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  1. @seabass Thanks for the tip on the B-Ionic. I believe the pump uses the guts of a Jebao? Could be wrong on that one. But regardless I think I'm going to go ahead and grab it and play around with it. @GraniteReefer I have noticed the swings affecting some corals, namely my cyphastrea. Also, I am dosing 0.5 dKH 6 times thoughout the week so it would drop further, and although the drop I'm sure is ultimately fine, I would rather have it automated to make it 'perfect'. @Floundering_Around Even if I did two water changes a week, maybe 20-30% I would still be losing alkalinity faster than I am replacing it. I'll look into Kent's as well. I plan to add much more livestock to this little pico, and I have only temporarily stopped because I want to address this issue. It wouldn't surprise me that my alkalinity/calcium requirements are going to get even higher, so I believe the dosing pump is a necessity. I'll probably only use about two of the heads on the pump, but it's nice to have the option for the third and fourth in case something happens and I need to dose some medication. Thank you all for the answers!
  2. I have a 3g pico setup and I am experiencing alkalinity fluctuations like crazy. I am currently dosing 2.1ml (0.5 dKH) of Randy's Recipe #2 liquid sodium bicarbonate (baking soda and water) and I am still losing alkalinity. My dKH went from 9.6 to 7.0 between weekly 50% water changes. So I am convinced I need to begin dosing, but I want something that I can change rather easily, and I realize I will have to start dosing calcium eventually too as my calcium also dropped from about 450 to 390 over a week recently. Currently the Coral Box WF-04 is what I am looking at purchasing as it is WI-FI controlled. The only downside is the mixed reviews I am seeing on it. I am quite diligent with maintenance so I feel I could upkeep regular maintenance on parts to slow deterioration. But, I'm also wondering whether it can pump vertically very far. Currently my setup is sitting atop an IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit with a cupboard which houses my ATO reservoir that I would like to also add the things I would like to dose. I would also like to have all of the tubes running from the dosing pump into my AC70 converted fuge that hangs on the back, but I'm also wondering if the pump itself would have to be higher than the tank itself or could it also be below the tank and pump up. If anyone could help me answer some of these pump related questions, or speak towards the craftsmanship of the pump it would be greatly appreciated because the sooner I get this the sooner I have to stop worrying about my wild alk swings lol
  3. Honestly if you have three months I would do a bleach cure and then follow up with saltwater and lanthanum. Basically a bleach cure 10:1 with whatever water you want to use to break up and oxidize organic matter for 14 days. Let dry then soak 2 days in RO with some Prime to get rid of the bleach followed by heated saltwater (I actually cooked the rock in water at 90F) cure for a prolonged period of time while occasionally changing the water, or/and using Lanthanum Chloride. I did this method over the course of about 3.3 months and my rock (pukani) doesn't leach any phospahte. My readings in my tank are consistently below 0.1 and are usually about 0.03 but have begun to creep up with feedings. The main thing is that the rock itself isn't leeching. I have about 3lbs in a 3 gallon so it was a pretty small scale operation. During the cure I was seeing phosphates up close to .75 post bleach so bleaching alone is not enough. I highly recommend the bleach/lanthanum route.
  4. I currently use the Aqua Knight Hipargero and it's great. I'm running it on a 3 gallon with an AC70 refugium. I actually have my light clamped to the back of my AC70. I also taped up my AC70 with a nice high end duct tape and so far it's enough to hold it in place. That's a link to the exact same chaeto reactor I made and it is working amazingly. I only run filter floss and chaeto.
  5. Day 77 01/29/2019 Parameters: Temp - 80F Salinity - 1.026 NO2 - 0.0 NO3 - 0.2 PO4 - 0.03 Ca - 445 Alk - 8.5 I realized that my tank was depleting it's dKH very quickly so I have since begun dosing a home-made batch of liquid sodium bi-carbonate as per Randy`s recipe #2. I was dosing about 0.5 dKH/day but since I added two new Acans I am going to have to increase that number to about 0.8 dKH broken up to twice daily. I'm currently looking into getting a dosing pump to automate the whole process. The Bizarro Cyphastrea was not doing well with where I placed him and began to bleach, I was hoping he would turn the corner but he got worse so I moved him to a shadowed corner of the tank with a bit better flow and he has since healed his bleaching and has had polyp extension and appears to be encrusting the plug he's on. Gonna chalk that up to a win. The Scrambled Egg Zoanthids were closed up for about a week but have finally opened along with the new baby, so that was another win. The Eagle Eye Zoanthids also have all opened up and appear to total 24 polyps. Also, I figured out that the orange zoanthids are called Punk Rocker Zoanthids (also doing great). The Duncan is growing a new head on the bottom, and the Ric is getting some green around his outer skirt and has been looking very fat and happy (doesn't seem to be trying to split). The acans are pretty neat, but I also realized how aggressive they can be when my orange/magenta fella spit out a bunch of sweeper tentacles. Luckily I placed both of them on a new rock structure that I made so they are out of the way a bit. I got a green/purple/white and an orange/lavender/white acan, and I'm hoping to get two more.
