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  1. 40 breeder kessil ?

    I had 2 350w kessil over my old 40B. 1 would leave alot of shadowing. I have also used 2 kessil 150 in the past and that worked just fine as well
  2. Selling my Sigma 17-70 Contemporary lens. its the newest version of the lens by sigma. It was a very sharp and nice range for an everyday lens. Also you can get really close for almost macro style shooting. So if you have items very close to tank glass its a 1:2 mag so its really close to a true macro. I went back to a 1D3 camera so i cant use this lens anymore. Lens is like new. Body has no marks on it. glass is clean and no scratches or marks. has 3 specs of small dust in the lens but that does nothing to IQ and normal as the lens is not dust or weather sealed. the hood has a few light scuffs but thats it Asking $320 shipped
  3. FS Canon 50D plus extras

  4. FS Canon 50D plus extras

    325 shipped
  5. FS Canon 50D plus extras

    I am selling my canon 50D. its condition I would say is an 8.5-9 its in very good shape with very minimal wear on it for the age. it comes with the Body only, Kirk L bracket, hand strap, canon brand grip, 3 canon brand batteries box and all original accessories in the box. asking price is $350 shipped to lower 48
  6. Review of ebay Hydra 52 style LED fixture

    no tank has been taken down for about 8months now
  7. Sca-301 or others

    I had a SCA 301 on my 40breeder and I felt it was pretty good for the money. I didnt have any issues once I got it dialed in. The only time it was acting finicky on me was about the first week during break in it would go up and down on amount of skimming going on. Oh and in the bubble chamber cutting off the end of the pump tube that is in the body makes it even more efficient and makes much more bubbles
  8. Like I said a160 would do just that. Dont know why you keep saying cant control. You can 100% with the a160 I think you just like to refuse to look up not talking about a A150 and the A160 is fully controllable http://www.kessil.com/aquarium/Saltwater_A160_Tuna_Blue.php there you go so its easier for you to actually look at it
  9. well you have control with the A160 so dont see your point. look how cute you are using the rolling eyes to seem sooo smart
  10. Ohhh no someone isnt allow to say the radion isnt worth it. Sorry but its a cluster of LED like all the others with a bunch of useless features like storms to jake up the price. Give me some knobs and a timer. I cant count the amount of times my Radion would get jacked up using web to program the light and I would have to do a hard factory reset for it to even turn on again. But hey if wanna keep over paying for a light cause of the name. Be my guest they are not worth it after my ownership of them or the Vortechs. Now they release a new version with a black controller and everyone thinks its the best thing ever
  11. Kessil, Radion in my opinion and ownership sucks. had gen 2 and had poor color and growth from my sps. even after upgrading to gen 3..got rid of it and got 2 a350w and within a week. colors came back and growth took off. I personally would never own another ecotech product they are overpriced hype. much better options at much better prices out there. Just to many drink the koolaid and swing from the nutsack chanting they are the best and only option out there Ohh and the shimmer the kesill will produce just makes it look that much better. The radion shimmer sucks. looks like every other large quantity LED system with its fast jittery and color separation look.
  12. no. I had a gen 2 and upgraded to gen 3 wondering if teh UV would help and I noticed nothing different in the look i could adjust the tank to and I saw zero benefit in the corals. Honestly I found the radion in general to be not worth it at all. but save your money and dont waste it on the 2-3 upgrade
  13. VorTech Quietdrive?

    I see this video and constantly hear people say ohhh no wire in tank cause looks like crap. then there are setups like this with wires all over the place and looks like total ass and basically would negate the wire in tank look. I would imagine more often the ones crying about wire in tank has some ugly setups like this. Unimpressive to me but I would never own another ecotech product as everything I owned from them never really seemed worth it at all. especially the radion. That was the biggest waste of money I ever spent when i had a tank
  14. Started my 40B project

    yea I took the tank down like 4months ago LOL