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  1. Canadian websites that ship frags

    There is a new guy in town! http://www.canadacorals.com
  2. Any online coral stores that ship to Canada.

    Looks like there is a new guy in town that ships Canada wide. http://www.canadacorals.com
  3. I have lived with the AI LED module for a while now. I have been tweaking my settings often enough and these are my final results. Timer 1: 8:00am (actinic) 0% WH, 25% BL, 50% RY - 180min Ramp Timer 2: 11:00am (daytime) 18% WH, 25% BL, 50% RY - 180min Ramp Timer 3: 5:00pm (actinic) 0% WH, 25% BL, 50% RY - 180min Ramp Timer 4: 8:00pm (moonlight) 0% WH, 1% BL, 1% RY, - 180min Ramp I love the MP10 all hidden within the tunnel. I was able to turn it up 1 notch from the lowest setting without distributing the sand. When I feed, nothing will settle to the bottom. I have absolutely no dead spots.
  4. Nothing has changed since my last update. Still waiting to get a bluespot jawfish.
  5. I don't have it on any special mode. Just a constant flow at the lowest speed. The HOB filter is gone.
  6. Yeah, nothing I can do about the heater. This is my stock list so far. True Perc Helfrichi Firefish Fire Shrimp Scarlet Hermit Crab Astrea Snail I have a blue spotted jawfish on the way.
  7. It's not just the color but the light spreads MUCH better than what you see in the pic. This was the best I can do. If anyone has tips on what settings I should play with on my DSLR cam for taking pics, that would be great. I am not liking LED for photography at all.
  8. I am trying to take pics but none of them are turning out. I have a DSLR set on TV (time value) so that I can adjust the shutter speed to 1/1500. That way, not too much light gets into the lens and blows out the pic. I also put a piece of white cutting board inside the tank with the light on and took a pic of the white board and set a custom white balance. No matter what settings I try, it just does not end up looking anything like it does in person. My god damn iPhone4S takes a better pic. Sorry guys. If any of you can help with my settings, I would love to give it another try.
  9. I will get some pics up in the next few days. My tank completed its cycle today so I added a cleanup crew (1 astrea snail and scarlette hermit crab). I will be adding in my fish this weekend and I will take a pic of the tank its in its current FOWLR state.
  10. I dont think you can buy direct from AI. There are plenty of AI retailers that sell the controller but most of them are currently out of stock. The nano light is also hard to come by.
  11. What salt do you use and why?

    This is for an SPS dominated tank.
  12. I have been out of the hobby for a few years. I always used Instant Ocean Reef Crystals but I am seeing so many other options these days. How in the world do you determine what salt is the best for a reef?
  13. The version2 12gallon has a different lighting fixture than the version2 6gallon. It has 2x the amount of LED's. No splash guard required because I am no longer using the AC20 HOB filter. The vortech powerhead does not create any salt creep. The data cable is included in the box with the light fixture. http://www.aquaillumination.com/accessories/controller.html
  14. I bought a version1 6g and version2 12gallong tank and swapped the light fixtures. Then I sold the 12g with the light that originally was included with the 6g. It was all for nothing thou because the 42 LED's are not very powerful.
  15. Yep. $300 for the light and another $80 for the controller. The low cost of the Fluval Edge tank was not the reason why I started this build. I wanted a modern looking nano tank and the 29g biocube is too large for my kitchen and not very modern in my opinion. Besides, the tank is always the cheapest part. The lighting a flow will certainly always surpass the cost of the tank itself. I also paid $300 for my Vortech powerhead. I love that its only 6 gallons. That means I can keep things ultra simple. No sump, no skimmer, no dosing pump, no phosphate reactors, etc.. I plan to do 50% water changes weekly. That's only 10 gallons of water per month. That's a cheap way to maintain good water quality and still have the ability to overfeed.