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  1. FLUVAL EVO 13.5 Media Basket Options NOW AVAILABLE

    The basket will block off the lower grate. It's pointless and ####s up.flow into the chamber. Maybe one day Fluval will learned how to make a filtration chamber.
  2. Return pump isn't grounded

    Almost all of the aquarium AC equipment is two prong.
  3. MACNA 2017 who's going?

    Back up stash of Hookers and Blow is already ordered just in case
  4. Tunze or Ghost skimmer for biocube 29

    Skimmer over reactor Media Basket plus skimmer is all you'll need for filtration in chamber two.
  5. 🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    Read the wife this post she sez StevieT Tuesday pre baby. StevieT sez still every day of the week especially when the StevieTub is open.
  6. Tunze or Ghost skimmer for biocube 29

    Tunze 9001 Ghost has no mounting options and is basically made to sit in the IM chambers only. 9001 is also cheaper, and performs better
  7. MACNA 2017 who's going?

    We used a lot of Lyft last year, drivers work for both. Reason was they gave $5 off each ride for like up to 10 rides for new users. Some of our trips were paying tip only. Look into that if you're a new user on their app. No idea if they still offer that deal.
  8. MACNA 2017 who's going?

    Special request only look into an Uber, it was so much cheaper last year than the airport shuttle
  9. MACNA 2017 who's going?


    Best to know what they are and the coral's care needs before purchasing.
  11. MACNA 2017 who's going?

    Stickers for now, wearing her is most likely how Romanian chick's powers grab your soul
  12. MACNA 2017 who's going?

    Stop by the inTank booth for a token down memory lane
  13. MACNA 2017 who's going?

    Romanian chick knows, but if she informs you, she'll have to take your soul
  14. MACNA 2017 who's going?

    The hotel rates seem in-line from past years. Maybe it's only for vendors but ask and see if you can get the $15/day parking rate at the convention center. San Diego was not a huge turnout, it was by far the worst. The app is going to be misleading since more and more are using it now that it has been out for a few years. In the past you saw people selling them left and right, but it was spread across multiple forums and Facebook. With the app you can target 100% of your audience. New Orleans should be the largest ever, the closer it is to Florida the bigger the show is going to be. See you soon! Same here. MACNA starting in 2018 is going to be run MUCH differently for the better We may be taking a year off having a booth in 2018. Still going regardless. Either way the local isn't going to disappoint attendees