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  1. Yea I already with through the hair algae when my tank was cycling last year-but it went away on its own. I am going to order a new bulb as soon as I can and I decreased the photo period already. I do a one gallon water change once a week. I use distilled water(I don't have access to RO) and I have had no major problems I just fear because the algae has grown so rapidly over the past few months that it wont stop growing! -Matt
  2. hmm-maybe I will try that it sucks cause there is no room for mistakes.
  3. I don't run a skimmer because my tank is only 7 gallons. whats the difference between regular and reef safe carbon? how often should I put it in there? thanks -Matt
  4. Yea thats what I was told - so I did its been about 4 months with out the sponge I just wanted to make sure it was right-should I put anything in the filter at all? -Matt
  5. I was running a sponge in my aqua clear 150 for a while but after someone advising me to try it with out it I did but I am not sure if it is a good idea, running the filter with nothing in it at all just seems kind of pointless. what do you think? -Matt
  6. I bought this light about a year ago and the place I bought it from went out of business so is there anywhere online where I can find a bulb for it? I tried hellolights.com and didn't see it. hopefully replacing the bulb will stop the new algae from taking over my tank. -Matt
  7. i have a 32 watt power compact do you think that after a year the bulbs will allready need to be replaced? my lights are on a timer for 12 to 12 what do you think I should try?
  8. i have a ton of snails(astria and Margarita) and hermits(red and blue) and its still spreading they don't even seem to touch it. any other suggestions? -Matt
  9. cyano bactieria? after over a year? oh man I really need help with this.
  10. here is the link to the pics it is in the nano reef folder: http://briefcase.yahoo.com/xproject_mattx I have had this algae on my rocks for a while but it really hasn't been a problem - but recently I have noticed that it is growing alot and the more I clean it off the more it grows- I think thats because when I peel it off some little pieces might float off to attach to somewhere else there is the red algae and a purple algae it is driving me crazy and I am afraid it is going to take my tank over! I have taken the rocks that are small enough for me to take out and clean them but it still grows back. What do I do? -Matt
  11. The rock looks great-it will develop into some really colorful stuff. -BTW is there anything covering your tank or is it open top with the light suspended over? if it is open top your going to lose a hell of a lot of water from evap(more then usual) when you get a fish be careful of him jumping-my 6 line wrasse doesn't try to jump out of the tank however sometimes he gets startled (when I get up in the mourning- or when my cat jumps up near the stand) and he darts for the top-he would have been on the floor I didn't have a cover. Good luck with your reef! -Matt
  12. actually he died not more then a month after I got him he ate up all the pods in my tank and wouldn't eat anything else one day I found him dead half eaten by my hermit crabs I would not recommend them in a nano reef or really in any reef thats smaller then 100gallons unless of course you can supply copepods. I now have a 6 line wrasse in my tank and I have since December and he is an amazing fish very active healthy and seemingly happy(as far as I can tell for a fish) he eats out of my hand and swims in and out of every crevice in my tank I would recommend this fish for anyone with a nano -Matt
  13. I am keeping a six line wrasse in my 7 gallon and have had no problems thus far.
  14. I have been using distilled on my 7 gallon for over a year with no problems -Matt
  15. Really? are there any pics on them? -Matt
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