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  1. I had the same problem and I watched the float sensor get stuck multiple times. Personally, I think the tunze osmolator nano is just an overpriced float sensor. I have a hydor smart level ato on the way so I'm hoping it will do the job.
  2. I would check out possum wrasses. They are a bit different and from what I've read they seem like really cool peaceful fish . I'm thinking about putting one in my IM 10 eventually. Also, you could just cut the mesh top to fit around the rock.
  3. Looking good. What are your stocking plans?
  4. I totally agree with you. Best explanation yet and great diagram.
  5. I just lowered my water level in the chambers at the level shown in the manual. This actually helps force water through my inTank media basket. You may want to ultimately lower the water in your chambers too. Water will evaporate and cause the third chamber to become lower than the second, but it depends on where you position your ato sensor.
  6. I run my water level about the same between the display and chambers, slightly lower in the chambers. However, that is how my ato is positioned in the third chamber to maintain my levels. If you maintain your water levels near to what you started out at you shouldnt have a problem maintaining salinity.
  7. I don't think the larger aqua clear filters would be a problem on a 10 gallon since the flow is adjustable. The larger filters will increase your total water volume, and allow more space for filter media. Also, you can squeeze a heater in the 50 or 70 if you do the inTank media basket upgrade.
  8. I would recommend upgrading the hob filter to at least the aquaclear 50. Also, check out the inTank media baskets. They are really popular among nano reef members. I would remove the zeo carb and bio media, and just run the chemi pure elite and purigen.
  9. Yes that is normal. As water starts to evaporate though your sump level will drop below your display level.
  10. Looking nice and clean. What tank is that?
  11. Nice setup. If you want to keep sps you're probably going to need more flow. The wp10 is a good option. Also, check out the jebao rw-4. It's small, cheap, and creates great flow with some good wave action. I have one mounted on the back wall of my fusion 10 and I don't find that it detracts from the overall clean look of the tank.
  12. I have a jebao rw-4 in my IM 10. It's mounted under the return nozzle on the false wall and I barely notice it . Makes an awesome wave too.
  13. Sweet. Mystery wrasses are my favorite fish.
  14. It's not the stock lights. However, I did think the stock lights were pretty bright just not as much light as I wanted because I want to keep a couple lps and sps. I currently have the par30 2RB 1B 1NW 1CW 60 degree optics from boostled.
  15. Thanks