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  1. I didnt use a fixture. I just used a light socket to outlet and plugged it into an extension cord and hung it above the fuge
  2. when I was running a fuge I used this light and it seem to work out well for me. My fuge chamber was about the same size that you listed https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079PY1Q4B/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  3. 3/20 update of my corals and fish shots I have been using these Noopsyche k7 Pro II lights for a month now. I will say i am getting better color, polyp extension and more coralline growth then I did with my radion ever gave me. https://flic.kr/s/aHskPQLQPn
  4. No cords sound great. but I didnt realize how much I HATE this big zit hanging off the side of my tank with my mp10. You have to be careful when cleaning glass if you knock out of alignment. You gotta make sure you dont knock it form the outside cleaning the tank or anything and mess up the alignment. I am just waiting for my cat to decide he wants to play with it and pull it right off. I personally dont like the setup and would rather have a small cord in tank and a small magnet on the outside. Honestly for a tank that small why spend this kind of money on a pump to run it at 1% save the money just buy a Jebao OW10 and be happy for $40. down the road when you get a bigger tank dont buy either of these again and get an Icecap 1k gyre for ton more flow and way less of a price tag. I like my icecap so much more than the mp10. It moves way more water and better water flow. I am tempted to dump this overpriced fan and replace it with another 1k gyre.
  5. Oh. Yea shipping might end up costing what the uv was. With a 25g you could probably use the 13w green machine. I had the 24w version. The 13w I think is only $40
  6. What size tank is it? you can borrow my UV since I am not using it now oh and don’t do water changes till you got them beat. It will fuel them and grow faster. I found that out the hard way. Just let the tank get dirty so other things can grow in their place and they get beat
  7. looks like same type I had. Mine originally spawned I believe due to my old tank nitrate and phose ALWAYS was at zero with my Hanna ULR and nyos nitrate kit. even dosing I couldnt barely get them up so i starved the tank and let them hit me. Now I always make sure I have nitrate and phosphate in the tank I fought them for 3months. In the old tank removed sand bed. did a 5day blackout. Dosed some more bacteria, did a course with Dr Tim waste away and eco balance. They were gone about 95% could only see a small strand here and there. Upgraded to a 40B and thought they were gone. After 3 weeks they showed up again. I am running an ABS barebottom in this tank so they didnt come as hard. I hit with a 3day blackout. I did Dinox but not sure if it helped at all. Seems everytime I tried DinoX it would kill off a mushroom. I finally added a 26w UV steralizer in the tank for 2weeks. Dinos are gone but I do have alot of algae growing but its keeping them away by out competing. I will take algae anyday. I also during the whole 3 months was dosing Ntrate and Phosphate to keep my Nitrates in the 5-10 range and phosphates I would dose and would flux between .003-.2 I didnt really care since I would rather an algae grow and take them out and deal with that later than dinos staying.
  8. You need a gate valve on the drain to close it off enough. the way I run mine is it’s closed off enough just to the top of the emergency overflow and just a very light trickle runs down it. It’s very quiet that way.
  9. I have a 40b and the eshopps small overflow and it’s perfectly fine. I run a jebao dca 1500 pump and it’s turned down to probably only running about 200gph. I am in the camp of 3-5x turnover is fine in the sump. No need to rush water through it.
  10. current FTS. Ignore the UV in the back of the tank. Finishing up my battle I had with Dinos JOND7988 by jon duboy, on Flickr
  11. I would be more worried about the six line attacking other fish. They are mean and assholes
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