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  1. jldesign

    Looking for Sicce Syncra 1.5 Replacement Parts

    small piece or airline hose maybe same size?
  2. jldesign

    FS: Sicce 1.5 - Syncra Silent Pump

    private message sent
  3. used since february as return. just upgraded to a DC pump. only used 3.5 months. clean and ready to go. no issues. $50 shipped Paypal FF only.
  4. jldesign

    JustinReef IM nuvo 25

    nice! i do not have that light on my 25 but you might be too high or need to adjust height. figure that out prior to filling like you said. i have a nanobox duo its only 6 off water. looks cool man
  5. so i want to control 2 different wave pumps on a random amount of on and off time for a set amount of time? i dont think it is possible... pumps on multi-timer option if i set up a timer for a each pump with example: on time 10:00am other pump/timer on at 10:30am timer 1 on for hour off hour repeat 11 (turns off at 10pm and 10:30pm if not set to random) oscillate=off random=on (uses on and off time as maximum value) so on random it in theory could cycle 11times really fast then does nothing till next day. even if i add timer 2 to each pump this really wont help. can timers cross each other? only thing i can think of is set amounts of time (turn off random) am i missing something?
  6. jldesign

    Help me pick an "Upgrade" - IM 25 Lagoon or IM 30L

    25 will be easier to light like mentioned. fit this over packed biocube14 in the lagoon 25. Around 16-17# rock i think - the look and feel of the 25 is awesome IMO with an open rock structure. (day after move so everything is just tossed in the tank) 20# bag of new sand in the lagoon BTW
  7. jldesign

    WTB InTank media basket for Lagoon 25

    got one for ya - message sent https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/389656-fs-intank-media-basket-for-im-fusions/
  8. jldesign

    Kimber's Tank Thread - February Update Video

    distilled h20 at wallymart!!!
  9. jldesign


    still available!
  10. SOLD prices reduced
  11. jldesign


    sold $35 shipped pp friend/family intank media basket with remivable middle shelf. used a week/rinsed off. went different direction. in original box. comment n msg me thanks. Fits Fusion Nano 10 Fits Fusion Nano 20 Fits Fusion Lagoon 25 Fits Fusion Peninsula 14 Fits Fusion Peninsula 20
  12. jldesign

    Kimber's Tank Thread - February Update Video

    i just moved 4yr old biocube14 into a fresh new lagoon 25 mind you. tossed old bed. new agralive sand i rinsed in saltwater one liter pop bottle at a time. fill shake dump. repeat till clearish. worked good and got rid of the amazing amount of powdery gunky sediment but kept bacteria on it. rinsed all my rock really good. ran new tank with fritzzyme for a few days prior and matched all water. no cycle at all. i did use some prime and stability for a few days as precaution but doubt i needed it. since your a sandbed cleaner maybe just rinse existing and replace. you cant kill good bacteria by rinsing in saltwater. you will need a lot of water for rinsing sand though.
  13. jldesign

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    turned the sicce 1.5 down to 3/4 open all night and removed couple cups of water from sump - "no bueno". still overflowed both baskets with smallest amount of floss. so now i closed the pump down to minimum setting which from sicce is 227.2gph which is a tiny bit more than stock pump. took a few more cups out sump and looks like a "better" keep up rate. going to run it like this and remove the media basket and just use another floss holder and hang my media bag down in chamber 2 as i use more than i feel comfortable stuffing in the media basket with flow issues like this. I have 2 other powerheads in tank anyway to make up for flow and i do not want to use socks anymore. I can't see show i can get that water level to right around the first shelf it would be way to low - i know it is best to have the floss free floating not sitting in water but no way it can happen in this AIO chamber size. i'd appreciate anyone else running this setup to chime in please and thanks