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  1. Awesome, thanks for the feedback! Enjoy
  2. With the dual intakes and water moving from the bottom to the top it would make for really bad Media Basket performance compared to what we produce now. The water entering the top intake wouldn't even go through any media or floss as it just passes over. Heater can go in chamber three if needed. The Tunze 9001 is a great skimmer and works well next to our Media Basket in chamber two.
  3. 150W Cobalt Neo Therm will work
  4. It will mount. You would just need to slide the bracket over to remove the basket. Thanks.
  5. Sorry, I've outside of this lighting world
  6. It will be fine. We started to cut down our AIO tanks in the showroom. The fusion glass is very thick and takes a ton of scoring before it will snap.
  7. We have opened presale next in production line Waterbox upgrades! https://intankaquatics.com/waterbox/
  8. It's just vinyl. Very easy to remove.
  9. Absolutely. Water is water preferably wet water is wetter watter
  10. This will hit the Northwoods as a non seasonal business opperation. With Amazon building more and more local hubs maybe they will take up shop to increase their local delivery reach. WI is at full employment starving for workers. So they should land on their feet, especially if they are willing to relocate or drive a little farther.
  11. As CM said sounds like a blockage in the flow Pumps don't need to be cleaned that often, and actually they should remain with a slight slime coat on the impeller. So maybe 1-2 times per year max if you are using floss to control detritus into the rear chambers. Adjust water levels in the rear chamber with the pumps on, add new water to the accessory or pump chambers to bring up, subtract from them to bring down. Always top off in those chambers as well. Sounds like you may be doing that so it's most likely a blockage in flow under the intake. Change floss 1-2 times per week, feed with the pumps off.
  12. We do not have an exact time frame to post at this time. I am pushing everyone involved as best as possible to get these out ASAP during the busy season. Hopefully later this month but I can't promise anything.
  13. Yes Cobalt is using the same factory as JBJ and the same molded intake piece. Just remove the bottom part of the intake channel with a razor blade.