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  1. Please PM the site administrator, Christopher Marks, to discuss whether posting this is ok with him before posting further. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Moving to general where I think you'll find more of the kinds of responses you're looking for.
  3. Also, oh you poor thing, I wasn't on a power trip, and we ignore Kat's complaining a good deal of the time. I have nothing personal against you at all. It's not some vendetta. I told you not to be a creeper. You were acting like a creeper. If you'd like, I'm sure Chris will put "don't act like a creeper" in the site rules, but I don't think anyone ever thought it actually had to be written down. That's the end of it. If you have a problem with it, PM Chris. He's fully aware of the situation and approves. FWIW, I haven't been on this thread in a week. The only reason I even saw you're back is because someone reported some other post in this thread for "bad taste in posting." I shit you not. In a thread titled the NR crapper. Who'd have guessed?
  4. You know how I said I don't call people out publicly? I lied. Eddie's taking a week vacation for continuing to be a creeper despite our conversation last night. I know it's not explicitly written in the rules, but basic human decency people. Just because Tom quit being so much of an ass when Chris unsuspended him doesn't mean someone needs to step up and fill the void. A little PSA for your Tuesday morning.
  5. It's late enough for me to go wake up the rug rat and feed him before he has to be NPO for surgery. Goodnight. Behave kids.
  6. hookers and blow, and the cops caught him. something like that.
  7. lol. booty shorts and tailbone pads don't work well together.
  8. Do you post in general? People in general "like" everything. You could describe how you dissected their kitten (with pictures) last night and they'd click like.
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