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  1. Remove the sponge from the 1st shelf
  2. Awesome, Shipping Jeff is on his game today paying attention to new packing slips in his station. After we get all the orders out from the evening and morning it's pretty easy to get an order out right away when placed in the afternoon. Thanks.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about the tank. The epoxy resin that seals this pump, like many other pumps, is already wet in the water all the time. It's obviously not supposed to degrade as your pictures show but it's sort of like a bag of chemi pure exploding and some freak out and forget it was all underwater to start with. If you still don't receive contact from hydor try our regional sales manage Brian - bshavlik at 916-920-5222
  4. Make sure to feed with the filtration pumps off. Typically floss changes on a normal operating cycled aquarium is 1 time per week.
  5. BioCube has a much better chamber design and a better stock light. Evo looks better Don't buy the Coralife junk add ons LFS will sell you on. There are better options out there for equipment. UV sterilizes are dumb in a small reef aquarium.
  6. It probably would, but it would only happen if the ATO sensor or something else with the ATO was faulty and added more than the total volume of the entire aquarium.
  7. Yes, but it didn't over flow
  8. It would just spill out the sides of the basket at that point. It's never been needed and would increase the cost. Adding more water to the rear chambers does not mean the display overflows. The rear chambers just go up.
  9. It's never happened. And it's not the basket it is detritus in the media of choice. Adding holes on the upper walls of the basket defeats the design of forcing water through media and keeping the rear chambers clean of detritus. Or are they needed. Since the tank is full of new sand dust that will clog the floss fast, change it at least every day. You'll never have this much detritus again in a normal operating tank. An AIO tank is not two separate areas, they are all one in the same. So the only way to over flow was if you physically added more water than the total volume, rear chamber included or your ATO was stuck on, doing the same. If the basket clogs with detritus in floss this the much the ATO in the rear chamber will kick in. But it will only fill until the rear chamber sensor is hit. Then stop. In theory I see what you are saying, but the rear chambers are not 100% sealed. Water will flow around the basket, the return nozzle isn't 100% sealed, there is no gasket water can still move around it. The tank can handle completely full chambers, adjusting ch 2 and 3 can be done by adding or subtracting water while the filtration pump is on. The intake chamber will mimic the display. A key to watch is when the water level increases the display it's time to change the floss or you have too much media in the basket.
  10. Chamber two media basket page created, along with an email signup list
  11. no no no, yo have it all wrong. Drinking is not the time you brainstorm, it's the time you take action. You get the tools out and you attack the basket or aquarium. You make the world right Then you wake up and see the fruits of your labor. And since nothing bad happens when drinking you get that #### yeah feeling, I ####ing built that and made that ####er filter better than ever
  12. We are and it is on the production list. I will try and get a product page made today so we can keep updates there. A media basket in chamber one is still the best position and will keep the rear chambers cleaner for long term success.
  13. The removable door is there to box in the basket and force water through media. It as titled removable or slides out to load and change the media. The issue we we have been having since late 2016 is Innovative Marine's Chinese manufacturing has been changing the hand built sizes or specs of their chambers. Unfortunately I'm confident they do not use jigs. So some newer built tanks are a few mm less deep [front to back]. But this sounds more like it isn't sliding down all the way so maybe a little too much silicone in the chamber baffles or in the floor. The basket designed on our tanks sits under the intake channel piece. So water falls into the top shelf. There should be no gap as you describe. It's frustrating when you make every product the same and what you make it for is not.... Thus we are always adjusting as needed our baskets through production runs. JBJ is the worst through the years and a lot use the same factory(s). Hence this explanation on IM tanks. Things we recommend depending on fitment: Shaving away at the intake channel piece with a razor blade or dremel etc. until the basket fits. If silicone is the issue removing the excess. Don't freak out too much here it's just most likely on the baffle which isn't structural. Silicone splurging out the sides of the baffle or tank wall is only hand applied excess. The bond is what is between the glass pieces. Try not to pack too much media on one-given-shelf. This basket is small and packing too much will block flow. Two media types on one shelf sounds like too much, yet that is all relative to the actual amount of media you are using. This basket is designed to tip towards the false wall. The front legs are laser cut shorter than the rear. But if the chamber is tighter than what was spec this can be compromised. Removing the door door on this basket if needed with no other mods won't hurt the function too much the chamber and basket fit tight so you still have that boxed in effect. Filter floss will on the top shelf will still catch most detritus keeping the rear chambers clean. This is also just came to me. It may be easier in your case to shave, sand our cut away at the legs of the basket. This will make it shorter and slide under your intake channel piece. Also so no need to freak out about a badly built tank. It isn't about that or is it structurally built bad. The only way you would notice this is if you put in a precision CNC laser pew pew pew cut master minded product from inTank
  14. Glad you got it. Maybe mount the arm to the wall or hang the light. Or if possible swap the way the arm mounts to the tank so the block in on the back of the tank, metal would to right by the skimmer cup