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  1. white spot on clownfish...help please

    If more spots occur it might be ICH. Have you tried a freshwater dip? If its a parasite a 15 minute dip in freshwater (same ph and temp as your tank water, remove any chlorine) should cause to drop off.
  2. Overflow the sump when power cut? help!

    The bottom of the "teeth" in the overflow is below where your waterline is going to be when the tank is powered. It looks like your waterline is going to be very close to the top of your tank which leaves little margin for errors like a tank that's not level, or a small obstruction in the overflow teeth. Cool tank that will look great but a klutz like me would spill water all over the place with a tank like yours. Return above water line, drill a hole in the side at or above waterline in you locline so it can't siphon if the exit happens to be below your waterline when the power goes out. Smart testing your setup - power goes out all the time.
  3. Planning and Plotting My First Aquarium

    Don't write off the crabs just yet, what croaks natural like they take care of too.
  4. Overflow the sump when power cut? help!

    Yeah, your return isn't creating a siphon it's a drain. Return exit needs to be above water line. Not much space between the bottom of your overflow and the top of the tank. Make sure your tank is level and keep gunk out of the overflow teeth. Good luck keeping H2O in the tank.
  5. Sapphire Nanoskimmer?

    Sapphire Nanoskimmer NC12/BC14 PRESALE $105.95 ***SPECIAL PRESALE: Due to Nintendo Wii like popularity, Sapphire Aquatics has informed us that this protein skimmer will be available approximately 2 weeks To time stamp the latest delivery promise on the skimmers (nanotuners/customs). At least they given up on publishing hard dates. Shall we start a pool to see who can guess how many weeks 2 weeks actually ends up being?
  6. Help Sapphire Skimmer in NC12

    Here's the diagram illustrating the H20 Level if it's any help (bottom of page) http://www.nanocustoms.com/product_info.ph...d8404e34ed5be4e
  7. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

  8. Clown crashed fast

    I've had bad luck with sick clowns also (luckily no deaths). A lot of people do a fresh water dip when they first bring them home to get rid of external parasites. I now quarantine them in a low salinity tank for a week or two or three. If the fish died from parasites then they have lifecycles outside the fish so I'd wait along time before adding another.
  9. Collecting LR from Puerto Penasco

    The practical aspects is you may violate Mexican wildlife, tax and export laws and violate US wildlife, tax and import laws. You'll need a team a lawyers to figure out how to do this legally.
  10. Whats on my fish?

    If it's a parasite then it might release with a freshwater dip - I'd try it (make sure to match temp and ph and dechlorinate the water).
  11. My 12g NanoCube

    It should - I hear they're good. Make sure to post your hood mods.
  12. My 12g NanoCube

    Nice tank - esp considering its age. What skimmer did you order?
  13. gasping clowns!

    pH Shock (Web Article) As its name suggests this condition occurs when a fish is introduced to quickly into a new environment which has a very different pH from the one it came from, when the pH is adjusted to quickly and the fish have little or no time to adjust themselves, or when the pH is to far outside the fishes normal range. It is very important that any change in water chemistry is made slowly and fish should never be exposed to changes of pH greater than 0.5 of one unit on the pH scale in either direction. Avoidance is by far the best solution because in most cases the symptoms don't appear until the second or third day by which time the damage has been done and the fish will probably die. A fish suffering from this condition will show all the typical signs of shock - Lying on the bottom and paying little or no attention to its surroundings and ignoring potential threats. It may even lay on its side or go upside down completely. There could be other signs to, related to Acidosis and Alkalosis Excessive mucus production. Rapid breathing. Swollen abdomen. (Alkalosis only). If the condition is allowed to go on for one or two days then the chances of a successful remedy are greatly reduced because a lot of damage will have taken place. If the symptoms are spotted early enough there are a couple of things that will help. Begin to return the pH to the original pH in steps of 0.4 of one unit on the pH scale and allow 3 hrs in between the adjustments. Make these adjustments until the pH is returned to a safe and satisfactory level. Treat the tank with a broad spectrum anti-Bacteria/Fungus compound to prevent secondary infections of the Skin and Gills. Prevention is easy. A successful treatment isn't Good luck - you might also consider moving the fish to quarantine.
  14. zoans

    Here's a good link that talks about fragging http://www.thesea.org/reef_aquarium/coral_...hus_lessons.php
  15. Bio-BALL HELP!

    Most people do Cheato and maybe a little rubble and that's it. Good luck with the mods.