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  1. StevieT

    Tunze 3155 ATO troubles

    Nice. No moving parts no electricity lasts forever. I think it's in the tube the float rides up and down on. The coozie advice is something I have on file from Roger.
  2. StevieT

    Tunze 3155 ATO troubles

    That is true on the 3155. The backup float has a very small magnet it in through, but the optical should register first. Reaching out to Roger is a great idea. He provides the best support and knows these products very well.
  3. StevieT

    Tunze 3155 ATO troubles

    You could also try putting a buffer between the rear mounted magnet. Because the magnet is so strong depending on the glass thickness it can interfere with the magnet in the float. The recommended buffer is a beer coozie Cut a square: Magnet>coozie piece> glass
  4. Try putting a buffer against the magnet. Cut a beer coozie, so magnet > coozie > glass. The magnet is rather strong and can interfere with the magnet in the float. There may be some delay just as these things work, you can set the float a little lower to compensate for this if it's every time. But try the beer coozie first.
  5. StevieT

    Affordable HOB protein skimmer?

    It is a mass produced cheap price of shit that is mass sold at shitty pet stores like Petco. Any skimmer that retails for $44 with a flashy box is going to be a waste of money. Do a search here if you want more detail.
  6. StevieT

    Affordable HOB protein skimmer?

    The seaclone is one of the worst skimmers ever made.
  7. StevieT

    Is a UV Sterilizer Overkill on a Nano

    Ponds good Nano Reef bad
  8. StevieT

    Tunze 9001 & IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Nope. Just pick up 2-3 feet of 1/2" ID vinyl tubing. https://intankaquatics.com/watts-clear-vinyl-hose-1-2-inch-id-tubing/
  9. APEX SOLD. PM1 and energy bar still available
  10. If you want to still run hose to both output nozzles from one pump, yes. Otherwise mount the Tuzne 9001 in the middle of the chamber and run two pumps, one to each return nozzle. Or run the 9001 on one side of the chamber and the pump to one nozzle. Also depends on your lighting and if a bracket will be in the way or not.
  11. StevieT

    Anyone here built a plywood aquarium?

    Is your plywood wet?
  12. StevieT

    Anyone here built a plywood aquarium?

  13. StevieT

    Tunze 9001issue

    Or not 😛
  14. StevieT

    Tunze 9001issue

    Works best where the water level line is 1/2" above the water. That is 12.7mm