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  1. Cleaning a glass tank...

    Mag-float, razor blade for the stubborn stuff or coraline and magic eraser.
  2. IM 16 tempered glass?

    Yep, pics of the new setup are in my IM 16 thread.
  3. GrandeGixxer's IM Nuvo 16

  4. GrandeGixxer's IM Nuvo 16

    Ya, the gamma is a sick bike for sure! Too bad you can't touch one for any reasonable price.
  5. GrandeGixxer's IM Nuvo 16

    Finally hot the upgrade pretty much done. I have a little more tidying up to do and a few more corals to mount but I'll post a couple pics tomorrow when all the lights are on. Finally got my vortechs syched and working like I want them to. It is pretty sick!
  6. GrandeGixxer's IM Nuvo 16

    What a crazy weekend! I got everything moved, finally finished tonight. I have the new tank set up just enough to sustain life, lol! None of the corals are placed! Just sitting in the sandbed. I haven't plumbed the nuvo into the rest of it yet. Gonna let it run a couple days, then tackle it. Gotta get the wiring cleaned up first, everything is in a pile on the floor at this point. Not the safest situation, but it will be fine. I hope to have everything like it should be this weekend.
  7. nuvo 16

    The first one was the old style. The tank never leaked, the back partition popped loose is all. The only effect on performance this had was that sometimes it would let some of the sugar sand come through the bottom and it would blow it back out of the returns. The tank never leaked though. Steve at IM was awesome about it though and I had a replacement tak the day after I called.
  8. nuvo 16

    There is a wrong way to fill it. Don't fill the back part first. The earlier tanks had the black acrylic panel siliconed to the glass partitions and would pop loose if you filled the back first. The newer tanks have a glass pane siliconed to the partitions and then the black acrylic siliconed to it. Either way, just fill the display first. I just got my replacement tank this week.
  9. GrandeGixxer's IM Nuvo 16

    Thanks! The GSX-R series are great bikes! I actually had to sell my race 750 to pay my x's Atty. I still have my '07 Aprilia RSV 1000R though.
  10. GrandeGixxer's IM Nuvo 16

    The damage has been done! This is the replacement tank from IM. Drilled and ready for the upgrade! With Maggie Muffler, fits like a glove! My GQ frag rack! Looking forward to getting the upgrade done this weekend.
  11. IM 16 tempered glass?

    Just talked to them, not tempered.
  12. Solana 34 Dry Box for the Vortech pump

    Sounds risky and too much work. Just put it on the side like the rest of us do.
  13. IM 16 tempered glass?

    Anyone know? I'm about to drill the back wall of mine, just want to know if anyone has done it yet?
  14. GrandeGixxer's Solana 34

    I have the sol on my im 16 now. I do like it, but the colors from the vega is much better. Eddie, congrats! It's a really good tank!
  15. GrandeGixxer's IM Nuvo 16

    A few new pics Ric garden Rhodactos garden, my new thing! Frags Fts