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  1. ziareefer feedback

    purchased the AC70 with inTank Media Basket. item was packaged well in bubble wrap and peanuts. Fast response and quick shipping. would recommend buying from him again!
  2. Terrellble Terrell's 30 Rimless

    how do you like vidarock? were they expensive?

    bump. everything is still for sale. i'll entertain offers. i'll post more items later tonight.


    I'm sad to say, but I'll be taking a long hiatus from the hobby. Good news for you - I have some great stuff for sale Solana 34G with Solana Modern Black Stand SOLD! 20" 150W Sunpod HQI with 14K Phoenix Bulb - $100 Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 SOLD! Tunze 9002 Nano Skimmer w/ Magnet Holder & InTank Collection Cup SOLD! Neptune Systems Aquacontroller Jr. w/ DC8 + Temp probe SOLD! Azoo Quad Cooling Fans - SOLD! All Glass Aquarium 100W Heater SOLD! Solana Media Basket SOLD! 3 - 50 gal bags of IO salt mix - $10 bucks each SOLD! API Saltwater Liquid Master Test Kit - SOLD! Pics are available on request. Prefer pick up. Will ship at buyers expense. Shipping from 90501.
  6. SOLD! Vortech MP-10W EcoSmart Driver

    Sold. Please close.
  7. Vortech MP-10W EcoSmart Driver for sale. Best pump I've ever owned. I've had it for 3 months, but I have to sell for financial reasons. Asking for $220. Buyer pays for shipping.
  8. WTB 34G Solana Tank

    PM Sent
  9. 34G DSB Solana

    I opted not to buy the pump because I was able to silence the maxi-jet.
  10. diatom and nitratespure

    are you using RO/DI water? what kind of food are you feeding your fish? if it's frozen, do you rinse it with RO/DI before you feed it to your fish? do you have a CUC? Purigen and Chemi-Pure will help, but it is better to find the root of the problem (nitrates & phosphates). If you can get your hands on some chaeto, I would put some in your tank until you get a media basket. i've had the same issues before, and after i adjusted a few of my bad habits, i was able to combat the diatom & other nuisance algae. a CUC and chaeto will definitely help with your diatom bloom. since it's only on your sand, i would get some nassarious, astreas, and maybe a conch. HTH
  11. 34G DSB Solana

    doesn't seem like i'll be able to pick up on any livestock this weekend. i picked up concert tickets today and its gonna set me back a few weeks. in the meantime, i'll work on the DIY project, and set up a 10gal QT and cycle the rubble rock i saved up for the jawfish.
  12. Sophie & Cap

    love the caps!
  13. AIO 20L Zoanthid Garden

    tank looks sick! love the black sand