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  1. http://www.hellolights.com/13watbalkit.html
  2. http://www.bulbs.com/products/product_deta...&inventory=9457
  3. My bumble bee stays on the rocks. I never see on the sand.
  4. I have to catch a damsel.I removed all of my fish and put them in qt tank because of ich.There is one that I cant catch. Any ideas ?thanks
  5. Just received torch coral,stars,snails,shrimp.Fantastic !!!Great quality and prices.Highly recommend.
  6. Saltwaterfish.com Free shipping with $75 order.Stuff is GREAT
  7. How about Livestock,corals, etc. any good ? thanks
  8. Who here is a member of the Hemans Women Haters Club. And what ever happened to the Satch,Slip,Louie Dembrowski and Gabe.
  9. Looks like good prices. Anybody have experience with fishsupply.com ? Thanks
  10. Kalanianaole , You were right. I got home the other day and thought it was dead,but it was molt. There it was with a brand new claw. I found one rip off reef store that carries DT's. 18 bucks for the small,but it works out about the same online with shipping I guess.
  11. LITTLEFISHEE,Saltwaterfish.com is unbeleivable.I have placed many orders from them and was never dissapointed. All livestock is healthy,alert and good size. Free shipping with 75 dollar order is great. give them a try. Compared to other places I have ordered from,SWF blows them away. P.S. dont get a horseshoe crab.They are big and bulky and will tip rocks over. I got 3 sand sifters from SWF. they are cool to watch.
  12. I love swf.com I always got great stuff ,I got an order today Cleaner shrimp,star,snails,manderin,scallop,anemone crab, everything was big and healthy,but the cluster duster was dissapointing. I dont know what it was supposed to be like ,but it was a bag filled up with what looked like plant roots. There was a bunch of little dusters.I expected one big group.Please advise. Thanks
  13. Caught mine today.Reached in with a net and held it against the glass and got it out first time. God rest its soul.
  14. I just got done reading this post and I went to look at the tank while the lights were off and there was sally on top of the clam probably trying to it it. It got huge since I got it. Now its time to catch it .Any suggestions on how to catch it?
  15. Thanks,the LFS around where I live never heard of it.They are horrible around here.