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  1. Well guys I have up on this project a while back. I soldered it all together and it did not work so I got mad. Like a few of them have dark spots on them but I am unsure if they work or not. As far as I can see 2 of the Royal Blue LED's have dark spots but I have no idea if they work or not. This sell is a As-Is sale. I purchased this kit from RapidLED.com in March of this year for like $130. With me being so busy I haven't really tried to mess with this. So I am just going to let it go for $50+shipping. That will include: 1.4.25"x9" Drilled & Tapped heatsink 2.Screws for heatsink 3.Thermal Grease 4. 6 Cool White Cree XP-G LED's 5. 6 Royal Blue Cree XP-G LED's 6. 12 Cree XP-G Lenses (60 Degree) 7. 1 MeanWell LPC-35-700W Driver 8. 1 Power Cord PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! Pictures:
  2. They are from the same company (Odyssea). The one that is listed as Sun Lighting is just the older versions of the Odyssea lighting. I would personally go with the Odyssea one. Its newer with better reflectors and ballast from what I understand. Check out there websites directly (cheaper). Suns: http://www.sunslighting.com/default.asp Odyssea: http://www.aquatraders.com/Default.asp
  3. You may look into the new Rapidled moon light kits they have now. They looks pretty cool.
  4. I wired everything up before plugging the driver it. So everything was connected.
  5. Also guys I do have a multimeter so if there is a way to test them with the multimeter please let me know and Ill try that too. Thanks.
  6. Well after soldering everything up I decided to test it out. All the lights turned on for like 3 seconds and then all of a sudden the lights turned off. I then unplugged the light from the outlet. After looking up diagrams and pictures on here on the way I soldered them together. After doing closer observation I noticed that 2 of my RB's have little black dots in them now. Could this mean they are burnt out? If so what could I have done to prevent this? Also I got a AA battery and hooked a wire one each end to test out the leds. The whole bottom row does not do nothing. The middle row will blink the led. And the whole top row except the top left one will turn on. So does that mean the ones that doesn't light up are burnt out? So weird how they just turned off. I am just really frustrated now because of all this work I put into this fixture today and it only works for only like 3 seconds. With my luck burnt out half my lights and now I will be 6 leds in the whole and I have no idea why.
  7. Couple of updates: RB's are on: Thermal Grease: CB & RB all on: I am working on it now. I will keep you all updated.
  8. Well I just grabbed mine to check and it looks like they just push on to the LED itself. I am assuming if you wanted to perminently fix them on there you could glue them on there. Also I am sure Mike over at Rapidled could fix you up with that 10/14 set up. I would just call or email them and ask. I am sure they will do that no problem. I plan on working on the fixture a little bit more tonight. Its been very though with finals this week.
  9. Oh well I was thinking of the Blue Ring Octopus which I though was illegal and very deadly. Also I figured there are little LFS that sell alot of stuff they are not supposed to.
  10. I was wondering what fish/coral/inverts are illegal to keep in our tanks? I always hear about stuff like octopus' are illegal but what else is there. Maybe this thread will be good to help people stay away from stuff at there LFS's.
  11. I did alot of research to to learn about lighting for my 10g. I finally came to the conclusion of making and LED DIY fixture. Look though my post history and you will see my build. I think I am going to get more in dept with it tomorrow sometime. I should have some updates very soon.
  12. Sorry to keep you all waiting. I should get started on it with in the new few days. Right now I am just finishing up finals for college and I really don't have the time now. But I will keep you all updated as soon do anything.
  13. Just to keep everyone updated I am building a 12 LED light set up. Here is the build thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=271060
  14. Awesome man! I just go my 12 ultra premium kit from rapid too. I cant wait to put mine all together. Ill keep an eye on yours for ideas.