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  1. ugh. We're losing the lol culture It's GFO go for it, and since it has "german" in the description it's got to be twice as good, taken from slave taconite mines in southern Argentina.
  2. ugh
  3. GFO or GFY
  4. YES! Someone finally removed the baffle. Most I suggest this to just freak out like it's some special omg the tank will explode piece of magical glass
  5. Don't do et You'll never be able to service the rear chambers, install anything meaningful. Or you cut access on the bottom of the cabinet box. You could even hide the light in said access hole. But that's my customize everything to the max brain going at it again.
  6. Were the paypal funds linked to a CC or bank account? Anyone you don't know asking for a gift payment is a scammer, always have that mindset. If they really need the $3.75 and are too stupid to build it into the cost move on and do not press the send button.
  7. Yes. Unless that light puts enough in the chamber. Most go with a light behind the tank shining through the rear glass.
  8. If you are going have corals then no, do not run bioballs. They are only a nitrate risk and your live rock in the display is your biofilter.
  9. Not my thread or site, no control.
  10. Gotcha unless you link to that post so I can edit not gonna work. If we change a part number or title of a product the links go dead.
  11. Do you remember where you saw the dead link? I'll get that fixed up
  12. The wettest We were saying your user name all last weekend snowmobiling. Some drunk guy that ended up rolling his sled on a lake and getting arrested was at a bar prior going braaap you ready 2 riiddddeeee mother ####ers Made for a good video