  6. Can acans be placed on a bare bottom tank and will they stick? Or, should I just use some rubble?
  7. Update: They've started to open up. I think it has to do with me slowly increasing the dKH over the past few days. Overall, all of my corals seem healthier. Thanks for the replies! 🍻
  8. So my scrambled egg zoanthids which were previously doing great have been closed up for almost a week. One polyp has finally extended but the larger polyp has not, and I'm wondering if it has to do with the large wad of coralline algae that is encrusting around the main polyp. The polyp in question is on the central plug in the pic and the algae is surrounding it on the north and west side of the largest polyp of three. The polyp to the north east of that is a baby and opened a few times, and the poly in the south east of the pic has been opening since I moved the plug into an area of higher flow. I pulled up an older picture of a shot at night of the polyp and I don't remember the algae growth being as extreme as it is now. It really looks like it is encroaching on the polyp. Should I scrape it off with a razor blade/ knife? Or, just leave it be?
  9. @Clown79 It's Red Sea Pro, so 11-12?
  10. @Clown79 Yes, I figured that. My calcium is above 450 right now and I haven't dosed anything. I just retested dKH and it measured 7.0 after ~24h (down from 7.5), so in anticipation of that I got some baking soda and mixed it with distilled at 14.2:1 and administered 2.1 ml to a high flow area over about two minutes. I just retested and dKH is back to 7.5, and my Calcium was sitting at 430. I think when I wake up tomorrow I'm going to add another 0.2 dKH and then dose another 0.5 dKH later in the night and retest and see where I'm at. I would like to maintain around 8-9 dKH and I think raising it by increments of 0.2-0.5 twice daily should be okay. Obviously I'll be monitoring all my levels. I think that I'm going to invest in a 4 head dosing pump in the near future, but for the time being I'm just going to manually dose. Hopefully the Redsea reefdose comes out soon. I can see me eventually needing to dose all three parts (calcium/alkalinity/magnesium) so I think a four head would suffice. Thanks for the help!
  11. @GraniteReefer I know alk does drop off, but I'm just wondering if dosing a super cheap additive (like baking soda) would be more cost effective and keep my parameters more stable. It is my understanding that having a higher alkalinity (8-9) consistently would be more beneficial than having drastic swings down below 7. @Clown79 I see what you're saying. Maybe I will just dose the alkalinity manually for now and if I need to ramp it up, or down, I will change accordingly. I think I'm going to make that solution by Randy Holmes, and if I do decide to go with a dosing pump I could just dilute it further to avoid a nasty overdose from a not properly calibrated pump.
  12. I have a 3g pico setup and it seems the alkalinity is being drained rather quickly. Tank just passed the two month mark. Current inhabitants are: 1 scarlet hermit crab 3 varietals of zoanthids (eagle eye/scrambled eggs/orange bam) 1 duncan 1 bizarro cyphastrea 1 orange florida ricordea 1 two-headed brown zoanthid a few clove polyps scattered Chaeto algae being run on a 16h photoperiod which grows like a monster (literally have to chuck more than once a week) Parameters: Salinity - 1.025 NH3/NH4 - 0 NO2 - 0 NO3 - 0.2 PO4 - 0.03 Ca - 440 dKH - 7.5 (down from 8.9 48h ago) also, double tested at 7.5 PH - between 8.4 and 8.1-ish The majority of the corals all seem to be doing great (except the scrambled egg zoanthids for some reason as they are closed up and were fine for the past two weeks). But I tested and retested the alkalinity and it appears to be dropping extremely fast. All corals are frag size. With this few corals I can see this being a problem later on as I get more. Also, I find it strange that my calcium has not gone down with my alkalinity. I am going to monitor this again tomorrow and see if there is another substantial drop (unless I did the first test wrong, or read results wrong) over the next 24h. Also plan to grab a magnesium test kit to see where that's at in all of this. Basically I am thinking I'm going to start have to start dosing sodium bicarbonate and just have a few questions about it. 1.) Is regular arm and hammer okay to use. 2.) Planning to make recipe #2 according to this guide by Randy Holmes. 3.) It seems the mixture he claims is 1 part Baking Soda to 14.2 parts Distilled water (1:14.2) 3.) Should I start to look into an automatic dosing pump? Automatic and precise seems pretty cool to me. 4.) Does the solution expire, can it be stored. I plan to just make 1L and not a gallon. 5.) Can anyone recommend a single head wifi controlled dosing pump that's good? I was looking at this bad-boy from coral box, could also wait for the red sea one. Thanks in advance.
