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  1. Ummmmmmmm you really need to take that yellow tang out of there, you could prably leave the damsels but you should add that LR and LS as soon as possible and get a filter on it also. Pronto!
  2. do you have any new tank shots
  3. Hey everyone Pics your Montipora Pictures! Heres my best one
  4. 96 W PowerQuad
  5. Here it is now:
  6. Hey everyone I got the Efflo from the LFS for only 40 bucks. The Monti has been in the tank for about 4 months, I got it from It came in Much smaller than it is now here are some growth pics over the past four months First couple days:
  7. Heres a better pic:
  8. Ya it is an efflo.
  9. I think the neons were like 4 bucks each form petco, I got them about 3 years ago. There get along great, a good pair.
  10. next again
  11. Hey everyone heres an update on my 10 gallon:
  12. rapier0 were in California was that tank at? Was it in Northern or Southern? -Andrew
  13. another