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  1. I'll never be happy with this scape....

    Looks good! The tall pillar might make you run into coral placement problems though since it's just up and down.
  2. Collection I've been working for close to a year now.
  3. Buddythelion's Innovative 25 Gallon Build

    Just noticed that NR uploaded some of the photos I posted and it looks like duplicates now. Not sure how to get rid of them... So here's a FTS of the tank. As you can see on the left ledge, the zoas I chose to put there don't have a lot of "pop" and kind of blend in with the color of the rock. Something brighter would help bring in color for the tank. Maybe let some rastas grow out? I did have a frag but they got smothered by the petroglyphs on the left of the frogspawn tree haha. I also used to have a black and white torch in between that green tip and gold torch, but took it out to try and find a brighter gold one for more pop. The chalice on the left also has some major sweepers and killed a yellow hillae I had (you can see some of the white glue that it used to be on). Need to find something to fill in that rock space, but can handle its sweepers.
  4. Buddythelion's Innovative 25 Gallon Build

    Took the time to take some more photos now that the left side has filled in a bit more. Not completely happy with how the tank is now that I tried to take some photos. I'll have to replace some of the more duller zoas with morphs with more pop. Things on the left island: The right island: On the sand bed:
  5. Buddythelion's Innovative 25 Gallon Build

    Running one on ReefCrest mode at around 30% and the second one on constant at about 20%. I upgraded the return to a Sicce so I get a lot of flow in the tank. Haha there's so many! Perhaps a video in the near future?
  6. Buddythelion's Innovative 25 Gallon Build

    Thanks, it's a collection of what I kept throughout the years. Going to so many coral shows and limiting myself to a small tank has really made me choose what I really like, which is the fun part of a nano. I also just picked up a Canon 6D about a month ago, so I'm still learning how to take a few photos.
  7. Hey guys, I've shut down my Solana 25 for over a year now and have been working on this Nuvo for some time. I originally intended to make this into an SPS dominant tank but after realizing my own personal schedule and the size of the tank, I switched over to a mainly lps and soft coral tank to make maintenance easier for myself. My bioload is also relatively high for SPS since I enjoy keeping fish too much and also feed my corals heavily. The tank's gotten filled up to the point where I'm comfortable sharing a bit of it now. Equipment list: 24" ATI 4 Bulb Dimmable (3 Blue Plus, 1 Coral Plus) - one ballast died, so currently only a Coral Plus and Blue Run are running at 70%. Two 24" ReefBrite XHOs Two MP10s 1 Flare Nozzle 1 IM Spin Stream Sicce 1.5 Eshopps HOB Skimmer Tunze ATO Cobalt Neotherm Heater Two inTank Filter Floss Holders inTank Fuge Basket JBJ NanoGlo Refugium Light Medias: Chemipure Blue Media Blocks FHI Rocks Jester6 Custom Scape Rock Tropic Eden Sand Livestock List: Joculator Angelfish Candy Basslet Royal Gramma Blue Spot Jawfish Derasa Clam Clean Up Crew: Nassarius Snails Fighting Conches Astrea Snails Cerith Snails Banded Trochus Snails Halloween Hermits Blue Knuckle Hermits Scarlet Hermits Blue Leg Hermits Right side of IM 25, ReefBrite XHOs only
  8. Lion's Solana Den

    Ooo man... Got one of my holy grails in the tank. Was at a size and price I couldn't refuse. Any guesses? Hint: She's gorgeous.
  9. Legendary PicoReef, Floating Tonga Zoa Islands

    There's actually a lot of shadowing. And my friend live pretty far away and with my schedule I haven't really sat down to draw out what I want him to redo my scape. Finally eating brine shrimp!
  10. Kessil A160 over a 5g Pico?

    Sounds perfect to me!!!
  11. Legendary PicoReef, Floating Tonga Zoa Islands

    So in my wait for a nice sized Jack 'O to quick start my jack o sand bed, I'm toying with taking a different route and use a YR Ironman Unknown. The idea of having movement in the tank is very appealing. The colors on the ironman is scarlet and the long tentacles have fluorescent gold tips! A whole entire bottom of this wouldn't be a bad thing: And it looks like I'm down to 4 green banded gobies. I can't find the 5th one anymore. There seems to be 2 males that are always bickering on who's going to be dominant and two smaller ones which I'm assuming are females, they don't have the longer dorsal fin spike the other two are getting. These guys grew up FAST!!! Before I was scared they would fit through my chamber slots and they're so fat that's definitely not an issue anymore. And... I now have a flaming prawn goby. They are so COOL!
  12. The Zoa and Paly Club

    Glad to see you're still around T!
  13. More New Goodies are up!

    Do you have samples of the coral gel and thick coral glue? Would like to try a small sample before buying a jumbo sized one.
  14. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    Check your PM Hype, I think I found something really nice for you.
  15. SouthReef -- Bye bye Red Planet!

    Dips don't kill AEFW eggs. I'd snap it off, I've seen way too many AEFW on those mari acros. Saving some base encrustment isn't worth the tank being infected. They're farmed out in the ocean and if one of those acros has AEFW, then it's like a breeding farm for those flatworms.