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  1. 22k in stock??

    Great, I am really excited about these bulbs. I just hope they are back in stock soon.
  2. 22k in stock??

    Thanks for your info, do you think two of the bulbs would be enough light for a 36 bow front tank? I am only interested in zoas, rics, rock flower anemones and other softies.
  3. 22k in stock??

    Hey, I was just wanting to know when you expect to get the 35w par 38 22k superblue bulbs back in stock. I really want two of these but may have to settle for the 18k bulb if it is going to take a long time. I like a blue tank but still want good growth and not super fake purple. Which bulb is better for super glow of corals and not too much purple? I have the 14 w par 30 on a smaller tank and love it but would like a little more blue color pop. These will be going over a 36 bowfront with rock flower anemones, zoas, and riccs.
  4. Tank Break Down

    Are the pictures shown pics of his actual frags and what light have they been under? I am interested in getting a couple of polyps of most of them mounted if this is the real pics.
  5. Hey, I replied on the other forum and haven't heard back. Is the live rock and corals still in the deal? I am really just interested in getting some of the lights and the smaller tank. What type of lights do you have and how old are they? Will you just sell these item? I might also be interested in the zoos if they are some that I don't have. I need more lights on my 90 gallon. I could pick it up this weekend if the price is right thanks, Kim
  6. Nuclear Greens and Purple Deaths

    I think some of you are crazy. If he is willing to give me something for free that will look beautiful in my tank while it grows. I will gladly pay shipping, take care of it and sell it on this forum for $20.00 I would be glad to give him part of the money from the sells. I think this is a great idea and a win win situation for everybody. If I don't get to be the grower on the East coast then I hope I will be in line to get some of these soon. Kim
  7. Nuclear Greens and Purple Deaths

    Hey, I live in Georgia and would love to grow out those cool colors and have no problems with the selling rules you stated. I have a 90 gallon display with vho lighting and a 10 gallon prop only tank with 130 watts of pc on it. If you think they would flourish in my prop tank I would love to grow them. I have a few shrooms and lots of colors of zoa frags in there that I doing great. Just let me know. Thanks, Kim
  8. Problem with Sailfin

    Thanks for the reply. All is well tonight. Everybody is fat and happy.
  9. I made fresh fish food tonight out of the usually nori, shrimp, and a seafood mix. All of it was fresh not cooked no addititives. When I finished I put what was left in the bowl in my 90 gallon tank. It might have been a little more than I normally give them but not an extreme amount. Everything was fine while they ate but about 20 minutes later I noticed the sailfin was pale and very fat and kind of swimming funny. Now for the gross part, he expelled waste a couple of times and still was pale and my husband and I were watching him then he threw up. It looked like he ate most of the food I put in the tank. Of course the other fish just started eating again. He seems to be getting his regular color back and is swimming around fine now. Has anybody every had a fish throw up and do you think he will be ok.
  10. Cool your tank with these mirco fans

    Hi, If you still have the 2 fans for 3 bucks I want them. How much would it be to ship to 30629 I can pay with paypal or a check. Just let me know thantks Kim
  11. co2 tank for sale

    I have a 20 pound co2 tank and 2 gauge regulator for sale. I used it on my 55 gallon freshwater planted tank. I just had it filled a few weeks ago and now have decided to convert the tank to saltwater and will not use this. It is very heavy so I will not ship it. I live near Athens, Ga and travel to Atlanta and Anderson SC every few weeks. I will also be in Dalton Ga this week for Thanksgiving. If anyone is interested near these places just let me know. I want $85.00 for it and would be interested in trading for lights. Thanks, Kim
  12. A few Skimmers for sale

    Hello, I am interested in the $45.00 skimmer. I am new to saltwater and think I need a skimmer but not sure which one. I have a 29 gal with a 10 gallon sump. I have live rock, sand, xinia, frogspawn, several zoas,and a pajami cardinal fish. Where do you live and how much would shipping be to Comer Ga. Let me know if you think this wouldn't work for my set-up Thanks, Kim