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  1. DIY LED Question

    Any old $3 120v 15 amp switch in a handy box or inline light switch will work fine.
  2. FS: 4 Nais 70 watt ballasts

    price dropped
  3. FS: 4 Nais 70 watt ballasts

    Bump have 4 more to sell
  4. Overflow Materials?

    If you dont have a plastics supplier in your area try a sign shop..they will have cut offs for cheap most likely
  5. water cooling systems for servers as chillers ?

    Yes, get a fan blowing across the surface of the water and it will decrease even more.
  6. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    winner winner chicken dinner
  7. DIY chiller from mini-fridge

    It might work for the nano, for the 125 you will definitely need a chiller. Quick math Mini fridge with a 1/12 hp compressor can remove 666 btu/hr 70W pump would transfer almost all its energy to water=239 btus 70W light probably about 30Watts transferred to water=102 btus Already over a 1/2 capacity of the fridge is taken with a small light and pump. The transfer of energy from ambient conditions would be a bit harder to calculate due to glass thickness and me not knowing the U value of the glass in a tank and would also have to factor in humidity to see how much evaporative cooling you could get. My best suggestion would be using copper tubing in fridge then buying and 18" section of titanium and swagelok the two together with an open loop resovoir and a pump. Can buy 3/8" annealed tubing then bend a U out of Ti to place in tank. Regardless of how well the heat transfers through the tubing you are using you have to remember you are limited by the amount of heat the fridge can remove. 1/12HP is probably overestimating as I have seen some of these with 1/20HP compressor in them.
  8. Chiller short-cycling

    I would be surprised if there was a chiller out there that didn't have a continuous duty compressor in it. Matshuita typically in that size would be a rotary compressor so short cycling it would really beat it to death. Fewer starts and longer run times will extend the life of any compressor. Was working on a 400 HP chiller today btw
  9. Securing Plumbing to Stand

    unistrut with cushion clamps or regular clamps would work well. I could get you pics if you want http://www.unistrut.com/literature/index.p...mp;zm=&pg=4 http://www.unistrut.com/Browse/cat_pg.php?P=S06_Pipe_Conduit
  10. Seguro shallow reef build

    what kind? Seen plenty of 75G tank stands made out of 1/2" PB and camlocks. Not saying its right but..
  11. DIY chiller from mini-fridge

    Could do single loop and pump in a titanium coil with a couple three way valves but that would cost the same as buying two chillers most likely.
  12. Need Help Wiring a DIY MH Ballast

    he has a cap and coil ballast from the sound of it so it requires wiring of cap as well which is what is causing the confusion i believe.
  13. Tube diameter Flow rates

  14. Need Help Wiring a DIY MH Ballast

    Ballast brand and model #? Usuall one side of lamp and power input are tied into neutral (typically white). black line will be hot (120v) thats the little spade in the wall socket. Green is ground. then your output to other connection on socket will go wire out from coil, then into one side of cap, then out of other side of cap, into socket. Your explanation looks correct.