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  1. Thanks @kimdawg, I appreciate it! I also keep a physical journal that has all of my recorded levels, as well as other ramblings I see fit to write down! I find it helps keep things in order for a tank.
  2. Have you tried reducing your light cycle, or doing a blackout for a few days? How many corals do you have?
  3. Day 146 04/08/2019 Parameters: Temp - 80F Salinity - 1.025 KH - 9.6 Ca - 425 Mag - 1500 PO4 - 0.03 NO3 - 0.1 In terms of my levels I feel as though everything is as it should be. I am still only dosing Randy's Alkalinity Recipe and everything seems fine. Finally got a magnesium test kit and I was surprised to notice how high my levels were. I think I need to up my feedings because my nitrates are insanely low. Some things have happened over the last month. Some good, and some bad. Beginning with the bad, following a water change I accidentally poured some warm tap water mixed with a small amount of vinegar into the pico 🤦‍♂️. I thought it was some remaining saltwater that I could top the tank off with, but it was the water I was cleaning the powerhead off in. Anyways I caught myself mid pour, but knew the damage had been done. I immediately fired up a fresh batch of saltwater and started warming it, and after it was set up I checked on the tank to notice all of my corals freaking out. I tested the KH and PH and both had tanked from about 10.0 to 6.5 and from 8.4 to below 7.4! I jumped on here and some users helped me out and I did about a 95% water change and everything recovered more or less. Somehow during that day I also lost my Rasta Zoanthids and they just went completely missing 🤷‍♂️. I assume Hermes (the lone hermit crab) got on them and maybe knocked the glue loose (another lesson learned - always use lots of glue). My Eagle Eye Zoanthid colony definitely took a hit from the vinegar bath and one half of them are all completely closed and haven't opened. The other half just don't seem as full, but just today I noticed a few more, so hoping they liven back up. Both of my Micromussa Lords have many new heads, my green/purple guy has about 3 and the orange/purple guy has about 5-6. I really want some more lords to fill in the small structure I made but work has been busy and my LFS hasn't had anything I loved. Duncan has 3-4 new heads since I bought him. He seems bulletproof. Probably one of my favorite corals. Rainbow cloves got nuked from the vinegar because it got dumped right on them, but they are bouncing back and have since migrated off the frag plug and are making their way towards the frogspawn 😂 boy are they in for a surprise. I didn't clean the tank or do a water change for over two weeks until yesterday because my partners mother was staying with us. After I finally cleaned it up I decided I could make a trip to the LFS to grab some new corals. Picked up a fluorescent orange mushroom, some black zoanthids, and some pink/purple zoanthids. And, as a bonus, when I went to put them in I finally found the Rasta Zoanthids in a crevice! The hermit was guarding them so I will pick them up tomorrow and re-glue them somewhere. In terms of what am I looking to do with the tank I'm thinking I kind of want a little mushroom garden on the right. I'm going to look into some special looking mushrooms and hunt them down (not a bounce lol). I would really like a plate coral, or a nice scolymia to fill out the bottom. I did see a beauty scoly (orange/purple/blue) today but didn't feel like chucking $250 on one. I'm also really, really tempted (mostly by the constant pestering of my partner) to get a fish, but I don't know what. I'm assuming a goby of some sort, maybe a yellow clown, or a green banded. I'm thinking it could also help with my ULN situation and boost my nitrates.
  4. What kind of light cycle are you running? For how long, what lights, what intensity, and on what size aquarium? What is your feeding schedule like? What are your levels? It looks like you have lots of algae, so I would say a combo of too much nutrients and too much light. If you cut off both of those it should go away.
  5. Everything seems a bit off I would say. Everything isn't quite as extended as they normally are by a little bit, and things were slower to open during lights on. I had a horde of rainbow cloves that was doing super good prior to the vinegar dump that all remained closed except two. Zoas/Acans/Ric/Duncan/Frogspawn were for the most part doing well. I did two small broadcast feedings of reef-roids to help establish some nitrates/phosphates as I figure my water was super clean. Tomorrow I will target feed some mysis/reef-roid soup as well, I appreciate the help of the community to respond quick and help me through what has so far been my biggest scare/dumba$$ mistake to date with the pico haha.🍻
  6. Just did a retest and PH is back to 8.4 and dKH is at 11.5 after the water change. Corals looking stressed to a degree but overall I think I acted quickly enough to mitigate serious damage.
  7. Thanks @jbb_00 and @Grantp611 for both of your quick responses. I guess I'll just do a 100% change, and I just retested the PH in the reef and it's now reading about 7.8 so that's a bonus. I think it has to do with my super overpowered refugium and my ton of chaeto. The Ric is still squirming, but the acan oddly seems to be loving it and he has his feeding tents out. I will update after the change.
  8. I'm trying to get the water changed as fast as possible so I just figured 8L of water will heat and be ready faster than 12L.
  9. So I did a water change in my pico and after I finished I notcied I had a bit of water still left in a bucket and accidentyally dumped fresh water and vingear. Luckily it was a very small amount and I caught myself as I was pouring it in. It may have been about 50ml of 50/50 vingear and water. I immediately fired up another bucket of fresh salt water and it is heating now. I plan to do about a 70% water change. Also I tested the PH immediately and it was at or below 7.4 maybe 7.2 and it normally runs at 8.4. I also tested the dKH and it was sitting at about 7.0 from what I can only assume would have been about 9.0. My florida ric seems the most agitated, but other corals are showing signs of stress for sure. WIll I hurt my tank by doing another massive water change righty after I just did a 50%? Is it better than waiting until tomorrow? I have a thing of chemi-pure elite. Should I also run that in my AC70? Please HELP!
