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  1. Thanks, it's a collection of what I kept throughout the years. Going to so many coral shows and limiting myself to a small tank has really made me choose what I really like, which is the fun part of a nano. I also just picked up a Canon 6D about a month ago, so I'm still learning how to take a few photos.
  2. Hey guys, I've shut down my Solana 25 for over a year now and have been working on this Nuvo for some time. I originally intended to make this into an SPS dominant tank but after realizing my own personal schedule and the size of the tank, I switched over to a mainly lps and soft coral tank to make maintenance easier for myself. My bioload is also relatively high for SPS since I enjoy keeping fish too much and also feed my corals heavily. The tank's gotten filled up to the point where I'm comfortable sharing a bit of it now. Equipment list: 24" ATI 4 Bulb Dimmable (3 Blue Plus, 1 Coral Plus) - one ballast died, so currently only a Coral Plus and Blue Run are running at 70%. Two 24" ReefBrite XHOs Two MP10s 1 Flare Nozzle 1 IM Spin Stream Sicce 1.5 Eshopps HOB Skimmer Tunze ATO Cobalt Neotherm Heater Two inTank Filter Floss Holders inTank Fuge Basket JBJ NanoGlo Refugium Light Medias: Chemipure Blue Media Blocks FHI Rocks Jester6 Custom Scape Rock Tropic Eden Sand Livestock List: Joculator Angelfish Candy Basslet Royal Gramma Blue Spot Jawfish Derasa Clam Clean Up Crew: Nassarius Snails Fighting Conches Astrea Snails Cerith Snails Banded Trochus Snails Halloween Hermits Blue Knuckle Hermits Scarlet Hermits Blue Leg Hermits Right side of IM 25, ReefBrite XHOs only
  3. Dear lord. I love this tank.
  4. Great scape man! Just gotta get those euphy's off those plugs and glued onto the rock somewhere they won't sting everything. LOL
  5. Yup. They're cool to play with though. I like to experiment what kind of dips would actually kill them everytime I run into them.
  6. Loving the scape! You definitely need to make a thread so I can follow the progress.
  7. Awesome!
  8. Tyree orange! Awesome morph.
  9. Holy moly those are good photos!
  10. About time! I sort of assumed you already made TOTM before. LOL.
  11. Congrats! Can't believe I had to check fb to find out about this.
  12. Great photo!
  13. Love it!!! What an awesome fish.
  14. Nice! Love watermelons.
  15. Gorgeous!