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  1. Got my Media basket and surface skimmer in today. Love them! thanks
  2. Looks nice, I'll probably be buying one of each
  3. I have a Fluval M90. The light it came with is working great for what I have in the tank and plan on keeping. The problem is it's just too 'white'. I want an actinic only LED fixture to get some more blue color and also do a dusk to dawn setup like I had on my old tank. I'm considering the Beamworks fixture unless someone can recommend something better for around the same price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-36-0-50W-Actinic-Aquarium-Light-Marine-Reef-Cichlid-66x-460nm-Accent-/291405065606
  4. So does the media basket sit in the chamber that the skimmer is supposed to sit in? I would like to be able to use it in the 3rd chamber of an M90 so that way the flow would be down, up, down, up across the back. And I agree a surface skimmer is needed. I tried a Nanocube skimmer but it doesn't hold against the wall and floats away.
  5. I recently bought a new house and due to a few different factors, decided to downgrade from my 75G RR tank. I decided to go back to where I started and get another all in one. I didn't want a cubish, round corner, plastic-trimmed tank again though. I saw these Fluvals set up at my LFS and picked one up from them for less than the lowest price I could find online. The build quality of the tank and stand is excellent. The return pump is terrible. it's rated at 300gph but barely flows anything. I threw in a MJ900 I had laying around (rated 230gph) and it flows much better. I'm looking into even more flow, looks like the Eheim 2000 is a good option. The skimmer has been running for about 2 weeks now and I figured it would be broken in by now but it doesn't seem to be collecting any crap. I put a Eshopps PSK-100H that I have as a back up skimmer on the tank while the Fluval skimmer was breaking in and I've already emptied it twice and nothing from the Fluval still. I'll give it one more week before I look for something else. The light seems to be working well for what I have in there. I may get an LED actinic strip for a little more blue and to do a dusk to dawn set up like on my old tanks. I had a ton of live rock because I have about ten RBTAs that were all over the place in my old tank so I had no choice but to move the rocks they were on over. I decided to go bare bottom this time. My equipment list is as follows: 37g M90 Stock Fluval stand Fluval M36 LED light Two MP10s Maxi Jet 900 return pump Two 125W Jager heaters Fluval PS1 skimmer Eshopps PSK-100H Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper Lite to control everything. Live stock: eight year old True Perc Clown 5 Year old TWG Cleaner shrimp 10 RBTAs Coral Frogspawn Hammer Leathers Mushrooms
  6. That's good news. I'll try that. thanks! I also found out the hoods are the same for both tank sizes.
  7. I was modifying the hood for my girlfriend's Fluval Edge to fit a Remora skimmer and broke the hood. If anyone has one let me know. This is for the bigger (12g) Edge. I think the hood is different between the large and small tanks. Thanks.
  8. yes, sorry I forgot to update the thread.
  9. Updating my thread my wife is a bad reefer. she hasn't done a single water change to the tank since it got set up. but neither have I. when I broke down my 12g nano, i had no where to put my purple pseudo. so guess where he ended up? yup, in the pico. a 3" fish in a 3g tank. he looks pissed off everyday. but with all that, no algea, mushrooms are growing, and i'll get around to actually doing something with this tank one day. i want to move it out of the bedroom and into the living room where it will get more viewing time, and maybe i'll actually take over and make it nice.
  10. thanks. its a little too happy. some of the coral is getting out of control. i had to take the Monti off the frag rack because it was growing so good it started encrusting onto it. I seriously needto do something about the mushrooms.
  11. put the dead fish down her defroster vents in her car. they'll smell real good when she puts the heat on. she'll have to have the whole dash ripped apart to get them out. that should equal the cost off all your dead fish and coral.
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