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  1. FTS 05/12/17 All is well in the tank with one single exception. The largest frag I made of the Bali shortcake is continuing to STN. The others seem to be doing well. My LPS are looking wonderful since I began dosing calcium, alkalinity, ZeoStart 3, and Coral Snow.
  2. I hate how bad the Bali Shortcake has gotten to looking over the past few weeks. It was such a gorgeous pink color with yellow growth tips and whatever was going on has mottled the coloration badly.
  3. Will do. I've been attempting to adjust the PH and alkalinity just a bit as its a tad bit lower than I would want but I'm making sure that the adjustments are small. Hopefully they'll be able to bounce back and I'll have three new corals out of one!
  4. Everyone offer up a quick prayer to the Big Fella that these little guys will end up looking as good as the neighboring Miyagi and digitata. ?
  5. Thanks for the advice, Hype. Went ahead and fragged the Bali Shortcake into three frags and one of the torts, as well. All the other SPS have been doing well except for a little color loss in my Oregon Tort, though it seems to be improving as well.
  6. FTS 05/05/17 Tank is slightly cloudy from the addition of Coral Snow. Algae is completely gone except for the little bit still on the bottom of the tank glass. I cleaned out the algae reactor completely and will be adding a new ball of Chaeto this weekend. The STN seems have stopped on all of the SPS, though the Bali Shortcake colony still doesn't look all that great. Still holding out hope it will start to regrow.
  7. Thanks Lula! I'm certainly holding out hope that the couple of frags and colony pull through. It's been a bit of a mystery as to why the STN started on only certain ones and not others given that the tank parameters have been normal. I started dosing Zeobak3, Coral Snow, and Reef Code B in an effort to boost some of my numbers. The phosphates were up just a bit in huessingbas a result of taking the GFO out hence the Coral Snow, thought the tank could benefit from the added bacterial support from the Zeobak and wanted to boost my calcium, alkalinity, and PH just a tad bit which, other than the alkalinity remaining the same, seems to have been a success. George is a character!
  8. Ran my water tests today and did a few minor adjustments. PH: 7.8 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrites: 0ppm Nitrates: 0ppm Phosphates: 0.5-1.0ppm Calcium: 420ppm Alkalinity: 8.0dkh I dosed: 0.5ml of Coral Snow 0.5ml of Zeostart3 1.0ml Reef Code B Calcium and Alkalinity Buffer Following the dosing: Phosphates: Undetectable (Don't think Coral Snow works this fast, may have just been a faulty reading the first go round) Alkalinity: 8dkh Calcium: 460ppm PH: 8.0 Added a tad bit too much Reef Code B. Next time will stick to 0.5-0.75ml. May have raised the PH a little too much, a little too fast but everything seems fine.
  9. FTS 05/03/17 And I'm very happy to see actual evidence that removing the GFO from the canister filter and continuing to stay timely on my regular water changes has allowed the Stylophora colony to make a comeback. Solid re growth has begun to cover the area of the base that was showing signs of STN and/or the STN has simply stopped and what I'm seeing is the white Coral skeleton that was exposed turning brown and no further expansion of the STN. Either way I view it as a success.
  10. May FTS 05/02/17 Right Side Left Side Unfortunately, as you can see, the STN on a couple of Acro pieces has continued unabated. The Bali Shortcake colony has lost approximately 1/3 of its tissue on the bottom portion and a couple of other Acro frags have similar losses. The only common denominator appears to be that I am only experiencing STN on Acro colonies and frags that came from the same vendor. The Miyagi tort and Oregon tort are both doing fine and even looking quite good and both came from a different vendor than the Acro pieces experiencing STN. Beyond that, everything is going well in the tank and I am quite satisfied! My LPS are looking great and growing like weeds, the fish are out and about moving around the tank all day and the Emerald Crab is no longer shy. Other than the STN issues, everything else appears stable and happy and I have very little to complain about. The Oregon and Miyagi torts are even beginning to show some encrustation onto the frag plugs, which, besides making me giddy with joy also somewhat confounds me given that the other Acro pieces from the different vendor are STN'ing. But oh well, there's only so much one can do, right? ive toyed with the idea of removing the frags and colony that are STN'ing just in case it's some sort of communicable illness but I'm still, for the moment, holding out hope that the pieces will stabilize. As of now, I've decided to keep any pieces that still have more than 1/2 of the original tissue remaining. Once anything goes beyond that, I will decide whether to frag the remaining love tissue or just pitch it into the trash.
  11. Caught some cool night time shots of the Welso with feeder tentacles fully extended and "SPS Alley" (Left to right) Bali Shortcake colony, Forest Fire Montipora digitata, "Rainbow" Acropora tortuosa, Mini colony of "Oregon" Acropora tortuosa, and on the bottom a closed up four headed frag of Duncans and closed up Zoanthid polyps. Aussie Ultra Acans Welso again Awesome PE on "Bali Shortcake" Acropora latistella (The colony seems to like this spot beneath the light and next to the MP10 much better than its previous spot on the other side of the tank. The small section that's experiencing STN hasn't progressed since moving it so I'm holding out hope it will, in the least, halt any further progression and at best begin to heal) More great PE on Bali Shortcake frag "Miyagi" Acropora tortuosa The Oregon tort is still brown/pale in sections but, again, after adjusting the angle of the rock relative to the MP10 it hasn't gotten any worse and I'm hoping it will begin to color up again. If anyone has any further suggestions, I'm all ears. ??
  12. Thanks Type! Unfortunately my photography skills are nonexistent. My fiancée owns a fairly nice digital DSLR camera and I'm going to start trying my hand at some macro shots with better white balance. I love the little ADA 60F. The size is very deceiving in the photographs and certainly looks much larger than it actually is. It only holds 8.5 gallons but the footprint is perfect for a nano. I previously had a CadLights 45 Shallow tank and have since fallen in love with the shallow dimensioned tanks. I'm currently running a first generation AI Hydra 52 but I don't have the ability to control the spectrums and have to use the default settings. I'm planning a retrofitted NanoBox LED/T5 fixture towards the end of August so I can manage to control things a bit more and show off the Acro colonies I currently have and ones that are being planned as additions towards the fall. Thanks again for visiting and commenting!
  13. Thanks Christopher! I'll check this out and will likely be purchasing them!
  14. FTS 04/23/17 Everyone is a wee bit pissed at the moment and the tank is a little cloudy, as I had just finished scraping algae off the glass throughout the entire tank. Still experienicng the STN on the Bali Shortcake colony and the Stylophora colony but it doesn't appear to have progressed. I'm guessing the changes in position relative to the light and flow have likely helped to solve the issue but I'll continue to keep them under a watchful eye. Slightly closer shot And introducing George, the three month old comatose Llewelyn Setter.
  15. Ran my tests again and everything continues to check out. My tests were as follows: Nitrates: 0.0 ppm Phosphates: 0.0 ppm Alkalinity: 9 dkh This appears to be STN from the base up and moving ever so slowly. Not all of my acros are effected. The ones highest up toward the light and closest to the MP10 all appear fine, even brightly colored, while the ones furthest from the MP10 and/or farthest from the light are showing the problem. The ONLY common denominator is that where I am seeing STN in each Acro and the Stylo are areas that are completely shaded from the light. In the respect, I turned the light up a bit and moved my Shortcake colony close to the MP10 and the Stylo colony closer to the output for the canister while spinning the base section that appears to be either bleaching or STN'ing toward the light. Hopefully this solves the issue.