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  1. I have a juvi Antennata Lionfish (Pterois antennata). Sorry for the copy paste from DF&S (not a direct buy from said site) but it's better to be exact. Trouble is... he is in my quarantine tank and over the last 72 hours his right eye has become cloudy. I have had him for about 3 weeks ion this tank, and have been trying to ween him onto prepared foods. All environmental parameters are within order, they mirror one of my reef tanks specs. If you could please lend some advise, it would be great.
  2. Tunze, Remora, or Octopus? @_@

    I gotta say, I love the Octo BH. Get that stuff outta the tiny displays. Inspect, teflon tape, inspect again any system you are going to "hang" on the back of ur system.
  3. For Sale: 20" Sunpod

    Sold! Thanks all.
  4. For Sale: 20" Sunpod

    1 sale is pending. I will respond to PM's tonight when I get home from work and update the status. Thanks everyone.
  5. Sunpod 20" / not centered?

    Just curious, but what about the models with the remote HQI ballasts? Maybe say a 250W SunPod model for a "just off the top of my head" example. Let's say someone's light had no ballast in the fixture itself. Would they then have a "centered" plate? Wondering since the reasons stated both refer to "The clearance on one end of the fixture is required for proper heat dissipation of the HQI ballast assembly."

    Yup, this was one of the reasons I got rid of my false wall. I'll follow along to see what some others have done.
  7. For Sale: 20" Sunpod

    A reduction in price has been authorized by the management...... $275.00 and the shipping is still free anywhere in The lower 48.
  8. Noob Aquapod 24 questions

    I went to thefilterguys.com. I have had the ocean wave 5 stage, very highly recommended. And Jim is one of the most patient people you will ever meet.
  9. Noob Aquapod 24 questions

    Very cool! Couldn't make it this year, but will be sure to again next go-round.
  10. Noob Aquapod 24 questions

    It is easier to look for debris settling in certain places. The overall goal is to get that stuff suspended so that it can be filtered out, or processed through biological means. You don't have to have a powerhead or return nozzle pointed directly at the sand. But you want proper water movement to keep the bad stuff moving along. The clean up crew will take care of some settled stuff, but if you are getting a build up in a certain area that can lead to issues. That is a dead spot and needs to be corrected if possible. EDIT: Good water flow also keeps good stuff moving around to feed your filter feeding corals, clams, etc.
  11. For Sale: 20" Sunpod

    ^ 400th. Post Bump ^
  12. Noob Aquapod 24 questions

    +1 on everything said. A simple remedy to the snail/hermit issue would be to trade 10 of one for 4 or so of the other, or something to that effect. As far as flow goes, I would let it be for a few maybe 5 solid days to see where the "dead" spots are. Than correct accordingly. Lugging distilled sux, I caved after a week or so, I can't remember. However before I did I got to the point of buying 2 Home Depot buckets, lids, and a Hanna TDS meter and going to my local grocery store and getting ro water 10 gallons at a time. Worked well, but I live on the 3rd floor. I firmly believe that the 2 first purchases anyone should make are a tds meter and a refracto. <$40 and even though they get used all the time, they last forever. BEST BARGAIN IN REEF KEEPING!
  13. For Sale: 20" Sunpod

    replied, just let me know. sorry for the delay.
  14. For Sale: 20" Sunpod

    ^ Bump for a price break and free shipping. ^ $300 and I'll pay to ship it anywhere in the lower 48.
  15. Pick your Top 3 tools.

    refracto, Prop's dripper bottle, a good bottle brush.