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  1. the mightyjet is perfect for lagoon. love it!
  2. two tanks in same house all params are same temp, ph, alk, etc. the tank i want to transfer to is finished cycling and done. has 5-10nitrates still the other tank has pretty much none. can i just pull and drop in without issues? mixed reef but only couple SPS and snails/crabs. thanks
  3. kessil to apex cable... $15 shipped
  4. not my first tank BUT the first time I have started one with 100% dead sand and dead rock and did a traditional cycle with caribsea aragalive sand/life rock.first dr. tim’s one and only fishless cycle and ammonium chloride. below is the details and using API test kits. I believe what I was reading as 2ppm NO2 (around day 9 or 10) could possibly be escalating nitrite levels past 5 (API kits are no good at that point and color is so close between 2 or 5ppm). Today is day 17 i did a 50/50 water mix of my cycled tank and cycling tank and did nitrite test SAME COLOR. also did another test 1/4 cycling tank and 3/4 cycled tank SAME COLOR. I also ran nitrite/nitrate tests on cycled tank water which is ZERO NO2/low NO3 so kits are fine. Is it possible I am in 10+ range of NO2 and stalled the cycle? NO3 is not increasing as well, but ammonia is processed quickly?What should I do? nothing? do i keep adding ammonia drops daily or just wait out nitrites dropping.25 gallon tank/16gallon actual volume - crushed corals/caribsea liferocktemp/ph/alk have remained constant. no skimmer or UV. API test kits.78 temp8-8.1 ph8.5 alkday 1: 1/12/2018 - bottle of one and only 30gallons and 64 drops ammoniaday 2: NH3 = 2 NO2 = 0 NO3 = 0day 3: NH3 = 2 NO2 = 0 NO3 = 0day 4: NH3 = 2 NO2 = 0 NO3 = 0day 5: NH3 = 1-2 NO2 = .25 NO3 = 0day 6: NH3 = 1 NO2 = 1 NO3 = 10day 7: NH3 = .5-1 NO2 = 1+ NO3 = 10-20day 8: NH3 = 0+ NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20ADDED 64 drops ammoniaday 9: NH3 = 2 NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20day10: NH3 = .5-1 NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20day11: NH3 = .25 NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20day12: NH3 = 0 NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20ADDED 30 drops ammoniaday13: NH3 = .5-1 NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20day14: NH3 = .5 NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20day15: NH3 = 0 NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20ADDED 30 drops ammoniaday16: NH3 = .5 NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20day17: NH3 = 0 NO2 = 2+ NO3 = 20
  5. ipsf.com - no brainer for that stuff. also their strombus snails are breeding machines.
  6. ends up it us my neotherm 100 watt heater... time to replace i guess not taking a chance it blowing.
  7. heater on outlet 2 and the pb4 clicks super loud everytime it turns it off NOT on. started doing this recently. ideas of what or why or longevity of that outlet now?thanks
  8. @pieceofreef i have my neotherm 100 in chamber 2 upright. little bit of top/dial sticks out but none heating portion.
  9. added sheet of 1/2 oak painted with gloss white to each side. screw away my friends! also wire closet shelves with L brackets and zip ties are great.FYI this is a lagoon 25 innovative marine APS stand that was no real mounting points when i was setting it up inside.
  10. sold $150 shipped via PP i have original box, manual, all parts and will include a few extra plumbing parts i made to fit better on my tank like a microbubble output sponge etc. used 7 months. just looking to downsize for my tank with a in tank model. only issue i broke the small 90degree plastic plug holding air intake line on pump. it has been waterwelded on for months works as intended. i could not find replacement part via anyone but works fine.