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  1. Lara's 4G CAD Lights Mini

  2. Lara's 4G CAD Lights Mini

    Sweet! I just added 5 rics some Xenia and a small frag of gsp...if those won't grow under this light I don't know what will lol
  3. Lara's 4G CAD Lights Mini

    I just got one of these tanks I noticed you are using the stock light, how has it been? Are your corals growing good?
  4. Fluval Spec Zoa Garden Build Thread

    If you wanna get rid of that algae you need to start using RODI or distilled water. No more tap water, btw love the tank!!!
  5. I'll reduce to $185 shipped in the states if someone wants it here
  6. Hi everyone looking at upgrading my tank so I'm parting out. First up is my JBJ Unibody this thing is super nice with lots of adjustable brightness! Looks great, I took pics with it on the top of tank now. I have used this about 6 months. Looks and works great! I recently upgraded from t5 ho this summer and the improvement in par & brightness was amazing! It will be cleaned and shipped in the original box asap once payment is made through pay-pal $200 shipped.
  7. Hi guys/gals I have some awesome PSB Alpha B1's that I'm looking to sell. These are the smaller monitors about 13" tall and sound great! I got them in March of this year so they are pretty much just broke in. They are in perfect like new condition no scratches or scuffs. I'm moving into a much larger place and would like to get some floorstanding speakers, so I thought I would see if anyone here would like some audiophile grade speakers before trying the bay. Anyway I would like $200 per pair shipped these are heavy little guys! I paid about $600 plus $25.00 per pair to ship about 6 months ago. Again these are in perfect like new condition...and I have already done all the breaking in Shoot me a pm if interested, thanks. I will post some pics later tonight...
  8. FS: JBJ viper K2 delux 150w MH clamp on

    Still available?
  9. wtb 18-20 T5HO fixture

    Here is a cople pics and another
  10. 2x18" Nova Extreme light fixtures FS

    USPS shows about $10-11 depending on final weight on a package 24x8x10 should be close. Lets call it 10 and if it goes over I'll pay the rest
  11. 2x18" Nova Extreme light fixtures FS

    Let me see if they want both these units first
  12. 2x18" Nova Extreme light fixtures FS

    It would be 50 for both plus shipping
  13. wtb 18-20 T5HO fixture

    I'll post a pic with both of them on my tank tonight