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  1. This is a normal condition for man made colored coated live/dry rocks. The coloring may peel, although the severity depends from the manufacturer. Don't sweat it.
  2. These are excellent pumps.
  3. layers...
  4. whats the model number of the light?
  5. wow, i forgot these fish like salinity. can it survive long term though?
  6. i want!
  7. "she said the jungle came alive and grabbed him"...
  8. excellent excellent excellent! pico? excellent.
  9. I would off set the rocks so it not as balanced, you could put a rocks leading up to the right side of the tank to the waters edge instead. Looks good though!
  10. "It's not a chinchilla farm anymore, Batman".
  11. did you get these online? or LFS? When they propagate I would like to buy one from you!
  12. Conehead revival
  13. "Dr. Evil is coming", Austin!
  14. What camera and lens did you use?
  15. Amazing BOKEH!