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  1. Rehabilitating a Nano Cube 32

    Nano Cube 28 There is also a Nano Cube 24 Very normal. Clowns need a bitch slap AKA flick in the nose when they step out of line and think they run the show. They are a damsel but usually get along with other fish, well most depends on the type you have. They are very territorial but usually just a small area of the aquarium. Other fish can be added.
  2. Protein Skimmer for IM Nuvo 10g

    Splitting the return lines and running the 9001 in the middle is what we have recommend and posted here many times.
  3. Best skimmer for nuvo 20?

    Over priced and under performer. Can be loud, make bubbles and the pump they use is a piece of shit. Literally the cheapest thing they could find in China
  4. Protein Skimmer for IM Nuvo 10g

    The water line is the max level. The skimmer runs best with a water level about 1/2 below that line. That being said you can raise the water level in that chamber by adding new water when the filtration pump is ON. Same as what is needed in the IM20/25 They put it in the pump chamber because it is the only area it fits.
  5. Fluval Epoxy questions

    Don't know on the color change but coraline and other aging in the aquarium should take care of it. If you want it gone now try Krylon fusion.
  6. Rehabilitating a Nano Cube 32

    Yes. And after reading more it probably is.
  7. What ATO do you use?

    Definitely. The AA may be better for the smaller tank as the pump is smaller so it fills slower. The sensor is much smaller so go with the AA Micro for the 5 gallon. Horse a piece for the 25
  8. What ATO do you use?

    AutoAqua Micro or Tunze 3152 Only thing you need to add for both is a cheap reservoir
  9. Found some expensive brand new stuffs while cleaning out the showroom, here is a lighity light • Brand New • EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w Gen 3 Pro Version FREE XR30 RMS mounting arm kit included This is a store demo unit. Meaning it is brand new factory fresh but no warranty Manufacture Date on the sticker is November 13, 2015 Retail Value: $848 Sale Price: $499 - WITH FREE USA SHIPPING PayPal® accepted ↓ click to send message ↓ INCLUDED:
  10. Rehabilitating a Nano Cube 32

    Do you mean a Nano Cube 28? There is no 32 model. Do not put rubble in the rear chambers.
  11. New Product: inTank Universal Surface Skimmer

    Awesome. Back when you had to DIY most mods instead of today where Amazon will deliver them on a Sunday
  12. New Product: inTank Universal Surface Skimmer

    This part was designed for the Fluval M40, M60 and M90 which do a terrible job at surface skimming because of the stock intake grate design. We shortly realized that this could be used on other AIO models for a lot of different reasons, including what was given by @Segalplayer Cutting slits in a false wall with a CNC doesn't always equate to the best surface skimming performance, or a desired water level.
  13. Cobalt NeoTherm 150w

    No one will be able to give you the "right answer" since there as a small risk, as with all heaters. Use it for a water change bucket and get a new one.
  14. They are not, just bad business ethics, theft, and trying to close up other shops. A little more info here: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/389418-im-desktop-reactor-on-amazon-prime-for-35/?page=1
  15. To clean detritus on the top use a turkey baster, blow it on the top and siphon out as much shit that flies up. Good flow should take care of most of the, and disrupting a sand bed (deeper down) that has been in place for a while can actually cause a tank crash.