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  1. Back after a long break

    So this is the 10k under the AI Hydra 26 HD
  2. Back after a long break

    Just ordered the following: Jebao Auto Dosing Pump DP-4 http://www.fish-street.com/jebao_auto_dosing_pump_dp-4 Dosing Reservoir Liquid Box 3Room(4.5Litres) http://www.fish-street.com/Dosing%20Reservoir_liquid_box_3room4_5litres 4 Way Tube Holder http://www.fish-street.com/4_way_tube_holder
  3. Back after a long break

    Its come a long way since when I first started 10 or so years ago but nothing like in the US. For livestock online there is maybe 3 places. I'd rather buy in person though and in Auckland there is one fairly big place that has decent prices called Aquaworld. Again its nothing like the cheap prices and variety that you guys have but its not bad, mainly because we have a smaller market and the cost of livestock to import is pretty big cause they have to be quarantined for 6 weeks I think before they can be released to the shops or sold.
  4. 20 Gallons: 100 Corals

    Can't wait to see this up and running.
  5. Back after a long break

    I'll have mostly softies but a couple SPS as well. The 10k doesn't actually look that white or yellow, well defiantly not as yellow as a 10k Halide. I did have it on 12.5k but like you said Will have to wait till I get some corals in and see. I had a look at your tank and it looks good. nice colours and growth. I will probably order my dosing pump this week so will have that by the time I get some corals, not that it will make much of a difference with one or two corals once it has cycled.
  6. Back after a long break

    Thanks. Will try and get a better pic today when I get home. Anyone got any tips for the AI Hydra? currently I have a 2 1/2 hour ramp up and down time for sunrise and sunset. It then sits at 55% at 14.5k for 2 hours then ramps up to 65% 10k for 4 hours then back down to 14.5k for 2 hours.
  7. Back after a long break

    Thanks. The rock I am using is that Fiji reef rock 2.1. Still unsure of the scape, I did have it how I liked it but then moved things around and couldn't get it the same again haha. Might still have a play with it in about a week and see.
  8. Back after a long break

    So after a long break from reefing where I didn't have the time and was getting too expensive for me at the time I am back. During my 3/4 year break I always thought about starting a tank back up but kept on pushing it to the back of my mind. Now I have both the time and the money to get back into it. I started to look around and got a good deal on a Aqua One Mini reef 120 about a month ago. With a little modification to the sump for a refuge I set it up about a week ago. Originally I was going to use 4 x ati T5HO's as my main source of light and add a couple royal blue LED strips but I got such a good deal on a AI Hydra 26 HD I changed my plan. I may still add 2 T5's but not sure. I have been playing around with the light to see what colour I like and so far think I have it about right but just need a little more tweaking for my sunrise and sunset colours. Anyway here is a list of the gear I have right now and a list of gear that I have either coming or saving to get: Light: AI Hydra 26 HD Flow: 1 x Jebao RW-4 - on wave mode; Return pump Jebao DC2000 Heat: Eheim 200w ATO: Coral box A100 Heres the stuff I am saving for or on its way: Skimmer: Bubble Magus G5 Dosing: Jebao DP-4 Flow: Ecotech Vortech MP10W quiet drive And some pics so far:
  9. new Jebao RW-8 wireless pump. Like vortech

    I talked to Eric at Fish street and he said they there will be NO RW-4
  10. I've never had a cadlights but they do look very nice. I have owned a Red sea and loved it so would go with that. What is the difference in price between them in the US?
  11. Wes' Jewel Lido 120 Drop

    Following along.
  12. NZMike's Aquanano 40

    Rainsford gobies are def one of my favs. I reckon one or two branching SPS and the rest Zoas would look awesome.
  13. Drama's 34g cad (media basket install)......sike

    I've heard nothing but good things about the RW8. Can't wait for the smaller versions to come out. I used to have a MP10 but man it was loud, the RW's are suppose to be quieter.
  14. NZMike's Aquanano 40

    Geez that ATO is tiny. Would be a nice little Zoa garden tank with maybe one SPS like a monti digitata. Have you looked at a Rainsford or hectors goby?
  15. Chris' Reef

    Is that baby flipping me off?