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  1. That's good news. I'll try that. thanks! I also found out the hoods are the same for both tank sizes.
  2. I was modifying the hood for my girlfriend's Fluval Edge to fit a Remora skimmer and broke the hood. If anyone has one let me know. This is for the bigger (12g) Edge. I think the hood is different between the large and small tanks. Thanks.
  3. Qwank

    For sale: Octopus BH-100F Skimmer

    yes, sorry I forgot to update the thread.
  4. Qwank

    For sale: Octopus BH-100F Skimmer

    Shipping to Canada is no problem
  5. Qwank

    Nanoty's 90g Mixed Reef

    What's up dude?
  6. Qwank

    Mrs. Qwank's JBJ Pico

    Updating my thread my wife is a bad reefer. she hasn't done a single water change to the tank since it got set up. but neither have I. when I broke down my 12g nano, i had no where to put my purple pseudo. so guess where he ended up? yup, in the pico. a 3" fish in a 3g tank. he looks pissed off everyday. but with all that, no algea, mushrooms are growing, and i'll get around to actually doing something with this tank one day. i want to move it out of the bedroom and into the living room where it will get more viewing time, and maybe i'll actually take over and make it nice.
  7. Qwank

    Qwank's new 24g nano cube!

    thanks. its a little too happy. some of the coral is getting out of control. i had to take the Monti off the frag rack because it was growing so good it started encrusting onto it. I seriously needto do something about the mushrooms.
  8. Qwank

    Worst possible outcome

    put the dead fish down her defroster vents in her car. they'll smell real good when she puts the heat on. she'll have to have the whole dash ripped apart to get them out. that should equal the cost off all your dead fish and coral.
  9. Qwank

    Qwank's new 24g nano cube!

    some new pics:
  10. Qwank

    Qwank's new 24g nano cube!

    eh, one pic. heres the new damsel:
  11. Qwank

    Qwank's new 24g nano cube!

    the tank is running alot hotter then my 12g used to. the tank hit 84* today. so I put an A/C in the window next to the tank. I was going to buy a chiller but I dont want to go through the trouble of hooking and up and, oh yeah. they are expensive. at least the A/C will cool the house too and not make it hotter. I also installed an MJ900 today, which is only 9.5 watts as opposed to the 16 watts of the stock pump. I think flow is only 20gph less but it don't notice the difference. also added ANOTHER Saphire damsel, hopefully this one dosen't die, and also added a purple feather duster. same look as my old cocoa worm but a fraction of the cost. Pics tomorrow.
  12. Qwank

    Astralux 70W MH 14K Group Buy!

    when is this happening? i actually forgot about it. LOL
  13. Qwank

    Qwank's new 24g nano cube!

    wow! did I forget to update this when i got the RBTA? I guess i did. anyways added one a month ago. woke up this morning to this:
  14. Qwank

    Back from the grave.. 12g nano cube DX

    wheres the tank i sold you bro?