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  1. When the LFS calls you to ask what you want to add the the fish order... CPU
  2. Have you tried e-mailing azoo to see if you can buy a replacement directly from them? CPU
  3. Daren, Is that a new frag tank?? sweet. Will that fit in the "fish room"? My wife loves the orange ric I got from ya. might have to pic up another few sometime soon. Cunroe
  4. I think a mantis will eat anything that moves and some things that don't. CPU
  5. We play wheres waldo (or bumblee) with ours. sometimes he is pretty good at hiding Apperently they do eat something cause if not they wouldn't live very long. I think they are neat little snails. CPU
  6. 4,000k I believe is the same as a cool (could be warm) NO light for the house. your algea would love you for it. if you don't green algea you will after installing that light. I could be wrong that just my 0.02 cents CPU
  7. I have the 418w which is the 15 G. open top. I like it. The rounded front corners are hard to clean thats about the only thing that is bad. Really thats not bad just not as easy. I also get a good amount of evap. but thats not that bad either. Chris
  8. tow-up Is that some captive raised aptasia hangin out with the rose anenomes? Nice tank! someday mine will be worth posting a few pics. CPU
  9. Freshwater can be awsome and lots of fun. I have a 55 gal planted. running a 3 layer substrate and doing DIY yeast CO2. The plants grow like freekin. weeds. Alot of people look at the fish and think its saltwater cause I don't have the normal sliver and black fish. Its a very colorful tank. Dwarf gourmis, serpra tetras, cardinal tetras, cerry barbs, and a few other species. If he decides to go freshwater go all out with a killer planted tnak. Also check out the AGA Aquascaping contest. Hopefully this year I can enter. I'm currently trimming thing up and getting the tank ready. Chris Here is a picture of my FW tank. Sorry about the dark corner and the stupid lamp reflection. The breeder net in the corner is holding some baby amano shrimp.
  10. lucky!! edmund67 I do the yeast method for my freshwater tank. It works great, about every month I have to make up a new batch. I don't know how well it would work if you were trying to use it for a CA reactor but for FW plants it works fine. CPU
  11. Eddie, Where did you get a complete CO2 setup fro $55? Usually just the regulator is atleast $50. CPU
  12. drill you display and put in a bulkhead. put a pump in the bottom. maybe a Mag5 or 7. when the water is pumped up to the diplay the waterlevel will rise to the bulkhead and fall back down to the sump keeping your display waterlevel at consistant height. A 3/4" or 1" (don't remember which size) bulkhead can handle 300 GPH gravity fed. So you don't need to pump the water back down actually if you pump the water down your asking for a flooding. Use that nifty little search button at the top and search for sump in the do-it-yourself section and I'm sure you will find several days worth of reading. Chris
  13. What about one of those sucker fishes that are usually attached to sharks and whales? Shark skin is tougher than ours so he might have been trying to de parasite you and bite a little to hard. just a thought Chris
  14. Even though its a bit fuzzy its still a good pic. I need a new digicam Chris
  15. for dry food a weekly pill organizer container from walmart. they are flip top and have m,t,w, etc. on top. they work great for dry food but wouldn't work for wet things. I like your idea for wet and frozen things. Chris