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  1. Lumia 5.1 100watt Full Spectrum build FS

    Important note: First come, first served! my paypal address is nstar85@gmail.com
  2. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Hey that's a sweet controller with LDD's! nice work. I may be able to do a box for that but I'll need a CAD design or something to accurately match the buttons position , screen and wire ports
  3. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    I have not being able to answer all the PM's or comments here. As long as you're in the thread looking to order, you're in. There will be plenty for all and more! Typhon boxes are being built as we speak. I'm sorry for the lack of updates but I got quite a big order from a distributor which had a rush for a couple of these. I gave priority to those so I'm delayed on this boxes. Please be patient, I'm just a one man band cutting and building each box and takes some time to it right. You'll be pleased with the final result I really didn't expect to have such a hit with these so it was a surprise for me.
  4. I recently bought the new Lumia Full spectrum 100w LED from LEDgroupbuy. Almost finished the build but decided to go another route so I'm letting it go. I'd like to sell it as a complete combo so no parting out for now. Included in the rig is the following: Lumia 100W Multi Chip LED 5 Meanwell LDD (700mA) Custom Meawell LDD board with ports 3.75A Power Supply 4" x 5" Heatsink Typhon controller All of this have less than 3 weeks bought. It's ready to use, no need to solder or anything. Just needs a reliable fan because this LEDs puts a lot of heat in the heatsink (probably needs a bigger heatsink) More than $300 invested and all the work is done Selling for $250 + shipping This LED is pretty amazing! Here's the specs from ledgroupbuy: Expect to use only 1 of these high performance LEDs per 24x24x24 area in most scenarios. Each channel is individually addressable (they can be individually dimmed) so you can adjust the perfect color for your tank. Channel 1 - Neutral White (base white spectrum) (36V @ 700mA) Channel 2 - Royal Blue (base blue spectrum) (36V @ 700mA) Channel 3 - Hyper Violet (enhanced growth) (38V @ 700mA) Channel 4 - Deep Red / Turquoise (enhanced color spectrum) (32V @ 700mA) Channel 5 - True Violet / Cool Blue (enhanced growth and color spectrum) (38V @ 700mA)
  5. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates on this project. My current "Spare" time have been very compromised and I have not been able to work on the boxes. Long story short, I got a new commercial space where I'm building my own shop and I'm moving all the tools and stuff from my little 10'x10' room in my house to this new 600sq ft space. Bright side is I will have a lot more room to build and stock my stuff I still need to make all the installations for the laser cutting machine, exhausts, air compressor, 220v power connections and whatnot. This will take me some time as I'm working all of this mess. I WILL have these boxes made for you guys and as a reward for your patience (even though I haven't ask for any payment in advance) is I will offer you all free shipping within the states for those that currently ARE on the list and those who asked for Typhon boxes before this post who have not been added yet to the list I will announce here once they're ready to go for those interested in getting Typhon Boxes Thanks all for your patience and your interest Here's a pic of the new place: And here's where the magic happens
  6. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Hi! I've been a bit delayed with a lot of work + college but I started cutting some pieces already. I'll have around 40 boxes for the grabs. Hopefully this next week I'll finish cutting them and start to build them. Important note to everyone This Typhon box project was designed based on the Typhon controller I have from BoostLED which is from the latest batch they had. The first units they sold had shorter buttons and the button extensions included in this boxes will not be long enough to work. This can be easily solved by simply gluing a piece of cardboard, plastic and I've even seen pencil rubbers attached to it Since Typhon is an Open Source controller, the components used for the construction of them may change depending of the batches any seller buys to make them or where they buy the actual components. **These boards are not all built from the same place/factory** Again, this is open source, so anyone can make them. Just a friendly disclaimer/advice but I have never had problems with the fitting in more than 30 that I've sold.
  7. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    And we have the Jedi onboard gents! got you pal
  8. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Don't have an exact day as I have 45+ to build. Stay tuned for updates. I may start to announce some available as I finish them. Probably around a week
  9. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    I'm currently out. I'm building a new batch these days
  10. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Got you!
  11. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    You got it! I have a laser cutter Got you
  12. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Got it! Thanks I know right! Got you! Thanks
  13. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Sure, which color please?
  14. Typhon LED controller Boxes

    Got you! Thanks! The list just keeps growing!
  15. Cree xp-e / xt-e optics problem

    if they are XP-G XP-E or XT-E they might have a small blob of solder that wont allow you to push the optics properly in place. Watch the surroundings of the LED package and you will probably find a small excess of solder. I jut cut it with a new gem knife and they will go on. Hope that helps