration to the system which is good, and get a TDS meter as well i plan to monitor the Culligan water source with the TDS meter (our Culligan machine service log only has a check mark and a date each month, he does not write the TDS reading on the card) if it becomes a problem i can use distilled water or LFS water but the wife and i just talked about it and if that doesn't work out we plan to get the Hurricane system from airwaterice with an optional 5 gallon tank for like $200 after the $50 discount they have runnign on their site ($50 off any order $250+) pretty sweet deal for a 6 stage RO/DI with 5 gallon tank and permeate pump
  2. I've got two choices the way i see it from my homework BRS GFO Reactor with MJ1200 or grab a RO/DI setup from airwaterice water is coming from grocery store Culligan dispenser into 5 gallon carboy's. i dont have a TDS tester so i dont know how faithfully they are changing filters...i mean, it is a RO/DI setup with sediment, carbon, UV, etc.....but i suspect in times as they are, with the economy as it is, with companies trying to cut costs, i can totally see them telling the service guys to wait until the TDS is over XXX parts per million before changing membranes/cartridges. so im thinking i will grab a BRS GFO, a TDS meter, and some carbon and GFO media and a MJ1200, that way my tank gets the benefit of more filtration either way, and the TDS meter will help me keep the service guy honest, and if they aren't changing filters as they should at least i will know it and then i can grab a RO/DI setup and get the best of both what would you do? keep in mind this is a 75 gallon system, single or dual BRS GFO Reactor? i can get a BRS with media and a TDS meter with MJ1200 for around $100 or so i could get a mighty mite with DI from airwaterice for $100 or so or...i can get the GFO reactor now and then IF the water source is bad i can then grab a RO/DI setup...
  3. jamesnmandy

    Jamesnmandy's $15 GSP frags

    tons still available guys, order when ready
  4. jamesnmandy

    Is there any way to keep Xenia contained?

    My sailfin tang was eatimg at it, actually completely wiped it out.....not promoting using a tang to control it but its a true story.
  5. jamesnmandy

    Jamesnmandy's $15 GSP frags

    yep, sure is i have no idea LOL, i got it several years ago and it seems to go through phases in my tank as well, sometimes growing voraciously, sometimes not growing at all, but hardy none-the-less anytime you are ready, thanks its so weird, some people report frags taking weeks to start opening, some people like yourself get polyps opening within 24-48 hours...i have no idea why this is, guess it's just circumstances... thanks for the feedback Klink! enjoy!
  6. jamesnmandy

    Jamesnmandy's $15 GSP frags

    guys, please check your email that is registered with paypal for shipping updates/info, thanks
  7. jamesnmandy

    Jamesnmandy's $15 GSP frags

    Three orders shipped, still plenty available, $20 shipped, thanks
  8. jamesnmandy

    Jamesnmandy's $15 GSP frags

    Ok guys n gals, two people are paid and will ship tomorrow. I will check again later this evening, I think I replied to all pm's.
  9. jamesnmandy

    Jamesnmandy's $15 GSP frags

    still available, tons available actually, getting some ready to go out monday, hit me up if you want in
  10. jamesnmandy

    DSB: To vacuum or not to vacuum?

    black spots under the surface but healthy conditions above to me would indicate it is doing it's job i grabbed a single tiger tail sea cucumber (which is now about 5) and a couple fistfuls of nassarius snails and added to my 75 gallon reef when i set it up with 100+ lbs of sand, (good 4 inches deep mostly anywhere)
  11. jamesnmandy

    Jamesnmandy's $15 GSP frags

    happens all the time, no worries the polyps will get much larger in terms of length, they extend nearly maybe half and inch fully extended i have seen some of my very cuttings however in a local guys tank that stayed short, they all opened up good, bright neon green, they just never got tall "stalks", probably just a difference in lighting intensity, his light was slightly more than mine
  12. jamesnmandy

    Purple/brown anemone type things

    aiptasia dont "swim away by pulsating"
  13. jamesnmandy

    5 hours without power?

    i would advise highly against starting a tank if you might have to move it several times a year wait until your life situation changes and you can do it right
  14. jamesnmandy

    Harlequin Shrimp - Female

    very nice, have a pair myself