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  1. Walt Smith 2.1 Flaking Paint

    This is a normal condition for man made colored coated live/dry rocks. The coloring may peel, although the severity depends from the manufacturer. Don't sweat it.
  2. FS Tunze 6055 Controllable Powerhead

    These are excellent pumps.
  3. Hey all, Here is another company that got hacked online, and we use it. Bulk Reef Supply stating that their website was compromised from July 30th 2014- until Jan 21st 2015! So if you have been replacing your current credits cards more than usual and shopped here, this may be the reason why
  4. AquaticLife 24" T5HO looks dim. tips?

    guess im spending more money! thanks
  5. I recently purchased a new A.L. t5 ho fixture with leds, its positioned on my Deep Blue 30 gallon shallow frag tank (24x24x12) with the mounting brackets. The stock bulbs look dim - I mean dimmer than what I perceive as High Output. Has anyone experienced this before with AquaticLife T5HO fixtures? Maybe one of the bulbs are not seated correctly? required burn in? I am fully aware that upgrading the lights to different manufactures may improve the lumen output, but how much more? It just looks dim
  6. 20% off Milwaukee Seawater Digital Refractometer!

    No, my mistake. no case comes with this price. Plus who wants to take it in and out of a case anyway?
  7. 20% off Milwaukee Seawater Digital Refractometer!

    You probably ordered one without a case. They come with and without. I ordered mine today from That Pet Place $113.92 with case and free shipping.
  8. Glad I saw this thread before the other, saved me a lot of time.
  9. I use Rowaphos or Phosban on a heavy stocked 25 gallon cube changed every two weeks. BRS' regular GFO on a medium to heavily tank is worthless. Can not comment on their high capacity GFO.
  10. Dark Poop?

    snail waste is bad
  11. phosphate and nitrate reducer by red sea.

    NOPX requires a use of a very good skimmer. Mechanical filtration, changed frequently, will also be highly beneficial.
  12. Jay's Cad Lights Artisan II 70g

    A corded planer will set the door straight.
  13. Moving a 10 gallon aqueon reef

    the last two posters were correct. Use buckets. Lowes or Home depot white preferably leach with RO/Di overnight for your move. Do not move in the 10 gallon tank as it's seams ( and any tank size for that matter) do not fair well with moving water mass and may leak unexpectedly.
  14. replacing ro/di filters...membrane Q.

    AZ is the bomb for RO/DI information. Thanks again for helping me out-back in the day.