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  1. Great, I am really excited about these bulbs. I just hope they are back in stock soon.
  2. Thanks for your info, do you think two of the bulbs would be enough light for a 36 bow front tank? I am only interested in zoas, rics, rock flower anemones and other softies.
  3. Hey, I was just wanting to know when you expect to get the 35w par 38 22k superblue bulbs back in stock. I really want two of these but may have to settle for the 18k bulb if it is going to take a long time. I like a blue tank but still want good growth and not super fake purple. Which bulb is better for super glow of corals and not too much purple? I have the 14 w par 30 on a smaller tank and love it but would like a little more blue color pop. These will be going over a 36 bowfront with rock flower anemones, zoas, and riccs.