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  1. ocean water

    as long as there is no Red-Tide,, you can use NSW,, funny how we spend $$ on trying to duplicate an oceanic enviroment, But as soon as someone say they want to use NSW,, we get post about contaniments etc etc.. and you have to go out miles to get good water and all that. If you can go to your source of NSW and snokle and see life and thriving life. .. Thats good enough. Corals are a LOT stronger then we give them credit for. They only fail in our tanks because we cannot duplicate the enviroment that they evloved in. At the point all we can do is call them is hardy or delicate.
  2. AquaC Remora Issues - Wrong forum

    Have you ever considered the fact that the skimmer is working so well that your DOC's are so low that all you will get is "tea". The remora's are outstanding skimmers and over time, sooner or later they will clean the tank and what skimmate you get will be very light. Once all the gunk is out the tank, the skimmer will still skim but if there is nothing left to skim, there you go.
  3. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy 8th nano reef
  4. Boiling dry rock.

    I would boil it for about twenty minutes, There is a chance that some of the HA or nussiance algae might have gone into spore. If that is the case,, those spores can survive a very long time in dry conditions and begin to grow once back in favorable conditions.
  5. So now that I'm topless and wet....

    They same cleaners and solvents you keep away from a hooded tank, A tank with a top is not air tight. Do the same things as if your tank had a top and you will be good to go. Be awear of jumping fish and possible slpashing on your light fixture if you are running MH.
  6. RO system

    was speaking of Carbon in general, the fact that it in its softest form known as graphite and its hardest form is diamond,, no change in chemical compostion just the arrangement of the bonding pattern, Sorry if i didnt make my point clearIt is late friday night
  7. RO system

    Run the micron second after the carbon block?? Do you think mor have you heard of a carbon block breaking down and fouling up the RO membrane I would think runining the Micron filter second would ensure/insure (hell) make sure that any break down in the carbon block does not reach the RO/membrane... I Dont konw much about carbon block filters but Ido know carbon has the abilty of being the hardest and softest natural material on the planet. Has anyonew done any studies on the intergrity of the carbon Block?
  8. RO system

    Thanks Mr Fosi,, I figure that if the water that goes thru the RO filter should be as free as possible of particles. What good is if if one has a .5 micron filter and .5 carbon block if the carbon block is the second. Carbon has the ablitly of being the hardest and softest natural thing on the planet. MY water is fairly good , NW florida no silt, pumped upped form the aquier (spelling) a dose of Cl2 and right into our homes. But Mr Fpsi I have teste my watyer fo Cl2 right out of the tap and I still read zero. But then again I dont think the kit test fro chloramines.
  9. RO system

    Happy Friday peoples. I have a quick Q. I am firing up my old RO system and my quesation is what's the best order to place the filters in. Carbon block first then Micron filter? Both will be .5 size micron. I am thinking Carbon block first then Micron filter. Logic being if the carbon block has any break up or any particles fall away they will be caught by the micron filter before they reach the actual RO membrane. Thanks for any input.
  10. My two refracs and a hydro read way diff.

    This thread is still alive? This is one of the reasons that keep people away from salt water tanks, a simple Q about which refactometer to trust has exploded into this LOL. simple Q simple. simple answer...calibrate, test retest, compare and and accept the results. This is not rocket science it is reefing and like all life sciences it is NOT excat. You can take two samples of ocean water 10 feet distance from eachother and you will get some very different results. It is about relative stability not absolute exact numbers. "i never had a Ph problem until i started testing for Ph"--unknown author.
  11. My two refracs and a hydro read way diff.

    If you ever flown an aricraft at night or in zero vis,, using ILS approach you learn to trust your instruments, chances are if you ever flown into a major airport, you were in the hands of an ILS approach system. Feelings change and can be influenced by many factors. ILS approach ,,, well numbers dont lie. If your instruments are calibrated correctly then there is no blind trust, it is a simple mathematical fact. "if i drop a hammer in a postive gravity field i need not see if fall to know it fell" ...Mr Spock. Numbers dont lie. ignore your feelings and trust your instruments,, there is no "force" to guide us in reefing.
  12. My two refracs and a hydro read way diff.

    35 grams of sea salt, Put in a 1 liter volumetric flask. add ro/di watyer to the line. mix well. it will be 35 ppm , i cant recall the converstion to specific gravity. Use that as your cal solution. OR you can just set it t zero with RO/DI water it will be calibrated. Ignore your feelings and trust your instruments.
  13. Replacing Live Rock

    why not just take your original live rock and break it up with a hammer. It should not have too much of an impact on yopur tank since the rock is cycled and if you use about the same amonut of rock your bio filtration should not be compromised.
  14. Killing mushrooms

    How about increasing the light, My shrooms melt away when i increased the lighting on my tank, correct me if i am wrong but i think zoas can handle much higher light than shrooms.