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  1. StevieT

    32gal biocube

    There is tons of info here on the BioCube 32, just do a search or browse the all in one forum. Coralife skimmer is junk. Better option is the Tunze 9001 in the 2nd chamber. Use it next to a Media Basket. If you want a fuge you can create on in the basket. You could also skip on the skimmer and do media and fuge basket, but personally I would go Media Basket and skimmer. Chemical and mechanical media in the Basket.
  2. StevieT

    Fuge light for IM 20

    Go for a rear mount like pictured above.
  3. It's all the same bank account.
  4. StevieT

    Biocube 32

    Personally I wouldn't do it. Think it looks ugly for one since it was never designed to be rimless. You may as well buy a rimless AIO at that point. Why buy a tank with a hood then remove 70% of the tank... I haven't seen any structural issues with people doing it on the 29 versions. The glass is thick enough and it's all locked in the bottom molded plastic. But it is something to still think about.
  5. Half seems a bit high. I'd go with 10-20%.
  6. StevieT

    Nanobox retro Biocube 16

    2018 is Crazy
  7. StevieT

    Biocube 32

    If you leaning towards keeping the hood then NanoBox Retro. Personally I wouldn't want to look at the rim or a HOB skimmer. Tunze 9001 is your best choice for a skimmer on this aquarium.
  8. StevieT


    How: 1. Purchase anything here: https://intankaquatics.com/ 2 . Save on purchase using coupon code: laborday 3. Enjoy long weekend, drink plenty of fluids 4. Works gonna suck on Tuesday, remember to only make it look like you are busy 5. Order arrives, rejoice 6. Eat Swedish Fish 7. Place into aquarium 8. Stand back, wetness of water may surge creating an increase in surface tension. Water may fly out of the aquarium during adjustment, wear PPE 9. Dance
  9. StevieT

    Join Us TODAY for a live call with Red Sea!

    Scott knows his stuff
  10. StevieT

    Does salt get old

    Use it.
  11. StevieT

    Making my own AIO insert

    1/8" would be plenty, but 3/16" would be easier to work with if you have not had much experience with acrylic. 1/4" would be overkill and way too expensive.
  12. StevieT

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Designed in Sweden. Made in Canadia
  13. StevieT

    BioCube 14 Auto top off Location

    ATO in chamber 3 Heater in chamber 1 Remove false floor in chamber 1 to make it fit.
  14. StevieT

    32 Gallon Biocube Cutouts??

    Dumb manufactures design. Possibly "idiot" holes, just in case water is blocked form chamber one it wouldn't starve the pump. Coralife doesn't even have a good answer. Cover them up.
  15. StevieT

    Help with a JBJ Cubey

    Razor blade, hot knife, Dremel? Cut the cord, use wire nuts or install a new plug system.