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  1. Budget 3gal Pico

    Yeah, it's very cheap green glass and the finish on the edge is lame enough to have chips in it somehow. I love it anyway - flat front and curved corners are pretty nice. The filter is 11" long and 6" tall and the body is ~2" wide. I'll probably be modding it some more in the near future to see if I can get more flow through it.
  2. Budget 3gal Pico

    They're 50/50 daylight and blue. Whether they're true actinic or not, or the white is 65k or 10k I don't know. Pico aquarists can't be too picky though. Figuring out how to stuff as much light as possible into a 12" tank is pretty rough. I got them here: http://cgi.ebay.com/27-Watt-27-W-Quad-Repl...df#ht_527wt_905
  3. Budget 3gal Pico

    Time for an update! The filter (marina slim 20) showed up, I dremelled out the dividers and tacked it on there. I haven't decided whether I should hack it up so that I can stick a pump in the filter body, or leave the pump in the tank. For now it's in the tank. I'll need more rock to hide it if that stays put. Temporary heater is installed in the filter housing, I've got a new one showing up next weekend. I did a lot of experimentation with 27w quad pc bulbs, spiral pc bulbs, etc. Since I've got a few ballasts laying around already, I'm leaning towards the quads... any suggestions/warnings? Quads: Spiral blue and spiral 6500k: I've also got this PFO pendant laying around that I haven't been able to unload even at $20, so I may as well put it to use! It'll be rehabbed to be the pico's light fixture:
  4. Gunbeaaux's 2.5 rimless

    A pair of screw-in PC's and a nice DIY fixture should be awesome over that tank!
  5. Budget 3gal Pico

    DUHHHHH, what else would you think I meant?
  6. Budget 3gal Pico

    Well, boredom has set in and I need to leave my main reef tank ALONE because it's doing fine. Enter the pico project. There's a spot on my desk just above my computer that's just begging to display some pretties. I've been through a ton of different designs for tanks that use up the entire space available or have elaborate sumps and plumbing. In the end I decided I do NOT want to be dealing with the ca/alk dosing requirements of a second tank, so water changes need to be small and yet still meaningful. I'm looking to keep the budget on this build to a minimum. Here and there I'll spend a few dollars, but I'm not going to be picking up crazy high-end LED systems. Wherever possible I'll recycle gear that I've got on hand or try to find used items. I found a 3gal miracle baby tank at my LFS that seemed about right for $25. Daily beer-cup water changes should keep a tank this size fairly happy: I had a chunk of lace rock left over from the build of my main reef, so I pulled out the chisel and aquamend to make a first pass at the aquascape. I had the 9w light in the garage, which should hold the tank over while it cycles and the permanent fixture is built.
  7. blue and green sympodium polyps

    Frags: http://www.lareefs.com/index.php?main_page...products_id=798 They don't need to be fed, they do fine and grow with med/low light and med/low flow and not much else.
  8. I placed an order for some montis, zoas, and ricordeas on her site last week - the photos were amazing, sortof too-good-to-be-true awesome, so I kept my expectations in check and was a little afraid when I opened the box (you know the feeling if you've ordered from some OTHER vendors).... and all the frags look BETTER than they did in the photos! These are hands down some of the nicest florida rics I've ever seen, and after being in my tank a week, everything I've ordered still looks awesome and is GROWING! Thanks again for being the best, Morgan!
  9. Custom Frag Stands!

    Andddd last call for orders this week - cutting tomorrow, so if you want something, I can have it in the mail for you on Monday. Drop me a PM.
  10. Custom Frag Stands!

    Ha, yeah I've met the author of the article, been to his store, and bought frags from him on the acrylic rods. Tis a great way to quickly and easily make frag racks, since you only need some clippers and a drill to make them. I don't like the plugs though, no growout/encrust space for the frags, so it'll take longer for the corals to start looking like nice bushy colonies once you've got em home.
  11. Custom Frag Stands!

    Yup, no problemo at all if you're ok with the corners being bends instead of glue-joints. PM me and we'll work something out.
  12. Custom Frag Stands!

    sure, draw me a rough sketch of what you want.
  13. Custom Frag Stands!

    Yeah I can do those but they're a beeyotch, I'd have to figure out pricing based on the dims you want so PM me if you really wanna do it. IMO several smaller racks of different heights is easier to work with - you can pull out one rack at a time for cleaning or access to the bottom of the tank. They're lighter and more durable than a giant one-rack-to-rule-them-all setup.
  14. Custom Frag Stands!

    Yup, custom sizes are no prob. I built a set of tall ones with short ones that fit underneath for a friend, and he's happy with em, but I really wonder if the bottom shelf will get enough light for most corals with the plugs on the top shelf casting so many shadows. *shrug*
  15. Custom Frag Stands!

    Hahaha, didn't mean to offend with the colorful ones. I can do tamer stuff too. For more examples check this out: http://robotninjapirate.com/v/Frag+Racks/ I can do virtually ANY color, so clear, black, white, frosted, pink, etc - you name it. And some quick snaps: