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  1. Cool love 3D printing we are getting in to it. Water level looks a little low. Raising it may have helped as well.
  2. WTF. This is what happens when they sell out to big evil corporate PetCo. You lose the personal touches.
  3. If they stock Hookers and Blow I vote H@B You can use the chiller to keep the expired ones from smelling up the h&B room
  4. StevieT

    Media baskets for Waterbox 20?

    They include junky filter socks. We are working on them and hopefully will be done by next month, but no promises. The design is done but the issue is our ever increasing production list. Can send us an email to be added to the list.
  5. StevieT

    Removing hood & rim on Red Sea 130D????

  6. StevieT

    HELP!! Fluval PS2 Protein Skimmer

    Go with our inTank Chamber One Media Basket.
  7. StevieT

    HELP!! Fluval PS2 Protein Skimmer

    It's a bad skimmer, don't expect much from it.
  8. StevieT

    Best skimmer for a 20G nano

    9001 or NF-1 Stay away from the IM junk NF-1 will be hard to get ahold of they are months away as Aquamaxx never ordered them on their last resupply.
  9. We sponsor every year. When I get back from hunting I will reply to the PM.
  10. StevieT

    inTroducing inTank • SWAG •

    We have a new design in, just special request it on the order notes and magically they will appear
  11. StevieT

    inTroducing inTank • SWAG •

    Sure did get cold quick! Get to spend 3 days out in da woods in this shit We will get there this is just a trial 1st run. The smalls are pretty small so hopefully that would work. I really wanted the wet water thing, but it was advised against ? Think I may slip that in there on another version Also want to hide a GFY somewhere
  12. StevieT

    Facebook account will be active again

    FB sucks. They won't let us have inTank anymore. Has to be InTank cause reasons and you can't reach out to a human if those exist anymore.
  13. StevieT

    inTroducing inTank • SWAG •

    Part Number: IT00BG XXL LOL, I had fun with that one
  14. StevieT

    InTank media basket???