  10. Day 110 03/03/2019 Parameters: Temp - 80F Salinity - 1.025 Alk - 6.0 So I finally picked up the dosing pump, but work kept me from tinkering with it until tonight. The Kamoer F4 is now setup and programmed, now I'm just waiting to see if it will spit out 0.5ml at 4am. In the meantime, my manual dosing suffered this week and alkalinity was at 6.0 when I tested just after setting up the pump. I will be doing a 1 gallon water change to bring the alkalinity up a bit and I'll then be testing every day to see what the alkalinity needs are for the tank. In other news I picked up some rasta zoanthids and some "pink flamingo" zoanthids? They're pink and cool lol. Duncan is growing another new head. Orange and lavender Acan is growing three new heads, and the purple and green acan is growing two more heads. The rainbow cloves have also gone from 8 polyps to 10.5, also there is a stolon that keeps just waving around and isn't pinned and I'm wondering if I should glue that down. Frogspawn has adapted well and adds some more movement to the tank, and I just love the translucent green color of him. Noticed some coralline algae beginning to spot on the bottom glass around the OG rock I got just after my cycle with the brown palythoa (also has grown two more heads) and white cloves. All of the rocks have a green hue to them when lights are off, and algae has been growing on the glass after feedings. During my weekly maintenance I'm pretty diligent to clean the front and side glass though. The back glass has all kinds of small barnacles and I even found some tiny snails. The only thing that isn't doing well is that cyphastrea. All of the polyps have lost any yellow they had and just look to have orange lumps on it. All in all I believe everything is rockin in the free world though.
  11. Day 99 02/20/2019 Parameters: Temp - 80F Salinity - 1.025 Alk - 8.5 The tank has been doing pretty good the past few weeks. Except the cyphastrea which is once again not doing well despite being in his new spot. I fear he is not long for this world. I've been looking into a dosing pump and bounced around on a few before deciding I am going to go with a Kamoer F4, but I didn't get it yet and I am still manually adding the alkalinity buffer. The tank is currently using about 1 dKH/day and I assume that number will go up with the newest additions. I recently purchased a few new corals. Grabbed a branching purple tipped branching frogspawn, rainblow clove poyps, and some nuclear green dragon eye zoanthids. I also, moved around and glued down some of my other corals.
  12. @seabass Thanks for the tip on the B-Ionic. I believe the pump uses the guts of a Jebao? Could be wrong on that one. But regardless I think I'm going to go ahead and grab it and play around with it. @GraniteReefer I have noticed the swings affecting some corals, namely my cyphastrea. Also, I am dosing 0.5 dKH 6 times thoughout the week so it would drop further, and although the drop I'm sure is ultimately fine, I would rather have it automated to make it 'perfect'. @Floundering_Around Even if I did two water changes a week, maybe 20-30% I would still be losing alkalinity faster than I am replacing it. I'll look into Kent's as well. I plan to add much more livestock to this little pico, and I have only temporarily stopped because I want to address this issue. It wouldn't surprise me that my alkalinity/calcium requirements are going to get even higher, so I believe the dosing pump is a necessity. I'll probably only use about two of the heads on the pump, but it's nice to have the option for the third and fourth in case something happens and I need to dose some medication. Thank you all for the answers!
  13. I have a 3g pico setup and I am experiencing alkalinity fluctuations like crazy. I am currently dosing 2.1ml (0.5 dKH) of Randy's Recipe #2 liquid sodium bicarbonate (baking soda and water) and I am still losing alkalinity. My dKH went from 9.6 to 7.0 between weekly 50% water changes. So I am convinced I need to begin dosing, but I want something that I can change rather easily, and I realize I will have to start dosing calcium eventually too as my calcium also dropped from about 450 to 390 over a week recently. Currently the Coral Box WF-04 is what I am looking at purchasing as it is WI-FI controlled. The only downside is the mixed reviews I am seeing on it. I am quite diligent with maintenance so I feel I could upkeep regular maintenance on parts to slow deterioration. But, I'm also wondering whether it can pump vertically very far. Currently my setup is sitting atop an IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit with a cupboard which houses my ATO reservoir that I would like to also add the things I would like to dose. I would also like to have all of the tubes running from the dosing pump into my AC70 converted fuge that hangs on the back, but I'm also wondering if the pump itself would have to be higher than the tank itself or could it also be below the tank and pump up. If anyone could help me answer some of these pump related questions, or speak towards the craftsmanship of the pump it would be greatly appreciated because the sooner I get this the sooner I have to stop worrying about my wild alk swings lol
  14. Honestly if you have three months I would do a bleach cure and then follow up with saltwater and lanthanum. Basically a bleach cure 10:1 with whatever water you want to use to break up and oxidize organic matter for 14 days. Let dry then soak 2 days in RO with some Prime to get rid of the bleach followed by heated saltwater (I actually cooked the rock in water at 90F) cure for a prolonged period of time while occasionally changing the water, or/and using Lanthanum Chloride. I did this method over the course of about 3.3 months and my rock (pukani) doesn't leach any phospahte. My readings in my tank are consistently below 0.1 and are usually about 0.03 but have begun to creep up with feedings. The main thing is that the rock itself isn't leeching. I have about 3lbs in a 3 gallon so it was a pretty small scale operation. During the cure I was seeing phosphates up close to .75 post bleach so bleaching alone is not enough. I highly recommend the bleach/lanthanum route.
  15. I currently use the Aqua Knight Hipargero and it's great. I'm running it on a 3 gallon with an AC70 refugium. I actually have my light clamped to the back of my AC70. I also taped up my AC70 with a nice high end duct tape and so far it's enough to hold it in place. That's a link to the exact same chaeto reactor I made and it is working amazingly. I only run filter floss and chaeto.
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