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  1. spanko

    Weetie's Aquatic Ramblings & Lounge

    Merry Christmas to you and yours my lady. 29 biocube still cookin
  2. spanko

    bonese's 40b | revival

    Very cryptic. Following along.
  3. spanko

    bonese's 40b | revival

    Just regular reef grade Carib sea live sand. I thin since Jan 2007 but would have to look it up for sure.
  4. spanko

    bonese's 40b | revival

    Here is my tank with AI Super Blue Led. I have thought about going to other lights but these are working well for me. Here is a pic.
  5. spanko

    bonese's 40b | revival

    Yup a good cleaning with water and vinegar solution all equipment will remove calcuim deposits too. set tank and equipment up, fill with water and vinegat, run all pumps and let it sit foar a few hours. The longer the better. Then a little scrubbing in toujgh spots and drain and fill eith clean water run again and done. Dont forget to soak heaters too
  6. spanko

    bonese's 40b | revival

    I would throw some vinegar into the power wash mix. Will help to maybe eliminate any latent spores on the rocks.
  7. spanko

    bonese's 40b | revival

    I'll be here watching and throwing in my two cents.
  8. spanko

    Weetie's Aquatic Ramblings & Lounge

    Oh my goodnesss Weetie. Merry Christmas to everyone.
  9. spanko

    Loooooooooooong NaNo Reef - CUC added

    Everything looks great. Following along.
  10. spanko

    The Edge of Darkness

  11. spanko

    Anemone Hitchiker

    Pseudocorynactis possibly.
  12. spanko

    The Edge of Darkness

    This should be a nice tank, following along. I love tube anemone but have never had one myself.
  13. www.aquariumarts.com/whitesponge.html
  14. spanko

    Anyone still here, that I know?

    Hello there. I remember the name.
  15. spanko

    Distilled water

    Distilled for top off here. And here is why. http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/225917-distilled-water/