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  1. Yeah, he said he won't be ready to build nanocube hoods for several more months.
  2. ... And I've got stealth fans....
  3. Well, I'm making myself a hood soon (since nobody seems interested in making one for me), I could make you one as well if you like... And I can even hook you up with moon lights..... But you can install your own light kit.
  4. Check out the 12" desktop formosa. Probably not as much light as you're looking for, but should be easy to make legs for it, and it should put out a bit more light than the stock hood since it's got a real reflector...
  5. Any woodworkers out there willing to build a little hood for a 12g nanocube? Curved front and all that, maybe 3-4" high (high enough for some PC's), sealed, painted white inside. Price quotes?
  6. I've managed to cram 2 32w pc's from hellolights into the hood along with the stock 24w bulb (have to hang the ballast outside the tank and bend the reflector) but I'm wondering how the plastic shield is going to hold up to the heat. I think it'll probably just be better to build a new hood, which makes room for the Lee's skimmer cup without hacking up the stock hood.... So if any of you woodworkers out there can build a hood that fits nicely on top of a nanocube, PM me!
  7. How much do you want for it?
  8. Looking for a used 10g jbj cube in SoCal (LA/OC/SD)
  9. Everybody's welcome to come and check out the club! There's lots of stuff planned for this year, so should be fun! More info:
  10. Looks like the other guy flaked. If you want to go in on a liveaquaria order, just let me know and I'll send you a list.
  11. Maybe $130-ish? I think if somebody takes the whole thing, I might be able to throw in some green ricordea cuttings too...
  12. I'd *like* to get like $80ish for the equipment, but I might be dreaming. Dunno about the livestock. Best offer wins, as usual. I'll consider trades too.
  13. forgot to attach the pic....
  14. Equipment (Will not part out): - 5g AGA bowfront (acrylic) tank in excellent shape - 18w PC 50/50 light - Heater, Powerhead, HOB filter Livestock: - Tiger Pistol Shrimp - Misc live sand/rock - Xenia - Green Star Polyps - Pink Mushrooms - A Few Yellow Polyps - A Few Zoanthids The tank has been set up for approximately a month, and is about 3/4 done with its 'new tank' cyano bloom. The equipment is all in excellent shape (since it's hardly been used). Livestock can go with the equipment or not. Pick-Up (or drop-off) only in the San Diego/SoCal area.
  15. Let me know too, I'll be watching their stock list.