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  1. nicely captured
  2. is the brown macro growing on the red macro a pest? it seems to be growing slowly... but if is going to go nuts, I'd rather pull it now than later. thoughts?
  3. lovely!
  4. well stacked
  5. your picture is lovely, by the way. thanks for sharing!
  6. I've scuba-ed on deeper (75ft-ish) reefs in Costa Rica that were covered in sun coral that was wide open, at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Maybe it is depth-related. Maybe because it was a reasonably stormy day. For sure, the water wasn't crystal-clear and the coral was probably feeding. Just sharing a data-point. No real conclusion.
  7. how do they look under normal light? even the hair algae looks blue in that shot (on my screen, anyway)
  8. ahh bummer pretty stuff in small quantities, but I wouldn't like it so much if it covered half of my rock work It should be easy to trim it out w/ the maiden's hair
  9. I'm asking about both/either the one that is asymmetric, on the right, looks a little like bubble algae, but not really. the neon orange spots are pretty different. the other, round, bubbly one on the left--- I have been eyeballing it and thinking it is probably a nuisance algae. In any event, I've never seen anything like either of them and welcome experienced opinions and anecdotes.
  10. tunicate? soft coral? sponge? whatever it is, it is very pretty-- silvery purple with neon orange spots. It feels firm to the touch, and has grown fairly quickly.
  11. current fish resident
  12. beautiful
  13. nice!
  14. FTS

    looks great I'd be concerned that the sand may try to even itself out, burying the front rocks just something to keep eye on.
  15. Looks bright