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  1. DIY Jawfish House

    sorry to bring up this old thread but I was wondering if this contraption eliminates the need for a 4-5 inch sand bed... seems to me that you would only need enough sand to cover the entire burrow, except the entrance. Or does the fish still go and creates secondary burrows?
  2. Hard finding an O. Syllarus

    stomatopod.com is the only place i know of that will send an O.s. that is guaranteed to actually be that species. I would just be patient with them.
  3. Emerald Crab has never molted

    when it molted, it probably ate the old cuticle to recover the undissolved calcium from the shell. if it didn't finish it, the rest of the CUC probably did. i highly doubt that it just hasn't ever molted.
  4. The newest member of the mantis cult!

    some mantids can live their whole lives happily in a 5.5g. the smaller species anyways. pics or it didn't happen!
  5. Canadian online stores

    where in canada are you? check out jlaquatics.com and oceanaquatics.com. they're vancouver based but ship all over. good rep and great customer service as far as Ive seen.
  6. get a jar of water and ask your lfs to test it just to make sure you dont have a bunk test kit. it happens. that said, the matured rock seeds the bacteria and it will speed up the cycle. could just be done but it's better to err on the side of caution. fwiw, I cycle with by overloading the tank by using a good big chunk of krill. it ensures that there is a lot of ammonia produced and that the tank can handle that amount of dieoff. i dont like leaving too much up to chance.
  7. Mantis question!

    some of the haptosquillids (hamifera and glyptocerus) would be fine in there, but be wary of water quality since they are a little more sensitive. http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/arthropoda/cr....html#directory I would not put a N. wennerae in anything less than a 10 and a haptosquillid in anything less than a 5 myself. as long as you stick to a small mantis (a size appropriate species), theres no way it could pose problems to an acrylic or glass tank that size. what else is in there?
  8. Where can I get a small Peacock Mantis?

    stomatopod.com is pretty much the only online vendor that sells properly identified (by species) mantids, including O. scyllarus (peacock). if you bought from saltwaterfish.com or most others, i can pretty much guarantee you won't get what you think you are; the pic they posted for example is not O. scyllarus. Have you considered getting a smaller species that won't outgrow a 10g? That would open up your options quite a bit. G. smithii and N.wennerae are two of my fave nano mantids. you can get them on stomatopod.com depending on availability, or tampabaysaltwater.com if you want N. wennerae. Sealife inc. also sells mantids sporadically that are usually properly IDed.
  9. Spear Mantis Question

    the largest of spearers can break glass. but the vast majority of spearers cant, nor can the smaller species of smashers. the "real" threat is from the large smashers like big (+5in O. scyllarus for example) ones and big hitters (+3in G. chiragra). Michael's recommendation for a mantis tank is a generalized habitat for smashers. large spearers require some very specific care, like a deep (over a foot) fine sand bed. some smaller spearers are more versatile and can adapt; others live similarly to small smashers. large smashers also require some considerations. acrylic tanks are fool proof in any case, im just saying that if yuo prefer glass, there's ways to do it properly and risk free. Tank cracks in general are rare. almost inexistant if the right precautions are taken. the vast majority of those happen in tanks that are too small, have little sand, and when the mantis is digging and trying to get past that mysterious clear object in the way. side pane breakages are very very rare... Ive only heard of a two incidents, one of which was in a tank with very thin glass (photography purposes) with a less than happy large O. scyllarus. the other escapes me... i might even just be imagining it.
  10. I'M SO STUPID!

    imo the most important thing that water flow accomplishes is oxygenating the water (theres a bunch of things it does simultaneously). corals need the flow because they will use up the oxygen directly around them if the water is stagnant. That said, they can go a lengthy enough time (depending on the coral, they could be fine for days) with pumps off (there is still a bit of current going). I would avoid letting them stay off for more than six hours though. short answer though, three hours is nothing to worry over.
  11. stupid mantis

    well first of all, if you had done your research properly beforehand, you probably would have found something along the lines of no glass heaters in mantis tanks. They're known do do this. for whatever reason, they just hate the lights. get a stealth plastic heater. or better yet, just stick a heater in one of the back chambers. definitely do a water change and go get a copper test kit. I would be very worried about metals from the heater in the tank... better siphon up all those green shards.
  12. Peacock mantis

    hermits and crabs are only a real threat (during molting or otherwise) when they are big. Hermits actually make better food nutritionally wise for a mantis than a snail. Crabs are fun just because they actually put up a bit of a fight so the mantis is forced to kill outside of its burrow. Ray, +1 with the above. just watch the trites/trates and do small water changes frequently. Peacocks are pretty damn hardy though so I dont think you should have any real problems. Dont worry if it isnt out and about hunting just quite yet. There is usually a period right after introduction in which the mantis gets used to its new home and your presence. Since it has a burrow made, I would just leave it be for now at least; they dont like it much when people destroy their homes. I suggest you throw in a handful of LR rubble though. The mantis will likely use it to fortify and modify its burrow.
  13. Mantis eating algae?

    He's doing some interior decorating. No, im not even joking. Some mantids like to take bits of algae into their burrows to barricade, or just for no apparent reason at all.
  14. Mantis Not Eating?!

    a week is not a long time at all to warrant any worry. they can go for a very long time without eating. It sounds like premolt behaviour to me. Are you sure it's a hermit in there (can you see it?)? premolt behaviour often includes the mantis whacking around its burrow to get it ready for the molt (as the mantis grows).
  15. do sea cucumbers emit toxins?

    you might try a lettuce slug. that's the only one i might recommend but only if you cover up all the grates/intakes with a fine enough mesh that the thing couldnt squeeze through.