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  1. [FS] CHEAP Zoas/Softies/SPS Frags in CA

    Update your list? Id buy at least a few things if they are available. When are around? Office hours? Morning evening weekend only?
  2. 15g Long Custom Tank Build (updated pics)

    looking good so far.
  3. Wizzy's Jar Pico

  4. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    lol so.... inside of an enclosed metal can with a canister filter on top might be a tad warm, I reckon. I'll have to remedy that. thanks, TinyGiant
  5. Kessil 360W

    keep in mind that the sun is also a point-source of light of course, it moves. and that makes a big difference. I've seen some motorized lighting systems, maybe it is a better investment than an additional light
  6. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    how much venting/cooling do these lights need? I've had 2 die an early death in my fuge. I suspect it is heat-related as the light has almost zero ventilation. I suppose it could be coincidence... but seems unlikely.
  7. Sandcruiser's 10g AIO

    some pictures
  8. great looking tank. thanks for sharing.
  9. Sandcruiser's 10g AIO

    oops. rescaping the tank I either smooshed, siphoned, or ? one of my sexy shrimp. or she is hiding in the fuge in the back. but the tank looks nicer. at least. I moved it all around in an attempt to save my frogspawn. short version: adding 21w of GU10 lights directly over the tank is probably more light than the frogspawn wanted to handle. more info: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/293554-too-much-light/ http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/267432-gu10-led-build-thread-chinese-ebay-lights/page-74 so, now the frogspawn is fragged out into 3 chunks of 2 heads, 2 heads, 3.5heads (1/2 because I'm pretty sure that one will not make it). it looked much prettier as 1 large chunk with 11 heads. I placed 1 chunk under a cave, very little light. 1 in the back corner on the sand and another in the front corner, on the sand. some combo of lighting and flow should let 1 portion grow better than the rest, time will tell. the rest of my denizens look happy and healthy. I did pick off a ton of green hair (maybe bryopsis awfully invasive) and scraped the glass down well. the tank looks as good as it has in the last couple of weeks. now I'll just watch and wait to see how everyone does. except that poor sexy shrimp. I hope she turns up.
  10. TheCoralReef's 20L Anemone Reef

    it looks like you're making progress I'm down to 4 gu10 3w LEDs as the 7 I had were just too bright for some of my coral (notably my frogspawn hated it) I'll be interested to hear how yours hold up. The tank looks good.
  11. Too much light?

    ah, c'mon Mstefa1, if the info was good a year ago, it's still good now.
  12. Too much light?

    i can't be the only person who finds old threads on a search....
  13. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    Thanks, all I'll move the froggy down further I should point out that I removed the optics completely from the lights, so they are a bit less bright than w/ optics but I suspect that they are still too much I worked from home today, and opening up the windows allowed some additional sunshine to come into the room the coral retracted even more, adding to the notion that it's too much light that is causing issues.
  14. nice looking 15g. the royal gramma and mandarin are both beautiful fish. I'll be interested to see how the mandarin holds up. sounds like you've done well with it so far.
  15. Sandcruiser's 10g AIO

    between travel and life, I haven't updated much the tank is doing ok. not great. the change to gu10 lighting and the addition of the eheim canister seem to have really upset my frogspawn. it's 10% as full as it used to be. the shrimp also cause havoc when I'm gone for 2 or 3 weeks... they get hungry, I guess. it looks like they eat coral when they are hungry. also my large(ish) trochus snail died. I think it fell tip-first into the sand and couldn't right itself. i was thousands of miles away, but still feel some guilt about allowing it to die. the nutrients released seem to have really helped my nuisance algae grow I spent 23 days on the road in Feb (with a very brief break midmonth) the tank didn't like that. in addition to not getting water changes, it got pretty saline when I was gone for 2 weeks, and I did have a friend stop by to dump some RODI in, but I'm sure he added about 1/2 a gallon, which makes a large impact in a 10g tank. and those shrimp.... they get hungry so, between the light change, the flow change, the lack of water change, and the salinity jumping around: things are looking not-so-great. I've been cleaning up, and the favia is improving. the shrimp are getting fed, but still walk all over the frogspawn every day, which continues to look worse and worse it's frustrating to see the tank decline and not really know why lesson learned? making multiple changes, quickly, makes it tough to know what is causing results. without knowing the cause, it's a challenge to fix or take advantage of changes grrrr i've adjusted my light down to just 5 gu10 bulbs, in the hopes that too-bright light is part of the problem I've moved the frogspawn down lower, and may move it further my duncan and candy cane are both very happy, so I don't think that the problem is water quality (now) i've got loads and loads of pods of at least 3 or 4 species (size/shape differs) I have loads of some sort of gastropod hitchiker. they don't seem to bother anything, and clean the glass well I've still got hair/bryopsis problems, despite an eheim full of chaeto it is likely related to me using pellets to feed the shrimp (to keep them from eating coral) my shrooms are mostly shriveled and gone but in general, the tank appears to be improving. I'll probably change 2 or 3 gallons tomorrow and pull out as much hair algae as possible