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  1. The *OFFICIAL* NCNRS Thread!

    add me in please
  2. Physically moving a tank...

    when i moved mine through the house, (ap24) i drained almost all the water just enough to keep the sand covered and a few inches of water for my two clowns, pickd up the tank and stand carried it through the house dropped it where i wanted it and poured the water back in, everything was fine, wasnt very heavy, just kept it very stable while walking, one person on each side
  3. Well I finally did it....

    i eat zoos for breakfast
  4. punch monty in his dumb name face ;]
  5. Ask Questions Here

    epicfish: why dont you use a checkvalve? very simple to install just glue them into the rest of your plumbing, but id put a a union before or after then so you can take it apart for cleaning
  6. has anyone..

  7. 90g Oceanic Tech

    if i get the 70 that was my plans for it;D they are just so expensive though.. just remember if u do it and i do i didnt copy you! hahah
  8. 90g Oceanic Tech

    i sense a om4way plumbed over the top euro bracing? ;]
  9. My Dream Tank

    id go with two 1000 watt halides, someone i know has a 4x3x2 and uses a 1000 watt thats about 3 feet over the tank with vho's for actinic and his keeps everything in his tank, he said running a 1000 watt halide is cheaper then when he ran two 400 watts.. just an idea, but youd need a pretty big canopy id think about doing an in wall set it up if i were you..
  10. O/T - My New Buddy "Mango"

    i used to have a sun conure, he was wayy to loud, cool bird but he was just WAY to loud, he needed to be in a home with people all around him interacting with him more then i did, now i have this: good personality, really relaxed, its only a 3 month old hand fed baby, so time will tell if he gets more energy..
  11. 90g Oceanic Tech

    awesome tanks, im debating between a tech 70 or a custom made acrylic tank, i cant make up my mind.... those are really nice tanks though, lucky you!
  12. just incase someone didnt notice he hasnt taken advantage of anyone, last time he logged in his posted the progress in the tank, since then he hasnt logged in, put yourself in his position, if what happened to him happened to you, would you really be worried about a fish tank? i think what everyone did for him was a really touching thing, pretty amazing that so many people got involved and sent off their useless stuff that was probably sitting in the attic or the garage never to be seen or used by them again, so even if he never sets up a tank with the equipment he got its not really like you were going to use it were you? maybe maybe not, but at least your heart was in the right place
  13. T5's for 40B

    if you dont remember that was the first post that was not bashing you for trying t5s, i gave you advice on how to do it a cheap way, but you kept considering the nova extreme cause of the price, but youll have bad outcomes with that as everyone has told you, i wasnt trying to be rude, just trying to get your mindset off of the crappy nova lights, want somthing good id get : http://www.reefgeek.com/lighting/T5_Fluore...Sunlight_Supply or http://www.aquariumobsessed.com/mm5/mercha...gory_Code=FM-LX or id just retrofit ice caps you can also look in the classifieds on here and rc, maybe youll find a good deal, i might know someone selling a 8 bulb 36inch fixture for real cheap, but then you dont need that many bulbs since the fixture is close to 20 inches wide, and your tank is less. aquaactinics is making a 36inch consolidation fixture as well, but itll probably be pretty expensive as well, if i was you id get an ic660 and do it myself because itll cost a little bit less, but if you are afraid of that the tek fixture, or you can get an ic430.
  14. T5's for 40B

    i know the difference between t5s im just proving that t5 tanks can look just as good if not better then mh tanks, a lot of people dont know the difference in t5s like diskusting. I agree that guys tank does look like ######, i think you should forgot about sps untill you learn their needs more diskusting dont mean to be rude but do some more research, a good sps tank doesnt just need powerful lighting but pristine water quality as well as adequate flow throughout the tank, buy cheap buy twice
  15. T5's for 40B

    theres a thread on rc some where "show me your t5 tanks" if u can find that youll see how t5s can handle sps easily