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  1. 10 Minutes away Move

  2. 10 Minutes away Move

    I've read about people moving with a 10 hour drive and I've read of 2 hour moves, but I'm moving 8 MINUTES away...aprox. 3 or 4 miles. I have a 24g nano cube containing a small pygmy angel, 2 O.Clowns, 1 Purpleback Pseudochromis, 4 or 5 different corals, 25lbs of LR, LS of course. The question is what are the steps neccessary in moving the tank. Do I need 5 gallon buckets? Do I just pull most of the water out and drive? Do I pull everything out? Thanks for any help in advance!!
  3. me_again

    Thanks! It's just a self portrait I did a year or so back...Thanks again for your kind words!
  4. Turbo Snail Smoke?

    Right on...Hello!! My porcelain went into hiding and I haven't seen it for a few days....hmmm? The moon does crazy things I guess... Wheeew...That's a very good thing to hear when you are a anal rententive newb who worries about not killing everything I've put into my tank. Thanks for the encouragment!
  5. Turbo Snail Smoke?

    Cool! Thanks!!
  6. Turbo Snail Smoke?

    I have a couple of Turbo snails and they did something tonight that I've never seen before...one was "smoking". They both traveled right in front of the water flow coming out of the main head (on the glass), one was on the other's shell, and one of them started blowing out this white cloud every so often. Are they reproducing? If not, should I be concerned about anything? Thanks for any help!
  7. orange diamond goby

    I have one with two clowns...I feed a sun polyp mysis shrimp along with my Goby. I only feed with Shrimp once a day. I wonder if I'll run into problems. I have had the Goby for about 2 weeks now and so far so good. I would be interested in knowing some insightful info as well!
  8. When is it Safe to add Coral?

    I'm by no means any type of expert and there are many people on here who could be more informative, but I can throw my two cents in. I just started a 24g Nano about 3 or 4 weeks ago and so far so good ::! I've got some Yellow Colony Polyps, some mushrooms, a chunk of sun coral (more "work" involved), and some false coral (looks like star polyps kinda). I'm getting ready to get some Zoanthids as well. After reading and talking with some knowledgeable people, I believe all of the above are newbie safe. Do some reading on what you should be feeding and dosing for corals...I use Kent's Zoe which is a vitamin supplement, Logul's Solution (Iodine), Live phytoplankton, Kent's Essential Elements for minerals, & frozen mysis for my sun corals. I also add Kent's A&B for calcium mainly, but do some research on how this affects your system because there may be something different you want to use. Here is some info to explain aome of them... Mushrooms Zoanthids Star Polyps Sun Coral Live Aquaria.com I've never purchased anything from them, but if I were to start buying on the internet they would be the first place I would go. Hope this helps and good luck!
  9. Diamond Watchman and a friend?

    Very helpful...Yellow Watchman out. Thank you! My Diamond Watchman is awesome...very nice "personality" if you will. I mainly want to add another because of this. I wonder if it would get along with a Tiger since they are both from the Valenciennea family...I don't know if that even matters?
  10. Diamond Watchman and a friend?

    I have a 24g Nano with lots of LR hiding spots and I currently have a Orange Diamond Watchman Goby (Valenciennea puellaris). I want to add a Yellow Watchman (Cryptocentrus cinctus), Wheeler's Watchman (Amblyeleotris wheeleri), Tiger Watchman (Valenciennea wardii), or a Pinkbar (Cryptocentrus aurora). Does anyone have any input on some compatibility issues I may run into with any of these? The Diamond has been in the tank for about a week now and I was thinking about getting the other within the next week or so.
  11. My Sun Polyps At 2 Days

    not too long...about 4 or 5 days. Thanks for commenting!
  12. Don't Eat Me!

  13. New guy's first tank, 35 gallon hex

    Think of fish as you would think of a human in this instance...meaning, fish, like us, have bacteria and harmful things on/around them all of the time. When a fish is placed in a stressful situation it can have a weakened immune system to cause a fish to get ill. If the fish remains in that situation it cannot fight against the illness and will die. I think this is why it's frowned upon to knowingly place fish/crabs in a possible harmful situation for no reason. If left in the tank it could cause a problem or it may not. It could turn out to be just as much of a mess as a dead shrimp could have been... Good luck with your tank and keep us updated!
  14. New guy's first tank, 35 gallon hex

    HTH Check the links at the bottom of the page too...
  15. New guy's first tank, 35 gallon hex

    First off, welcome to N-R.com! Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if the some of the LR ws from an established tank it wouldn't have too much die off due to how cured it was and the LS would a little, along with the other types of LR...depending on the other LR and whether it was cured or not. I guess my question would be in asking why you would need to have any livestock in the tank at all, other than to speed up the process of the cycle and if the LR is really cured it wouldn't take long to cycle at all anyway. My bloom came around 8 or 9 days, but 23lbs out of my 25lbs of LR was cured already.