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  1. T Thank you! lol I saw that too after I posted the picture. I got it out!
  2. Here's a long overdue update. I'm finally going to start stocking the tank lol. I used my iPhone to take photos so I had to turn the blue all the way down.
  3. nosser

    40B Build starting on low budget

    I'm using a Chinese black box. I also changed the red and green with uv and removed the optics for a better spread. I kinda wish I went with the 300w box because they're a bit longer for better coverage, but I'm happy with mine. Think my thread is in my signature to see how it looks.
  4. nosser

    40B Build starting on low budget

    Nice start. I did a budget 40 breeder too a little while back. I left the site for a little while but now I'm back. I need to update my thread soon. Looking back the only thing I wish I spent more on was my stand. I have considered upgrading it but I dread the idea of the amount of work involved. Anyways, I have been thinking about a sw-4 as well. Did you buy 2?
  5. I haven't been here on a while and have neglected the tank a bit, but its still up and running. I'll share some pictures after I get my water change done.
  6. So here's a couple pics of my little guys. Excuse the dirty tank this was right before a water change. My poor clown looks beat. His name is Bob. My kids named him after a Minion from the movie. My Midas is Stella from the wine lol. My daughter named her.
  7. I haven't done much with the tank since work has put a toll on me! I was out with the kids before Christmas and they really wanted this midas blenny, so we picked him up. I still want the lions but I'm not sure how they will do with that guy and a small clown I moved from my 3 gallon. I'll take some pictures tonight.
  8. Awesome work so far. I'll be following along
  9. nosser

    Labnjab's 40 Breeder

    Nice! I like the black sand. I was thinking about that for mine too but I got a deal on something else
  10. nosser

    Aqualighters LED

    I'm interested in this for a Pico as well
  11. Thanks Droy! It took awhile lol. Hopefully I can throw money into it after the holidays! This originally was going to be a FOWLR tank but I'm heading in the same direction of the TOTM. appealing Corals with some predators like lion fish. Felicia's tank is amazing and exactly what I picture in my head.
  12. I already removed the optics from my chinese black box since I wanted better coverage and I decided to change some LEDs out so I could get some UVs in there. I purchased them from eBay. The seller on Ebay said it had some UV already but you never know if the description is accurate. I ordered 5 10k white and 5 uv. They came from China so they took a little bit but they were cheap! Only thing to watch for is the neg and pos posts on the LEDs. I didn't lol and had to redo like 3 of them. I changed 4 of those yellowish whites for the UV and the red and green for 10k. After opening it looks like it did already have some uv lights. SunSpect is the brand. Added a bit more rock too.
  13. nosser

    2015 Secret Santa / N-R Gift Exchange

    Sent to Fishstiks and received from Mariaface.
  14. nosser

    Super cheap and easy

    Hahaha super cheap and easy. Makes sense.