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  1. You're going to have to be more specific here... Did you recently change something in the tank? More importantly, what are your water parameters?
  2. I believe the buzzword is "responsive"... lol.
  3. Bootstrap, Chris?
  4. Phuong, looking good, man. I am totally digging this little bugger.
  5. FTS from last week.
  6. I had a black sponge take out the majority of a gsp colony. I took out the rock and scrubbed it off. Lost a bunch of the gsp along with it though.
  7. True enough, MC. However, I didn't see any mention in there about using RO/DI or distilled so basically what the buyer will end up with is not an awesome mixed reef tank, but an awesome as hell algae tank. lol.
  8. Here's where this thing is totally a failure waiting to happen.... it says in there somewhere that you get "tap water" conditioner. They're advocating the use of tap water in a mixed reef tank. Not good.
  9. Bought a used MAME III skimmer from Donnie late last week. Really great communication and he gave me a really good price including a ton of airline and an air pump. He shipped it Monday and I had it in the tank by Wednesday. Highly recommended. Good honest seller.
  10. A deal has been made. Thanks to those that sent a PM.
  11. Cool, my tank made the home page!! Site looks great. I'll try to get a more professional pic for you, Phuong. A buddy of mine has a nice Canon EOS. That pic was just taken from my F8 tablet.
  12. A FTS from yesterday. Xenia is much happier.
  13. Just wanted to add some feedback for Phuong over at Oceanbox Designs. I ordered a custom 6 gallon corner style AIO tank. Below are the specs from his site: Tank Dimensions: 18Lx10Wx8H AIO on the back-right corner AIO dimensions: 9Lx3Wx7-5/8H Outflow nozzle to the side 1 Media rack 3/8″ Cast Acrylic Black bottom, back Clear front, sides Lead Time: 5-6 weeks Quality of work: definitely a 10 out of 10 on this one. It is obvious that this young man takes pride in his work and strives to produce a top notch product. Not only are the inhabitants of the tank beautiful but the tank itself is like a work of art in and of itself. I have gotten several nice comments on the workmanship from visitors. Communication: 10 out of 10. There were a lot of emails exchanged from the time I placed my order to the time he began my build. He definitely wanted be sure what he was going to build was what I had envisioned and it showed. We must have exchanged 20 emails easily. Time to Delivery: I will have to go with a 8 out of 10. I ordered the tank on July 6th and received the finished product on October 14th. the original lead time of 5-7 weeks was quite a bit off. It was obvious that Phuong was well aware of this and he actually added second media rack in the overflow for me at no charge. This made it obvious to me that Phuong was the type of business owner that will try to remedy a situation when a customer is unsatisfied with the way things are going. Funny thing is... I never even complained. That simple gesture instantly let me know he was the kind of person I would do business with again if I ever need any more acrylics. In short I am more than happy with the product he provided me with and would definitely recommend him to anyone else looking for some nice custom acrylic work. Here is a link to my build thread. There are more pictures of the new tank on page 2.
  14. I know these things are a hot commodity but was hoping someone had one for sale here on NR. I contacted Neil at SWC but he said new stock for the US is several weeks away...