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  1. No need for a water change?

    Don't be a fool Do water changes
  2. Biocube 29 diverter, help StevieT

    Make sure to do this modification: Use the shorter director, the one with the slit http://shop.mediabaskets.com/Water-Director-Stay-Hold-for-Coralife-BioCube-29-32-SKIMMER-BC29SH.htm
  3. Biocube 29 diverter, help StevieT

    What make BioCube 29 do you have, Oceanic or Coralife? LOL!
  4. Anyone have deals on ATO’s right now?

    Busy season, slow to literally no resupply combined with MAP pricing not likely.
  5. Electrocution

    Electric eel hiding in your rocks.
  6. Media Basket Contents

    If you want the prepackaged easy route: Floss on top of both Packet of Chemi Pure Blue Nano on each shelf of the basket. They fit perfectly You can also run a bag of Purigen because your water won't be wet without.
  7. calling all biocubers...

    Without modifying the light mount cut the water director so that it isn't in the way. Chop what looks to be 3" off. Looks like the media basket isn't an issue, just the water director? Granted you would have to slide the light over to remove the basket. If you don't have the means to cut the director we offer them as a part and can cut it for you with the inTank super awesome miter saw at no extra charge.
  8. surface scum

    This tank comes with a surface skimmer. If you can't find check your pump chamber, Fluval tapes it inside during packing.
  9. Yep the 32 install is the same as our video showing the 29. Give the skimmer 2 weeks to fully break in but it should start collecting sooner if at the correct water level. Thanks.
  10. We do not. The sole reason we made a cup for the 9002 was to allow the skimmer to fit into all-in-one aquariums. Tunze fixed the issue on the 9001 and the cup is the same size as the body of the skimmer.
  11. FLUVAL EVO 13.5 Media Basket Options NOW AVAILABLE

    The Fluval Flex 15 Basket is ready to ship http://shop.mediabaskets.com/Fluval-Flex-15-Chamber-ONE-Media-Basket-FL15MR.htm
  12. FLUVAL EVO 13.5 Media Basket Options NOW AVAILABLE

    Wrong location for the surface skimmer and block the hole in chamber 2
  13. Sorry I haven't been following that contest, I'm usually just contacted by the winner or the OP of who it is when done. Either way, I just wrapped them to the 9001 boxes so there is no way NOT to get one!
  14. From the Secret Santa thingy?