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  1. Smokin Reefer's BC29

    great work on the tank..i really like the shape of those rocks..
  2. My New Marine Tank

    ahaha... so far the lion fish has not been disturbing d other fishes.. and nop d lion fishie`s mouth aint that big.. but since its gona outgrow the tank in a matter of months, i`ll b keeping yr suggestions in mind. thanks again its been like... hmm.. almost a week now...
  3. My New Marine Tank

    30 gallons
  4. My New Marine Tank

    Haha i do hope that my lion fish gets along with those others.. or the small fishes are just gona b like My Signature below LOL
  5. My New Marine Tank

    Hey guys, i`m kinda new to this.. Took me exactly 1month to get my tank ready so i could actually feel safe to add fishes in it. PH -> 8.4 Nitrites and Nitrate -> 0 Temporarily i`m using a normal filter system and a cheap skimmer. I`ll b replacing all these stuff as soon as i`ve collected enough money. Am planning to buy a Tunze Skimmer and for the sump, i`ll be replacing it with a small refuge. Here`s a list of the fishes that are currently in my tank. Fire Clown Yellow Tailed Clown Perciula Clown Lion Fish Damsel 2 pictures of my tank. p.s sorry for the blurry images =D
  6. Vannreefer's 120RR

    really like all the rocks...and thats gonna be a great tank dude anyway wats under the hood..??? (i mean what lights your using )
  7. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    dude..i think i was wrong about you anyway..just drop by into youtube and type this 'corals at low tide fiji'after doing that you will see a couple of comments below the video ..and the guy who sent that commment have the exact name stevieT well i thought you were the guy who posted that..anyway sorry again..before going ..i would just say its best for you to check limpitsreef on you tube..(he uses this name) he does lot's of videos..try out some videos on coral propagation..
  8. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    may i ask if your the guy who sent a comment back to limpitsreef...??
  9. Grandegixxer's 40 Breeder Frag Tank

    Take your time dude.....I'll be waiting...
  10. Grandegixxer's 40 Breeder Frag Tank

    DAMN ..THATS HARD WORK~~~ more pictures !!!!!

    YES..they were in the same tank..and i didnt knew anything about quarantined
  12. My 90 G

    great tank ..well more pictures please..

    (sad)hey guys..wanted to inform ya'll about my clown fish death.. i post a thread a few days back its about ..my new setup Anyway here goes..i got a pair of false clown a couple of days back..went i first got them they were swimming and were happy..after that day..i noticed their behavior started changing..well they didn't eat (tried many food products..from frozen..to pellets)and i noticed they stop swimming...they were just at the bottom of the tank .. one of my clown were looking bad..he had a spot of white thing above his head..and some near his top fin..well the other clown seems to be fine but only thing is that..he is not eating....later that evening..i noticed the other clown died anyway i went through the web searching and i found WET WEB MEDIA (WWM) they have good information about several species of clown fishes..AND i found out that my poor clown died of brooklynellosis disease well hope my other clown starts eating soon... here are some pictures of the brooklynellosis disease (got form wetwebmedia.com)
  14. A Fresh Start

    anyway..i just placed a powerhead in the tank to create more flow..well before this ..the tank was running without any ...!!! i think it could be the reason why my clown's are not eating.. I noticed after placing the powerhead the clowns started swimming more around the tank..(seem much happier) well lets keep our fingers cross and hope they EAT...!!!!!
  15. A Fresh Start

    yeah..alrite i will try to off the lights for now... ~hope this works..lol