  13. Day 61 01/13/2019 Parameters: Temp - 80F Salinity - 1.025 PH - 8.1 NH3/4 - 0.0 NO2 - 0.0 NO3 - 0.2 PO4 - 0.02 Ca - 440 Alk - 8.9 I feel like every week I learn something from this tank. This week I learned about the importance of testing and water changes. Earlier in the week I went to the LFS and picked up a Bizzaro Cyphastrea, and two unnamed zoanthid frags along with some frozen mysis shrimp and a KH/Alk test kit. I had done a 50% water change earlier in the day and dropped everything in after a quick dip in some coral rx. The new zoanthids did not open very much on the first day but they began to warm up to the tank on the second, however the majority of the green colony (Watermelon/Eagle Eye?) did not open. I would say at most about 7/20 of the polyps opened well. I placed them near the top of the tank in line with my powerhead on the opposite side of the tank. The pods seem to love exploring them and are constantly bothering them I feel. Does anyone have suggestions for how I could get more of them to open, or should I just be happy with what I got (it was a cheap frag). I don't even know what the orange ones are (Orange Bam-Bams?) but they look pretty cool and all of them have opened up. The Bizarro Cyphastrea is a dang nice color pop in the tank, and should look pretty cool once it takes off. I put it in the space where the Orange Florida Ricordea was so it has some shade and protection from direct flow, I'm curious to see how it will encrust, and I'm hoping it will cover the ugly cement I used on the rock. The Orange Florida Ricordea was definitely not liking his original home so I moved him below the powerhead, and out of its path flat on a rock and it has stretched itself out and generally seems fuller and less agitated. It has accepted mysis shrimp and reef roids and gobbled them both down. It looks like he might split soon (pinching?)? I also accidentally knocked the duncan off, but reglued him back on and he is doing super good and I think he may be sprouting a new head on his underside. He loved the mysis shrimp and reef roids - seems a bit insatiable haha. Today I noticed my Ric was scrunched up, and my scrambled egg zoas were closed up so I tested everything and only one thing seemed to be in the "redzone" which was the Alkalinity. It first measured at 6.4, which was down from 7.5 when I had originally tested on Tuesday (5 days elapsed time) so I did my weekly 50% water change a day early and the alkalinity shot up to 8.9. This was slightly concerning to me because I'm aware fluctuations like that are not good so I'm thinking I may start dosing an Alk buffer such as sodium bicarbonate. I've been researching and it seems like all that needs to be done is to pre-mix a solution and add a small amount directly. Regardless I will be monitoring my alk closely over the next week to see if it is still declining at a rate of 0.2/day. Some items I am looking to pick up in the near future are a magnesium test kit, an Ultra Scolymia, some Blastos, some more zoas and maybe a euphyllia (but I am concerned with sweepers and my tank size).
  14. Day 54 01/06/2019 Parameters: Temp - 80F Salinity - 1.025  NH3/4 - 0.0 NO2 - 0.0 NO3 - 2.0 PO4 - 0.05 Ca - 360 Arrived back from my week vacation to a peaceful tank. Everything was still alive and the cloudiness had dissipated, so I assume it was a bacteria bloom. I was pretty busy so never got around to doing a water change until 2 days later on January 3rd, but when I arrived I tested and everything came up 0. The chaeto had grown massive over the week I was gone so I had to dispose of about half of it and already only three days later it looks like it could be trimmed back, this will be part of my weekly maintenance. I noticed the crab had molted so I think that's a good sign? Also, my pod population has increased for sure and I have noticed some adult sized boyos roaming around during lights out. After the water change I headed to my LFS and grabbed a Calcium test kit, some Reef Roids and few new inhabitants. I picked up a duncan, an orange florida ricordea, and some scrambled eggs zoas. I did no assimilation and just popped them all right in the tank. I did glue the duncan down and he came with 5 heads to start, with the biggest one having a green base. He has had great extension and seems to like his home close to the powerhead jet stream. He did feast on some reef roids and enjoyed it. The scrambled egg zoas have opened up nicely and are placed high on the rock structure. There are currently two polyps with full extension and it looks like they are also having a little baby. I have them in a pretty high flow area as they are right below the AC70 spill over and also in the path of the power head. The orange Florida Ricordea seems to like his home the least. I think the flow was too high so I angled the rock better so he gets less flow from the AC70/powerhead and gets more light. He has three mouths so I am hoping he will make a split at some point and grow inside that little cave and cover the plug. I will be doing a water change of 75% on Monday and hoping to restore some of my calcium levels as they are a tad on the low side at 360. The chaeto has been doing an amazing job and is growing like a beast which is why I'm assuming my nitrates are at 2 and my phosphates are at 0.05 even considering my heavy feedings of phyto-feast (10-12 drops) and a dose of roids. I think I will pick up some more corals on Monday or Tuesday as well, and grab an Alkalinity test kit and some frozen mysis shrimp. I will grab a full tank shot hopefully on Wednesday with the new dudes.
  15. Lol I saw this at fragbox and commented how I saw this on forums to them. So jokes