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  1. Sailfin Blenny
  2. 2 years from 30?? a lil young to be going thru a mid life crisis, you would have been smarter to just by a corvette or maybe one ofthe new 2006 camaros, then once you understood what you really did, you can. trade the cars in and return to adult life.
  3. ???
  4. You know,, instead of you all so called "high and mighty" types giving the man a hard time NOT one of you even tried to offer him any help. Simple fact is,, if the aneome is "bleached' just feed the clown a lot and the left over food will get to the aneome. You can weed out a LOT of the azzz holes by how they treat your post,, the high and mighty types that have nothing to say but what you did wrong,, or the normal types that are into the hobby for the love and nothing else.those/we are the ones that will actually HELP you out with legit info.
  5. here's looking at ya
  6. mano a mano with the cam lens
  7. The mantis tank is a different one than the cleaner. I used a minolta z10 dig camera takes great pics, this was takne on the full auto mode. with a flash. He was lookin gat tghe cam deciding if he should strike it or not.
  8. Rics in mantis tank
  9. peacock peeping out
  10. skunk with shrooms
  11. awesome tank! anyone that can maintain a tank that well I am sure has an idea what to do with his livestock once they get too large and i am sure he is not putting anythging in his tank he does not know how to care for. Tang Police chill out. If the Tang police had the same passion for thier fellow man as they do for an over priced IMO not a very impressive fish The world would be a much better place. and yes a Tang Blue yellow or what ever is st6ill just a FISH, Just one splash of hot suace and a dab of butter from being a burp.
  12. looks like you will have problrems with gas exchange with such a small surface area, and if you have storng enough lighting for your photosynthetic animals to take up the slack of O2 production and CO2 removal you might run into temp control problmes. But then again these forums are FULL of "exp[erts" saying this and that wont work and they have been proven wrong time and time again. I say gop for rit keep maticulus notes , "we learn by doing"
  13. Go on and peel it off, xenia DONT die. i keep ripping it of my rock, treating it like sh*T and after a few weeks the spots where there is just a little filmor flesh left from the zenia grows stalks and starts pulsing.
  14. the 55 watt ballast for the 32 watt bulb . might shorten the life of the bulb, but you are now throwing out close to 55 watts , which is why your bulbs are unning so hot. As long as the ballast is electronic and not running too hot to touch or emitting that funny "electronic burnt" smell you should be good to go.Remeber ALL thsie aqualights that are 130 watts are using only 55 watt power compacts. The ballast determmines the bulb output and brightness. more than the type of bulb to a certain point.