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  1. I have a Duo plus M and a A360WE. They are both great lights but I prefer the Kessil. The color blending, shimmer, and natural look of the light the Kessil puts out is simply stunning and nothing else out there even comes close. I like the simple color and intensity controls of the Kessil over being able to control every channel. I found such control overwhelming and too tempting as I was constantly tinkering with it. Kessil focuses much more of the light into the tank. I couldn't believe how much darker the room got when I hooked it up. The Kessil A Series mount is very stable and solid. I never cared for the mount on the Duo. I always felt like the metal screws could potentially crack the tank or that if I bumped the light it would fall into the tank.
  2. reefist

    What is your favorite salt mix, and why!

    I'm going to try some AccuraSea 1 when DFS gets more in. The 50g box come with 10 measured bags that make 5g each, just cut and dump. No stratification worries or measuring and I'm lazy. Up until now Coralife has been my go to.
  3. That sounds like a plan. Spend your money on quality live rock, lighting, and circulation.
  4. There's nothing wrong with Aquatop tanks. I have a few of their rimless low iron tanks. They are made by the same manufacturer as the ADA tanks and side by side you can't tell the difference. I can't speak for this kit that you are looking at.
  5. reefist

    I regret buying a urchin

    What's it going to eat down there?
  6. reefist

    Kessil A80 **For sale**

    Picture? Gooseneck?
  7. reefist

    I regret buying a urchin

    Just glue your stuff down. They are the best algae eaters around.
  8. reefist

    Lighting a 24" sps Cube

    Two a160we in the X configuration would be great. The color blending of the Kessil dense matrix can't be beat. I can see color separation with all my other LEDs, that's why they live in the cellar now. The Nanobox is pretty slick, I have a Duo on one of my tanks. It has the least color separation of the puck style lights as it uses no optics.
  9. reefist

    Kessil on 40b

    Oh ok, cool. Just wanted to put in a good word for Kessil to counter the naysayers.
  10. reefist

    Kessil on 40b

    As far as spectrum goes Kessil is for corals, not humans. They seem dim to a lot of people because a large portion of the light they produce is not perceived by our eyes well. Don't let that fool you, they will fry your corals if you are not careful. The best part about them is zero color separation. I also enjoy the lack of bells and whistles everyone thinks they need. Being able to adjust the spectrum and intensity is enough for me. If you want ramping hook up their spectral controller, if not an old school time works just fine. You'd probably want two 360s on a 40b if you want to do SPS throughout the tank. You could get away with one if you do a bommie type aquascape in the middle of the tank. Two 160s would work for a mixed reef with a few SPS at the top. They are definitely not only reserved for low light corals. People who can't grow corals with Kessils should look for a problem elsewhere. BRS has some good videos on Kessil to look at if you haven't already.
  11. reefist

    IM Nuvo 10 + Kessil A80 light intensity ?

    I would lower the light to 4-6"
  12. reefist

    Bottom-up flow with MP10

    I think you'd be better off with a closed loop. Use a DC pump and an RFG nozzle so you can pulse the flow. Vivid Creative Aquatics makes a 1/2" one that would find nicely into your small display. I think you will have issues placing an MP-10 in such a small tank. Bottom up flow does work well. Tunze advocates placing pumps low and angled up towards the surface. Sounds like a neat tank you have planned. I look forward to seeing it.
  13. reefist

    Filter Media Cup on Red Sea Reefer

    I love mine! I fill it with Tunze Macro Wadding, loosely packed.
  14. reefist

    CHEMICLEAN - Amazing!

    What's the air pump for?