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  1. No better way to say this, it's a POS. Return it if you can. Consider an actual skimmer, the Tunze 9001 in chamber two.
  2. The coated magnets were the worst. We have a pretty cool design protyped, I don't want to release too much. We try and not make any modification necessary, explaining it especially in the world of Amazon and Amazon returns is impossible. The issue with the Aquaclear's is the sizes are different, so a universal option isn't always feasible, but they can be scaled.
  3. We used to. Magnet prices are crazy and made the thing too expensive on both ends. We are working on a new design. Otherwise check out Oceanbox they may carry a magnetic version for the 50.
  4. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words and the order!
  5. We likely will have a basket for the Silver Marine versions down the road, Waterbox was out of stock of the one we want to bring in. The media basket and floss holder will work, but they will be a bit undersized by width and depth. Filter floss over the entire top take care of that if you didn't want to wait. Dimensions are posted on each product page.
  6. What is the model name?
  7. Likely not. We brought the 4g in to look at then Waterbox discontinued the aquarium... Best we to fit is our Filter Floss Holder for the Cube 7. Just snip the length down and it will work. Width and height are the same. https://intankaquatics.com/waterbox-cube-7-filter-floss-holder/
  8. Sweet Filter Floss, Purigen, Chemi Pure Blue
  9. Thanks CM That will not work, the shape of the red sea does not allow. But we did come across one last unit just a week ago, possibly the last new unit in hands of a retailer. PM'd the OP
  10. It is not. Get the AC version. The DC version was created to make up for voltage differences worldwide, especially countries with shitty fluctuating highs and lows.
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