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  1. New people, READ ME!

    don't do a water change during the cycle, and dont wash sponges under the tap, even if the diagram on the sponges packet looks so!
  2. NAME MY CLOWNS! Fun thread.

    blowfish bluefish
  3. fire coral

    they DO HURT, DONT SCRATCH THE ITCHY PART! mine went all swollen and full of liquid, theyre nice, but i do hold grudges...
  4. why won't my peppermint shrimp leave my new shroom alone?

    teehee..................... better than saying nothing huh?
  5. Housing/Caring for Harlequin Shrimp

    my lfs told me they dont freeze them because the shrimps teeth get ground down, and i have not personally kept them, but i used to care for ALOT when my friends dad was on holiday (he has loads in a system--trying to breed them)
  6. How do you frag

    goggles anyway--flying LR hurts?!
  7. Tiny White things on glass

    theyre fine on the glass, but eventually get nibbled and die. sting corals if they get a chance though...
  8. NAME MY CLOWNS! Fun thread.

    sharky and mr tibbs
  9. before i buy tomorrow..

    thats one of the most helpful posts ive ever had on one of my threads thanks if i waited 6 months before adding one, would a bubble tip anemone grow large?
  10. Bleeched Anemone!

    if its got any damaged tissue
  11. Cool Banana Eel eating

    your'e syupposed to start with feeder shrimp....maybe not shrimp safe then...
  12. before i buy tomorrow..

    im buying my clowns tomorrow, should i turn on my skimmer to remove anything harmfull, although turning on the skimmer reduces the filter intake. what should i do? what clowns to get (B&W Percs, Percs or Occelaris') What do i feed them on (besides flake and brineshrimp)? what anemone hosts the perc type of fish?
  13. Sargassum?

    sargassum floats. Zoo Tycoon helped me on that one!
  14. Mantis ID?

    put out a hermit crab and travisurfer will come and find it WOO COSMO!
  15. Aiptasia

    wouldnt that make the water acidic? i have lemon juicee and lemons in the conservatory... whats best?