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  1. Acrylic Tank and Cats

    actually I have seen my cat paw at glass- I have a glass display cabinet which I keep vases in and the cat wants to get at them- she rears herself up and rubs at the glass with her paws- being glass no harm done but i fear her doing that to my acrylic tank. I think I need to get a stand for the tank... ALL cats are weird- lol why would it bother? because she is a little devil who feels it her duty to antagonize me -she is after all still a kitten and loves mischief for mischief's sake! as for the spray bottle, good thought but I leave her alone when I go to work. thanks for the replies- I think mainly I wanted to confirm my suspicion that a cat's claws could scratch acrylic- I know glass is safe but I was afraid acrylic would be vulnerable..
  2. Acrylic Tank and Cats

    I just got a nice TruVu tank and need to know if my kitten's claws can scratch acrylic? I am guessing yes but just wanted some feedback. Any others with this problem and how do you get arround it? thanks
  3. 6 gallon Tru Vu evolution...

    hey Oceanic, I ordered this tank (see post above) from Innovativelights.com because they had the cheapest price I could find. I ordered the base/canopy option but unfortunately they only sent the canopy so I am waiting on the base to be sent before starting my project. Once I do I will be starting a thread about my project. I am a relative noobie at reefs although I did have a 15H setup a few years ago with some success so hopefully things will go well. Not sure what I will be keeping in the way of livestock- maybe zoas, shrooms, pulsing xenia, a few shrimp and a small fish like a goby. Wish me luck and look for my thread in about a week or so...
  4. Brand New Pico

    there are quite a few threads here by other people who have the same tank/setup as you- I would recommend reading them to get ideas for what works well...
  5. First shots with a D80

    nice abstracts, I Take Pictures
  6. My 5.5 pico w/150w MH + 27w Pc Atinic

    well one cheap way you can hide the wires- go to the fabric department at walmart and get a few yards of some dark material and drape it around the front and sides. I did that once with a fish stand I had that was open front and it really helped make it look better. You can use velcro or something to hold it in place- just an idea
  7. My 5.5 pico w/150w MH + 27w Pc Atinic

    looking good man- just wondering how your temps doin with that 150 mh? some nice corals in there. did you see that thread where a guy put a 250 mh over a pico tank? some people here's a link: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...amp;hl=250+watt it was a NC6 he put it on
  8. Skim or not to skim that is the question

    I'm no expert on skimmers, but I think they need to be run for a while before they start being more effective and also if this is a just-set-up tank there may not be enough organic proteins in the water yet for the skimmer to remove. I would keep it running and see how it is doing in a week or two.
  9. First salty tank ever!

    I assume saltwater has different chemical properties that call for different test kits- either that or it's all a conspiracy by the test kit manufacturers to make more $$$
  10. 250 watts and a NC6? Oh yeah I did it

    I'm just relieved it didnt turn out to be overkill...
  11. First salty tank ever!

    welcome- your equipment looks ok with a few exceptions, bio wheels are thought to be detrimental in SW setup due to building up nitrates, if you want you can remove the wheel and run the filter for flow and possible refugium, chemical media, etc. your light is ok but will only be able to keep low light critters like mushrooms, zoos. the protein skimmer gets bad reviews from every1 but you can try it. as for live rock i think it is better to add as much as you can at the start. reason is that each time you add rock your tank has another cycle to go through. people do add rock but do so slowly and cautiously. your test kit for FW is not usable you need a SW test kit for the following: ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and pH. take your time, read alot and ask questions- you should be fine.
  12. ***InnovativeLighting.com***

    well they finally got back to me this evening and gave me the tracking info, so I guess it's on it's way- scheduled to arive on the 22nd of Feb. The order from MarineDepot got here this morning- all was as ordered and in good shape. I guess I would have to say I am alot more impressed with MarineDepot and would not hesitate to recommend them, dont think I can say the same for InnovativeLighting...
  13. Pauls Picotope - 3 Month Update

    Looking very nice- love the light upgrade If you get the CL-85, be sure to let us know how well it works. I am going to be setting up a Tru Vu 6 with a Current 36 watt Lunar light fixture in the canopy and also worry about heat when warmer weather comes so I would be interested to see how this product does. Thanks
  14. New Pics of BC 14...Any Suggestions?

    It looks nice- I like your rock which has nice color to it. As for suggestions I think I would add a smaller rock or two to the front and side of the main stack. The reason for this is just to add a counterpoint and to avoid the 'big pile of rock in the middle of the tank' syndrome. I realise this is somewhat hard when dealing with cube shaped aquariums. I guess I am looking at it from a photographer's point of view ( a hobby of mine) I always try to compose my subjects slightly off center so that the eye has to move over the whole scene. So if I were aquascaping a cube tank I would have the main pile slightly to one side or another and then have a smaller group of rocks (or one medium rock) to the side and slightly in front of it so that the eye has more to take in and is drawn into the scene. I realize it;s a highly subjective and I am not trying to be negative here like I said I think your tank looks fine, just giving my .02
  15. ***InnovativeLighting.com***

    just an update- they finally did get back to me thursday evening and told me they would be sending tracking info on friday -I think my threat to cancel my order had the desired effect- I just hope this turns out better than it started. relatively speaking my order was a small one, less than $400, but to me it isnt small, so anyway we shall see.