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  1. Critter ID

    Thanks for the responses. I see some sites say they a good sand sifters and seem to be sought after for DSB tanks. I only have about an inch of substrate. Think I will pull them out. I bet I have at least 20 of them in my 29.
  2. Critter ID

    OK. I looked it up and it is definitely a Cirratulid. Any danger to my reef?
  3. Critter ID

    Need help ID'ing the critter in the picture below. I have a bunch of them living in my sand bed. Caught one on the glass at night over the weekend. Its about 1.5-2 inches long. Any help appreciated.
  4. Does salt expire?

    Thanks for the replies. I will probably test what I mixed up, but considering what salt cost and what the possible damage could cost, I will probably chuck it. Thanks.
  5. Does salt expire?

    Some one recently gave me a pail of Reef Crystals that is several years old and has been sitting in his garage for that time. The salt has hardened a bit but can be easily broken up and dissolves in water with no problem. I mixed up some water and am going to test salinity and calcium later. I have never had any salt this old. Does it go bad? Does it have a shelf life? Could it be detrimental to the tank? Thanks.
  6. Chemipure placement

    Is Chemipure most effective in a high flow area or will it work well if it is place in a fuge? I have a AC 110 fuge that I could section off a part to fit the bag or I could just place it in with the cheato. Thoughts?
  7. How long does Salt last?

    I had an X-reefer give me an unopened pail of Reef Crystals that was over a year old. I have been using it for about 8 months with no issues. As long as you keep moisture out you should have no issues.
  8. Expensive live rock ok to cycle?!

    Man, that movie freaked me out.................
  9. Having a major algae problem!

    Is it forming a mat on the substrate? I had a Cyano problem and it covered my substrate with about 1/4 inch of red crust. My problem was flow, I vacuumed it out and doubled my flow. No issues since them. Here is what I had:
  10. Sea Stars

    I have had good luck with my Brittle Star. Had him about a year with no issues. Active mostly at night. Does a good job of picking stuff off the top of the substrate.
  11. A cup of skimmate

    Personally, I have never had skimmate that as that green. Dunno about that video.
  12. Going Away for a Week

    I would be more concerned about evaporation than food. The fish can go a week without food and survive, but I lose a gallon a day. I could never go a week without topping off. Do you have an ATO system? If so, you should be fine.
  13. Red Crust on substrate

    How will a blackout affect my Zoas, Shrooms and Xenia?
  14. Red Crust on substrate

    Yes. Using RO/DI. I did search several of the threads on Cyano (now that I know what I've got going on here). I think my problem is mostly due to flow as I know I am on the low end of it. I feed every other day and, with only 3 fish, it is easy to feed a pellet at a time and make sure it is all consumed. I will go to every 3 days and less mysis on the weekend. Thanks for the replies.