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  1. Carpet Anemone Nano Idea

    What up Kogut, I sent you a PM about a tank and lighting which i can sell to you real cheap and i Live in SB which makes it easier.
  2. My 12 Gallon

    I ended up taking out one of the Rios so i have a little less water flow but all the corals seem to be liking it, rearranged a few of them heres a new pic:
  3. My 12 Gallon

    Hi Sorry for the slow update Heres a full tank shot: I did alot of re aquascaping today to incorporate more flow for the tank since the SPS are starting to grow alot more, I also added a Maxi Jet 900 so i now have flow rate of about 600 GPH in the tank coming from four different spots. Does anyone know if that is to much most of the corals are loving it, the nana though is a little withdrawn but he didnt have a whole bucnh of flow to begin with do you think this could just be him getting used to it? heres an updated pic of the tank:
  4. My 12 Gallon

    The two Barnacle Blennys are so small i think that they would equal one smaller regular fish. Plus ive had all these fish for the past six months and no problems
  5. My 12 Gallon

    Hey This is my 12 Gallon Aquapod( pretty sure its an aquapod) Ive had it running for about 6 months now. Equip. 70W HQI 14000K All the filtration built into back Carbon Small Cooling fun in back facing into the filtration chamber 2 Rio for more circulation Temature meter Ground probe Livestock. 1 False percula clown 1 Cryptic Sixline Wrasse 2 Barnacle Blennys 1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 1 Emereld Crab 8 Variuos Hermits 4 Turbo snals 2 Astrea Snails 2 Nassurius Snails 1 Feather duster Open brain(not sure what species) Montipora Capricornis 3 Acropora Not sure sub species 6 Various Zooanthids 1 Turbinaria I do 2 gallon water change every week and a halve dose calcium every week and change carbon once every two weeks feed fish twice a day and certian corals ever week
  6. Opinions on new 10 gal.

    Ummmmmmmm you really need to take that yellow tang out of there, you could prably leave the damsels but you should add that LR and LS as soon as possible and get a filter on it also. Pronto!
  7. More additions to my tank...........

    do you have any new tank shots
  8. Hey everyone Pics your Montipora Pictures! Heres my best one
  9. Hurley675's 10 gallon Tank Update

    96 W PowerQuad
  10. Hurley675's 10 gallon Tank Update

    Here it is now:
  11. Hurley675's 10 gallon Tank Update

    Hey everyone I got the Efflo from the LFS for only 40 bucks. The Monti has been in the tank for about 4 months, I got it from Reefermadness.net. It came in Much smaller than it is now here are some growth pics over the past four months First couple days:
  12. Hurley675's 10 gallon Tank Update

    Heres a better pic:
  13. Hurley675's 10 gallon Tank Update

    Ya it is an efflo.
  14. Hurley675's 10 gallon Tank Update

    I think the neons were like 4 bucks each form petco, I got them about 3 years ago. There get along great, a good pair.
  15. Hurley675's 10 gallon Tank Update

    next again