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  1. jldesign

    fs: aquamaxx hob 1.5 (7 months old) sold

    sold please close
  2. jldesign

    Innovative Marine APS Stand Insides

    added sheet of 1/2 oak painted with gloss white to each side. screw away my friends! also wire closet shelves with L brackets and zip ties are great.FYI this is a lagoon 25 innovative marine APS stand that was no real mounting points when i was setting it up inside.
  3. jldesign

    fs: aquamaxx hob 1.5 (7 months old) sold

    reduced $150 shipped
  4. sold $150 shipped via PP i have original box, manual, all parts and will include a few extra plumbing parts i made to fit better on my tank like a microbubble output sponge etc. used 7 months. just looking to downsize for my tank with a in tank model. only issue i broke the small 90degree plastic plug holding air intake line on pump. it has been waterwelded on for months works as intended. i could not find replacement part via anyone but works fine.
  5. jldesign

    Looking for Sicce Syncra 1.5 Replacement Parts

    small piece or airline hose maybe same size?
  6. jldesign

    FS: Sicce 1.5 - Syncra Silent Pump

    private message sent
  7. used since february as return. just upgraded to a DC pump. only used 3.5 months. clean and ready to go. no issues. $50 shipped Paypal FF only.
  8. jldesign

    JustinReef IM nuvo 25

    nice! i do not have that light on my 25 but you might be too high or need to adjust height. figure that out prior to filling like you said. i have a nanobox duo its only 6 off water. looks cool man
  9. so i want to control 2 different wave pumps on a random amount of on and off time for a set amount of time? i dont think it is possible... pumps on multi-timer option if i set up a timer for a each pump with example: on time 10:00am other pump/timer on at 10:30am timer 1 on for hour off hour repeat 11 (turns off at 10pm and 10:30pm if not set to random) oscillate=off random=on (uses on and off time as maximum value) so on random it in theory could cycle 11times really fast then does nothing till next day. even if i add timer 2 to each pump this really wont help. can timers cross each other? only thing i can think of is set amounts of time (turn off random) am i missing something?
  10. jldesign

    Help me pick an "Upgrade" - IM 25 Lagoon or IM 30L

    25 will be easier to light like mentioned. fit this over packed biocube14 in the lagoon 25. Around 16-17# rock i think - the look and feel of the 25 is awesome IMO with an open rock structure. (day after move so everything is just tossed in the tank) 20# bag of new sand in the lagoon BTW
  11. jldesign

    WTB InTank media basket for Lagoon 25

    got one for ya - message sent https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/389656-fs-intank-media-basket-for-im-fusions/
  12. jldesign

    Kimber's Tank Thread - End of year update

    distilled h20 at wallymart!!!
  13. jldesign


    still available!