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  1. Bottom-up flow with MP10

    I think you'd be better off with a closed loop. Use a DC pump and an RFG nozzle so you can pulse the flow. Vivid Creative Aquatics makes a 1/2" one that would find nicely into your small display. I think you will have issues placing an MP-10 in such a small tank. Bottom up flow does work well. Tunze advocates placing pumps low and angled up towards the surface. Sounds like a neat tank you have planned. I look forward to seeing it.
  2. Filter Media Cup on Red Sea Reefer

    I love mine! I fill it with Tunze Macro Wadding, loosely packed.
  3. CHEMICLEAN - Amazing!

    What's the air pump for?
  4. moving from orbit to kessel

    20 longs are 30" so definitely two.
  5. Kessil A80 Tuna Blue FS

    What do the Pink Panther and a male prostitute have in common? They are both Peter Sellers.
  6. Reef Glass skimmer

  7. Reef Glass skimmer

    I have purchased the ebay stones and they are of fine quality. My only complaint is the black hose bard versus the white one on the Mame stones.
  8. Reef Glass skimmer

    That blows!!! That's the worst place for a cut too. I put a rubber mat in the sink when I clean it just in case. Sorry to hear that
  9. I'd imagine you should have enough flow in there for sps with a single mp-10. I had another Tunze in mine and it was way too much. Water was sloshing into the overflow making a racket. I'm doing more of a lagoon biotope so no sps.
  10. How do you like the mp-10 in the nook on the side of the overflow? I'm still trying to figure out the flow in my Nano. I bought a 3D printed split return nozzle and the only difference is that it creates a small patch of surface film that's trapped between the two nozzles. I have a Tunze in the nook and it is very unobtrusive there but I'm not sure it's the best spot when it comes to the flow.
  11. Nuvo Fusion 20 - Kessil A80 or AI Prime?

    I hope you got a Kessil.
  12. Reef Glass skimmer

    I have a Luft as pictured in my avatar. The potentiometer is invaluable when it comes to adjusting the air. No fiddling with cheap plastic valves.
  13. Reef Glass skimmer

    I wouldn't even bother with a skimmer in an IM10 if you employ good husbandry. I understand though, watching skimmers work is fun. Especially when they are glass and you can see everything happening. There is a certain elegance in the simplicity of air pump driven skimmers.
  14. Reef Glass skimmer

    I can't speak to the Reefglass but I have a Mame and it blows doors on any nano skimmer I've ever used, and I've used all of them. Once you get the air and water level dialed this type of nano skimmer is hard to beat.
  15. Nanobox DUO plus M

    The light is no longer available.