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  1. Great communication,fast shipping,nice packing. thanks
  2. Spring Cleaning PART 2 BIG LIST!

    how long have they been used ? ----- 2x 12” LED Stunner Strips 2:1 Magenta : white with power supply $85
  3. Pistol Shrimp Question

    Is it safe to keep peppermint or cleaner shrimp in a 10 gallon with a pistol shrimp ? I saw a video of a pistol snapping and killing a cleaner.
  4. WTB: 12" led strip

    I am looking for a 12" panorama, truelumen pro or stunner strip 12k Thanks
  5. LED strip for 5.5 gallon reef

    Thank you so much, thats what I was leaning to, just needed confirmation Can I just lay it on the glass ?
  6. I am going to set up little reef. Tank is 16" L 10" H 8" W. Mushrooms, Lps, zoas. I would like one 12 inch 50/50 strip. Was thinking about either Trulumen pro, Stunner strip or Panorama Pro . Is one of these strips enough ? If so which one is best ? thanks
  7. 13w Ballast Wiring

  8. 13w Ballast Wiring

  9. bumble bee snails

    My bumble bee stays on the rocks. I never see on the sand.
  10. I have to catch a damsel.I removed all of my fish and put them in qt tank because of ich.There is one that I cant catch. Any ideas ?thanks
  11. fishsupply.com

    Just received torch coral,stars,snails,shrimp.Fantastic !!!Great quality and prices.Highly recommend.
  12. West Coast mailorders, need advice

    Saltwaterfish.com Free shipping with $75 order.Stuff is GREAT