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  1. FS: 100 lbs fiji for $200!!!

    I am located just north of grand rapids. i really couldnt tell you right now about the shipping ill get back with ya.
  2. FS: 100 lbs fiji for $200!!!

    Tearing down my 125 gallon tank and i have 100 lbs of premium cured fiji liverock with lots of coraline algae. Email me at killahbeez2000@hotmail.com if you are interested this is a great deal at just 200$$.
  3. 10 g Full Setup MI

    This item is a 10 gallon nano-reef setup. Comes with 11 pounds of premium fiji liverock rock. There are no scrathes on the tank and all of the equipment is in good condition. With this auction you get ... 11 pounds of liverock, 15 pounds of premium live sand, A reef backround, a 50 watt heater from marineland, a ten gallon filter, a seaclone 100 protien skimmer, an 8 watt UV sterilizer with a brand new bulb, A custom black Canopy hood with light fixture and bulb built in, and various other pieces also an ocellaris clownfish and zebra hermit crab. Everything is in good condition and works great. Shipping not available. 200.00 Stanton, Michigan
  4. WANT TO BUY: aqua C Remora pro

    well i just bought a brand new remora but i could use another skimmer how about 50 bux +shipping oh and does it have a pump??
  5. Cloudy water?!

    right now there is no sand in there just water with two maxijets and a heater i plan on putting carib sea aragonite seeded wiht carib sea live sand
  6. Cloudy water?!

    hey everyone i just filled my 125 gallon yesterday with freshwater and then i left and i cam back later on and took and ice cream pale (about a gallon) and mixxed it halfway with salt and half with waterand mixed it up the besy i could so it could get some mixture i didnt want to just dump the salt in the tank. but anyways the mixture half and half salt and water was dumped into the tank and it was milky white. there is no salt present on the bottom of my tank or glass but the water is still cloudy morning its a litttle bit better but the marine salt is crystal seas and i was wondering is my water going to clear up or am i going to have to start over?? I never had this problem with instant ocean on my 75g ofcourse i premixed the water also .
  7. WANT TO BUY: aqua C Remora pro

    anyone have one of these pump or no pump.
  8. UV sterilizer and protein skimmer for sale

    to tell you the truth they are a little noisy
  9. pc ballast

    i have a 2X55 magnetek ballast with csl compact bulbs
  10. The sabae clown is about 2 and a half inches and im selling for 5.00$ and i have an amazing mated pair of ocellaris clowns the female is like 4 to 4 and a half inches and the male is 2 and a half to 3 inches. the male has awesome accented black color around the orange like nothing ive ever seen and the female is bright orange and big. they are great and have awesome attitudes. i bought this clown pair at pruess's animal house in haslett michigan for 65.00$ and i am selling for 25.00 due to i am upgrading to a aggressive tank.
  11. the UV sterilizer is an angstrom 2537 sterilizer made by hawaiian manne imports inc. its an 8 watt works great on tanks to 150 gallons saltwater and about 1000 gallons freshwater. This sterilizer has a brand new bulb i only turned it on for about 8 hours total. it cleared up an algae bloom in my 125g quick. this product with kill ich any harmful bacterias in your tank so your fish stay healthier longer. Some lfs's recommend a UV sterilizer for surgeonfish and other fish. anyways is retails for 98.00 on drsfoster and smith website. check it out. all tubing and pump included. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produ...d=6&pCatId=4457 Also for sale is a seaclone skimmer with a maxi-jet 1200 used for about 2 months so practically new. This skimmer comes retail at 79.99. http://www.petsmart.com/fish/shoppi...uct_16300.shtml I will let the seaclone go for 35.00 plus shipping and the uv go for 55.00 with free shipping.
  12. UV BULB look right??

    ok thank you i am using it to cure some live rock right now just to test it
  13. UV BULB look right??

    hey everyone i just bought a new bulb for a UV sterilizer i bought of ebay. Its a hawaiian maine import brand or something like that. well i hooked up the bulb outside of the unit to see if it worked and ive never seen a uv bulb on before. All it is, is teo filiments at each end of a tube and there is a blueish light at either end of thre bulb and it doesnt even fill up the whole tube. is this how its suppose to look or is there something wrong with it?? its an 8 watt germicidal G8T5 bulb.
  14. Tank raised clown...Can he host?

    My matrure tank raised ocellaris clowns hosted with a condy in about 2 hours
  15. Clownfish takes to Condy in record time!

    Well im not so sure i bought a matured TANK RAISED pair of occelaris i purchased. the second i put them in they took a lap around the tank and dove right into the condy anemone. My yellow tang is alos not affraid of it and acts like it wants to host along with the clowns they all get along. looks like we both got lucky.