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  1. Will the new site feature wet water?
  2. Pickle010

    Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    bumping for someone that was looking for this thread.
  3. Pickle010

    Pickle’s Guide to Breeding Clowns

    I get my foods, rots and phyto all from the same place. Reed Mariculture. You can pick up a breeder pack of the TDO Chroma boost will give you a good variety of food sizes to try out. Remember that even the smallest size is still kind of large to start with which is why I grind it up even finer before I feed. And seriously... pull your personal contact info down - you can PM it to me if you want - but you can reach me here or on FB - PM me and I'll send you a link to the page. If you leave your stuff here you'll have guys like StevieT calling you at all hours of the night.... khakis... and no one wants that.
  4. Pickle010

    Pickle’s Guide to Breeding Clowns

    I'll be honest... I've never hatched shrimp in my life. Except sea monkeys when I was a kid if that counts. I start feeding dry foods right around day two or three. I feed extremely fine (crushed by mortar and pestle) high quality grow out feed. Typically the first few times I add the food in a well-lit spot in the flow of the air bubbles to give it movement in the tank. After a couple of days I can see the fry hitting the powdered food and I'm off to the races. I still feed rots through meta but start relying more and more on the dry feed earlier on. I am just very careful at the start since I know most of the food I add to the tank will be getting vacuumed up later on. I will also tell you that 90% of my problems went away when I fed the bejesus out of my broodstock. The better you feed them, the better the nests, the stronger the hatch and the easier your fry are to raise. And yes you can definitely cross clown species it's been done and documented pretty well. Percula / occy hybrids such as percularis are pretty well known. There are other variants of Maroons and other clowns as well. Most of the time the trick is trying to pair some of those variants or species. Maroons can be very difficult to pair and half the time the end result isn't really desired. I would say that you'll often find that breeding more desirable clowns from the start will make your life a lot easier.
  5. Pickle010

    What do I feed your cuc

    I was waiting for someone to say something... the thought of someone else coming over and feeding my CUC is a little creepy.
  6. Pickle010

    xenias are out of control.

    I'm one of those people that think zenia is only good for the sump. I can't stand the stuff as it grows so fast and will walk all over the tank. I've seen very nice tanks become zenia gardens because the owner gave up the fight and it just got out of control. Something I've seen people do is put the stuff on it's own little rock island surrounded by sand. That may slow it down some. But for any of my tanks - I would kill it with fire!
  7. Pickle010

    Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    Looking Good Tyler!
  8. Pickle010

    Clownfish species, variants, and classification!

    Aren't Da Vinci and Fancy Whites the same thing? - they are both B ( C ) grade Wyomings. Or is it Da Vinci's are B's and Fancy's are more of a C grade?
  9. Pickle010

    F/S - EcoTech Vortech MP20

    Seriously man - nothing personal - just looking out.
  10. Pickle010

    F/S - EcoTech Vortech MP20

    Only because we've seen it here before, it wouldn't be the first time someone used an ALT to try to influence the opinions of others here. If you are clean - you have nothing to worry about, I'm sure the mods will check IP's to confirm. I didn't accuse you of anything - just said I wasn't sure about you and it's worth looking into. You can post whatever you'd like but to be honest - none of that really matters. If you don't like what I said there is a little yellow triangle at the bottom left of the post. Feel free to report it to the mods.
  11. Pickle010

    F/S - EcoTech Vortech MP20

    Sucks that this happens on here from time to time - I'd NEVER deal with anyone that didn't have a good proven track record here unless it was nickel and dime stuff that wouldn't make a large impact if went bad. I'm not so sure about the person that posted he bought it... close in age - not far away - low post count ... seems too convienient. Hopefully paypal can refund you or you can use credit card fraud protection on this one if he already cleaned out the account.
  12. I agree with HD that a good diet will go a long way - that's why it's recommended to feed foods soaked in garlic to entice fish to eat. And I've seen it work for some people - however it is risky. A proper acclimation into a dim tank will help with the stress and ease the fish into the quarentine without much stress. I've handled just a few clownfish in the last couple of years and have had my bouts with ich. I've tried "reef safe" solutions, feeding and letting the fish fight it off on its own as well as copper and hyposalinity treatments. My best results have come from copper treatments and hyposalinity. I can tell you the feed well and hope method is risky. Hope is about a great cure for ich as it is a contraceptive. Sure... sometimes it works but you are taking a pretty high risk. As for cleaning your equipment - the main tank should stay fallow for 60 days to allow the ich to run its course and die off. You can clean heaters and any other equiptment with white vinegar.
  13. You've heard of the calm before the storm right? When you see them - they are hosting - when you can't see them they've filled up and fell to the sand bed to spawn. So don't think of it as having more time - if you wait too long they will come back and much stronger then the last time. You need to do something now.
  14. Pickle010

    Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    I've heard of clownfish living 20+ years. The local fish store owner in my area had a perc that he swore was over 25.
  15. Pickle010

    Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    If you go to the link below my sig there is one pictured on my facebook page.