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  1. Who wants South Down sand in Indiana???

    Put me down for 2 bags
  2. Can I do it?

    You Go Girl!!!
  3. Looking for an Alife 7

    Hey I screwed up they carry the new Azoo tank and a Via Aqua not the Alife. Sorry But they do have a lot of good stuff and they have a link for a free catalog. Tracker
  4. Looking for an Alife 7

    Hi Fosters is a regular main stay and the web address is www.drsfostersmith.com Tracker
  5. Keeping corraline

    I started my tank on Jan 1 and after 2 weeks I started to see some new coraline growth. Now I have a whole lot more in fact all 4 panes of glass have coraline now. My lights are el cheapo a 13 watt 6500K PC and 2 10 watt screw in PCs I have been dosing 2 or 3 times a week with ball pickling lime that I bought at the grocery store for $1.39 1 lb can There is another brand called Mrs.Wages same thing. My lights are on 14 hrs/day and I use tap water and IO changing 1 gal/week.
  6. Brown dust

    I'm new also but it sounds like a diaton bloom to me.
  7. Aiptasia died today!!!

    Let us know if they come back. I used a peppermint shrimp to get rid of mine, But I had about 40 of them and they were getting bigger every day. It took the shrimp almost 2 weeks to get rid of them.
  8. Looking for an Alife 7

    Fosters catalog has them for $79.00
  9. Please help with yellow polyps

    yes I was thinking if a pep shrimp will eat aiptasia why wouldn't he eat those buttons, just a thought
  10. Please help with yellow polyps

    they look like the food my peppermint shrimp loves to eat do have a pep shrimp in there
  11. recomended coral for this light...

    I would get a few snails and then a mushroom or 2 (ricordia is easy) Feather dusters. I think your lights will support a lot of if not all soft corals, There is a list of stuff good for beginners here on the board. I just can't remember where it is. I think I have CRS (can't remember sh!t)
  12. problimatic water changes...

    Yes top off with aged and treated tap water or better yet RODI water or distilled water. I have a 10 gallon and I change one gallon of salt water per week and I make it the same salinity as the tank is using aged treated tap water. mixing new water I add a half cup per gallon and let it mix for a couple days. I have lots of debris in my tank also normal I guess I did toothbrush all my rock after putting it the tank to spread the coraline algae spores around. Hope this helps I'm new at this to. Tracker
  13. Halimeda going sexual?

    My hali is turning red and I'm not sure why I have seen some new leaves or sprouts tho????
  14. Pre-drilled all glass reptile tanks?

    Yes I laughed my butt off and also felt bad about it to. I mean the guy had to rent a rug doctor. And his mom felt bad for him to so she bought him a new 20H combo. LOL
  15. Sand erotion

    I have my PH aimed at the back glass to slow down the current and it now creates a circular current which is low on the last corner of the tank where my shroom is. The PH is parallel to the back wall of tank and angled just slightly into it. Tracker